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Active Viewing Guide Questions: Iron Jawed Angels

Name: Clarish F. Galino Period: 2/ 11:30 AM -1:00 PM

Directions: Answer the following questions while watching the movie ​Iron Jawed

1. How was the President distinguished from the office of the Presidency?

The issue is with the Presidency, not with the President. Alice Paul asked “How
will you be able to legislate tariff reform if not all citizens are able to vote for it?” Like
his presidency, not everyone was able to vote for him.

2. Why do the leaders of the National American Woman’s Suffrage Association

dislike the English suffragettes?

They don’t approve of their methodology— throwing of bricks to make their

position clear. Basically their violent and aggressive tactics.

3. Why do the women factory workers change their mind and decide to come to the

They were convinced because of the statement about fire escapes. Votes meant
fire escapes. These women, having the rights to vote, meant that hey could finally have a
chance for change. Voting for them meant that not only do the ruling class have a voice,
but them as well.

4. Why are Carrie Chapman Catt and Anna Shaw upset with Alice Paul’s tactics?
What happened to Inez Milholland?

Anna and Carrie were both upset because none of the money goes to NAWSA,
instead it goes to a fundraiser. Inez died.

5. Why doesn’t Senator Leighton’s wife want to get too involved in the suffrage

She did not want to get involved in too much politics, said she had “vad” for it
which, according to a few sources, meant that she was bad at it. Also, I think she knew
that her husband was against it.

6. What is the purpose of the National Women’s Party?

They started the National Women’s Party when Carrie Catt decided to suspend
the activities of the committee due to finances that they think should go to the National
Treasury. They prioritized the passage of a constitutional amendment ensuring women’s
7. How long had women been fighting for suffrage as they began to campaign state
to state?

They have been fighting for it since the 1840s.

8. Wilson advocated for women to continue campaigning for suffrage state by state
but refused to support a national amendment. Why do you think he made this

Wilson was not in support for a national amendment because his party was not in
support. His main focus was currency revision and tariff reform. He considered the
movement because he thought it would affect or cost him the election. Also, when the
treatment to the women in prison came out in public, he realized that or he thought that
women having the right to vote would be a disaster.

9. What are some ways that the men who work at the white house are trying to get
rid of the female protesters/picketers stationed outside the white house?

They yelled, destroyed the banners, charged at them making the threats to the

10. What happens when the women picket once war has been declared? What are the
women who are arrested charged with? Why won’t the women pay the fine?

They were arrested and some were accused of treason. The women were charged
with obstructing of traffic and refused to pay for a crime they did not commit.

11. Why does Emily Leighton say that she’s staying in prison for the suffrage

She stayed for her daughters.

12. Why does Carrie Chapman Catt stand and allow Alice Paul to sit?

Alice earned the sit more than she did.

13. How many states have to agree before the amendment is put in the Constitution?
What state made the 19​th​ amendment?

Thirty six states. Tennessee made the 19th amendment.