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Wes Anderson - Juman Malouf - Il Sarcofago Di Spitzmaus E Altri Tresori

Fondazione Prada 2019 ISBN 9788887029772 Acqn 29957
Hb 21x28cm £170

Box in limited edition, numbered from 1 to 999 including: Exhibition's catalogue, bookmark,
poster, audioguide transcription, postcards, display book, slides, "La mummia di Spitzmaus"
dessert recipe.

Lizzie Fitch, Ryan Trecartin - Whether Line

Fondazione Prada 2019 ISBN 9788887029758 Acqn 29822
Hb 17x23cm 460pp 1388ills 800col £49

Foreword by Miuccia Prada and Patrizio Bertelli; Conversation with Lizzie Fitch and Ryan
Trecartin by Mario Mainetti; essays by Philip Auslander, Adrienne Edwards, Ed Halter, Roxana
Marcoci, Francesco Spampinato; timeline 2000-2019 by Eva Fabbris.

Taking the idealized rurality endemic to back-to-the-land ideologies as a conceptual starting point,
the project represents both a return and an escape. Relocating their studio operations to the
countryside of Ohio for this work, Fitch and Trecartin conceived the framework for a new movie
as a haunted map: a location with its own will and a constellation of permanent built sets which
include a large hobby-barn commissary, a lazy river, and a forest watchtower, occupied by a cast
of characters who are simultaneously agents and subjects of the map. The artists contort these
sites through dislocations of time and memory to explore the notion of borders and boundaries-
existential, psychosocial, and physical.