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18th, 2019
Dept. Meeting Notes

I. Evaluation Items
A. Be sure to complete your SLO and Self-Eval on ObserverTab by Sept. 30th (If
you need help Amber or I can help you).
1. If you have completed it, be sure that you have clicked submit so it goes
to Admin for approval
B. Drop in observations
1. Each teacher will have a drop-in observation completed on Learning
Targets by the end of Oct.
a) Be sure targets are posted
b) State them throughout the lesson
c) Be sure posted targets match what you are teaching
d) Most drop-ins will be very brief
e) Next up is OTRs/Engagement in Nov. will be discussed in Faculty
Mtg. Be providing a variety of OTRs to keep students engaged.
II. Curriculum Maps
A. Need to be updated and uploaded into the Drive by the end of the school year.
B. Can work on them during our PLCs and other Dept. Meetings
C. Can get an example from Amber
III. Review the state performance measurement areas School Performance Measurement
A. Currently still calculating and turning in data to calculate graduation percentage
for last year. It is between 75-80% rate for 2019
B. We got developing for ESL (lowest rating, most schools in the state received this)
& need to implement new strategies
C. ELL students must have modified instruction and if they are attending regularly
then they should be receiving a P grade or passing letter grade unless you can
clearly prove that their failing is not due to a language deficit and that
modifications in instruction were provided. You can not just adjust grades at the
end of a term. OCT 4th PD will include breakout on ESL strategies that may be
required for all teachers.
IV. Junior ACT
A. 2018-19 Junior Class ACT Results
B. Free ACT Test for Juniors on Dec. 14th – Pilot of online ACT, a survey is being sent
out to see if we would have enough interest to participate.
C. ACT Accommodations
1. Start getting information downloaded into the Google Drive to be able to
upload for accommodations in the system for ACT.
2. Get signed permission for sharing information with ACT to request the
accommodations. Can also be via telephone. Keep track of who you have
permission for.
V. Superintendent Dickson will be visiting the district on Oct. 14th
A. If you have anything special that she can observe or you would like her to
observe in your classroom let Laura know.
VI. Oct. 4th--PD day
A. More details to come. Check your e-mail
B. ProStart students will provide breakfast starting at 7:00 am
VII. Any Dept. Concerns that need to be addressed?