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‫السالم عليكم و رحمة هللا وبركته‬

Honorable the judges , respectable all of speakersin here in this competition,in

one akidah.

Firstly, let’s say thanks to aloh the lord of the world, the king of the king, the
creator of anything and every things. Who has been giving us some mercies and
blessing until we can meet together in here without any mistake.

Secondly, peace be solutation to our prophet muhammad SAW, who has brough
us from the darkness to the lightness.

Thirthly, I’am standing in front of you all and I will speech presentation by the

Praise be to allah, the god who permits the good things, those are food,
beverege and fragrances. He expreesly prohibits us to consume every
nauseating, intoxicating and reason-destroying thing. I bear witness that there is
no god but Allah who knows everything which are good for the human soul and
the physic as well. I also witness that Muhammad is His Servent and his
messenger who prohibits us to consume everything that makes us intoxinated
and fly and swing. May mercy of Allah be upon our Prophet Muhammad SAW,
his family and all of his disciples. They are those who provide their body with
good foods and beverages. Their spirit and mind were enlighted by the sacred
Amma Ba’du

‫يا ايها الذين ا منوا كلوا من طىىبا ت ما رزقنا كم واشكروا هلل ان كنتم اىاه تعبدون‬
“O ye who believe! Eat of the good things that we have provided for you and
grateful to allah, if it is him ye worship “ ( al baqarah: 172 )

another decree of his:

‫قل انما حرم ربى الفوا حش ما ظهر منها وما بطن‬
"say: the things that my lord hath indeed forbidden are shameful deeds, whether
open secret”( Al ‘araf :33)

In a narrative of Ummu Salamah,it is told that Rasululloh saw ofrbid us from

consumsing anytihing intoxicating and cause us fly.

Dear my brothers and sisiters.

In truth, Allah will not see the good things except he permits us to consume,
will not see shamefull deeds except he forbid us from taking them. This is law
of Allah. Whay so ?it s because Allah wishes goodness for us, and does not
wish for our damage. He wishes usefullness for us, and not detruction.
Therefore, each moslem must consume the good things, and must not approach
the forbidden things.
Dear my brothers and sisters in faith and religion!
Is it fitting that a young man who claim claims to be a moslem, but enjoy the
forbidden things? Is it fair that a young man waho claims to believe the truth of
the Qur’an, then smoke merijuana and cocaine?is it fitting that young man who
claims to follow the model setby the messenger, but still consumes opium and
heroine? Is it pwrmitted a young man who claims to believe the lesson of Allah
but still consumes intoxinating and forbidden drugs?

O the moslem youngster, you all are the ideal of the moslems! Thath’s wahy,
never you become part of the group of insurgents!

O the faithful knights! All of you are the hoe of the believers! Do not be the
murderers of yourselves. If you become drunks and drug addict, Allah will
certainly become drunks and drugs addict, Allah will certainly send a killer
brigade in the form of various killing diseases.
This cruel brigade holds firmly and weakens your body,then takes away your
common sense, ruins your property, and then takes away your lives.

O the smokers of merijuana and cocaine! Will you have heads wiyhout reason,
skulls without brain, face without nose, skin without beauty, hands without
wealth, and body without spirit?

O the smokers o opium and cocaine! Are you happy to be a poorman who sinks
in evil deeds after a richman wh are smeared with the forbidden things?!

O people who drinks alcoholand consume the forbidden drugs! Are you happy
to go too far from the boundary, then sell your houses where you and you
family live, such that you now eventuatlly live under bridges! Are you willing
to sit day –dreaming like absent-minded people, together with the drug addicts,
and the selling your wathces,clothes, and other valuable goods?

Once more, never do that, o the youeng the hope of islam! Don’t be corpse
before you die! Don’t kill yourselves, and don’t kll others! If klling is very cruel
crime, then taing opium and heroine is more cruel crime ans sadis, although
what is killed is the soul. If suicide is verdicted as an evil crime, then smoking
marijuana and heroine as more evil suicide though the process is stages.

Dear my brotherds and sisiters.

How lots o drunks who believe tha strong drinks can withdraw confusion. How
large number of drug addicts feel that marijuna, heroin, and the like can
encourage nice senses, such that they make night seem to be very comfortable
while swimming in the voluptuous feeling. They do not feel that they are
sinking I a forbidden action., and they gradually stab their own body, destruct
morality,and destroy the aims of their lives, and they live in the grave of alive
Swear by god that evil action are really alive tortures in the world, and the
tortures in the here after are much more dreadful. Imam ahmad and ibnu majah
told a narrative from ibnu ‘abbas ra who said :Rasululah SAW said:
‫ال ضرر وال ضرارز‬

“Don’t endanger your selves and others”

May be just here for me if you got some mistake pardon me please.