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STUDENT PROFILE September 2, 2019

1 student from Nissan Chemicals + 10 from EY = 11 students

4W Business Program – Nissan Chemicals

Ms. Megumi Joho
41 yo, female
TOEIC: 680 = November 2014 (has taken the test 3-4 times) her best score = 750
TSST= Level 4 (July 2019)

Test = SELC Level test = Business (Similar test given to NTT Data)
September 2 (Monday) (at 9-10 am with her 8-10 teacher ) = Initial SELC Test Business
September 27 (Friday) (at 9-10 am with her 8-10 teacher ) = FINAL SELC Test Business

- Master of Pharmacy at Tohoku University in Japan

- Work for Nissan Chemical as a medicinal chemist (a researcher) for 16 years and an alliance
manager of Pharmaceutical divisions for 9 months.
- As a manager, she exchanges information about assets with various pharmaceutical
companies and bio-ventures and negotiate the licensing agreement with them.
- Self-study = every day (30 minutes to 1 hour)
- Online class= once a week (45 minutes)
- cooking, traveling (especially Japanese ONSEN), walking and hiking

- To listen and speak without problem in meeting and negotiation.
- To take into consideration the listener’s condition and personality when I speak to someone.
HW Preference: every day BUT not too much
NO teacher preference indicated.

As observed during the Skype interview, she seemed serious and methodical. She seemed to have a
higher level that what her TOEIC score indicates.

IMPORTANT DATES: for all EY students

Test = TOEIC R and L and TOEIC Speaking

September 2 (Mon) (at 9-11 am with TL Cedric , Conference 3) =TOEIC R/L Initial Test
September 3 (Tues) (at 10 am with parent teacher) = TOEIC Speaking Initial Test
September 25 (Wed) (at 10 am with parent teacher) = TOEIC Speaking Final Test
September 26 (Thurs) (at 9-11 am with TL Cedric , Conference 3) =TOEIC R/L Final Test
1. 4W Business Program – EY Japan
Mr. Koichi Sekine
40 yo, male, married with 3kids (5,3,1years old).
TOEIC: 855 (L465+R390) = June 23, 2019
- public certified accountant (CPA) at EY.
- belongs to Fukuoka Office, and originally from Fukuoka city.
- likes English, and wants to use English at work.
- playing guitar and listening to music such as The Beatles, Billy Joel.

- to improve the following: 1 Speaking skill 2 Pronunciation 3 Listening

HW Preference: no preference indicated

NO teacher preference indicated.

2. 4W Business Program – EY Japan

Mr. Kentaro Waraya
30 yo, male
TOEIC: 895 = May 26, 2019
- born and raised in Saitama, Japan. It’s near Tokyo
- majored in economics at university
- work for the Audit Firm as an accountant.
- started working there 8 years ago
- likes playing and watching volleyball.
- was in the volleyball club when he was a student
- often goes to Disneyland with wife.
- to improve my English speaking and listening ability.
- to get a TOEIC score of 930

HW Preference: every day

Prefers a strict teacher and one who points out his mistakes.
3. 4W Business Program – EY Japan
30 yo, female
TOEIC: 950= March 2018
EIKEN = grade 2 when she was a JT HS student
- from Tokyo and lives alone
- I had lived in Singapore for 5 years when she was elementary and Jr HS
- Has been an accounting auditor for 6 years
- involved in the audit team whose clients are Automotive company.
- has a lot of chance to use English at work because there are English speakers both in her
team and clients
- had Skype English lessons 3 months ago for 6 months

- go to theater and watch play
- Loves listening to music
- Recently started learning and playing golf

- To work on her weak point = grammar especially in speaking.
So her goals is to speak English fluently with correct English grammar.
- to increase the business vocabularies

HW Preference: 2-3x a week

NO teacher preference indicated.

4. 4W Business Program – EY Japan

Ms. Saki Nagano
28 yo, female
TOEIC: 835= July 17 2019
- Studied in Australia for 3 weeks ( August 2018)
- Has been working for EY since 2012
- likes listening to music, and has learned the cello for 10 years.
- likes watching movies
- to improve her English speaking skills in business meeting.
- Be able to explain her opinion fluently.

HW Preference: 2-3x a week

NO teacher preference indicated.
5. 4W Business Program – EY Japan
33 yo, female , married
TOEIC: 745= December 2018
- lives in Nagoya
- a certified public accountant
- clients are mainly listed companies in Japan.
- graduated Osaka university in 2008.
- Major = Economics, but not relate to her current job
- playing Pokemon GO, travelling abroad and eating.
- looking forward to getting new Pokemon in Manilla!
- to speak English fluently
- To improve grammar and vocabulary.
HW Preference: 2-3x a week
NO teacher preference indicated.

6. 4W Business Program – EY Japan

Mr. Yohei Ego
31 yo, male
TOEIC: 735 (L:340,R:395)= September 25, 2016
- from Nagano, and now lives in Chiba.
- a Certified Public Accountant
- From this year, has to communicate with external auditors in English both speaking and writing.
- None indicated
- to be able to convey his thoughts to external auditors and understand what they tell him
- to achieve over 850(L:450,R:400) TOEIC score.
- To improve his listening(and speaking
HW Preference: every day
Prefers a gentle teachers.
But who could point out his weakness and improvements.
7. 4W Business Program – EY Japan
37 yo, male, married
TOEIC: 940
- studied sociology and took several English courses to improve reading skill.
- joined online English conversation lesson these days
- has been to United States, Italy and Hong Kong but this is the first time for me to visit
- often communicates with overseas affiliate offices or persons from other countries like
U.S., U.K. or Philippine in English.
- His clients are banks and investing companies. HOBBY:
- Enjoys playing table tennis and watching TV or movies on weekends
- to talk in English more fluently, confidently with coworkers
- communicate thought more precisely and clearly regarding accounting topics.
- need more practice in daily and business conversation.
HW Preference: every day
NO teacher preference indicated.

8. 4W Business Program – EY Japan

Mr. Fumihiro Yatsu
34 yo, male
TOEIC: 920= March 10, 2019
- Started learning English through song when he was in a junior-high school
- has been working as a certified public accountant. Mainly, involved in energy industry
- Tohoku University Accounting School, Sendai, Japan (Master’s degree in Accounting)
- Iwate University, Morioka, Japan (Bachelor’s degree in Engineering)

- listening to music, playing the drums and traveling.

1. To avoid translating English into Japanese in mind during conversation
2. To speak English with less pauses and fillers
3. To enjoy English conversation, discussion and meetings

HW Preference: 2-3x a week

Prefers Cheerful and friendly teacher
9. 4W Business Program – EY Japan
Mr. Kota Nakayama
29 yo, male
TOEIC: 740= November 2018
- married and has a child born in February
- loves playing and watching sports (football, baseball, golf and etc.)
- None indicated

HW Preference: 2-3x a week

Requested teacher Kristyle and teacher Erwin

10. 4W Business Program – EY Japan

Ms. Rei Higuchi
29 yo, female
TOEIC: 845= April, 2018
- was born in China as a Chinese (But she’s Japanese now)
- went to Japan with parents for her father’s business when she was 5 years old.
- stayed in Japan for 10 years and came back to China with her parents after junior high
- went back to Japanese to study in the university and now living by herself.
- Started working for EY in April, 2017.
- member of financial adversary service called FAAS division, which provides client with
accounting support, M&A advisory and so on.
- daily tasks include coordinating schedule, budget management, labor management,
examination of contract etc.
- has the chance to use Chinese and English at work

- playing tennis = plays tennis once a week
- travelling = has been to Thailand, Singapore, Taiwan, Korea, Canada, France and America
- to get a TOEIC score of at least 900.( tried to take TOEIC in past 3 years but always get 750 to 845)
to communicate with foreigner without hesitation in my group members.
HW Preference: every day