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According to the World Health Organization (WHO), mental health is defined as a state of
well-being in which every individual, can cope with the normal stresses of life, realizes his or her
own potential and can work productively. Personally, I do believe is the most important part of our
health. We cannot take care of our body and take our mental health for granted.
Mental health means different things to different people. In my opinion, it's being able to enjoy
the life to the fullest and being resilient to everything that happens in your life. And, more
importantly, being surrounded by people who are going to stimulate, inspire and lift you up, who
are going to give you energy and not take energy away from you.
In Brazil, it’s estimated that 23 million people are struggling with mental illness. As a matter
of fact, 23 million people represents just 10% of Brazil’s population. But if you ask me, I’d dare to
say that none of us are doing that great. We all feel sad, lonely or discouraged at some point of life.
But more than never, we are feeling more anxious, depressed and stressed out.
However, if you ask around, hardly ever someone will admit having it. In fact, even nowadays,
it’s hard for some people to come forward about their struggle, in part because our society still have
problems to accept and undestand mental illness. Indeed, there is a social stigma attached to it. Our
society usually sees mental illness as a signal of weakness, because it’s easier to judge someone and
point fingers than show human empathy and actually help another person.
next week’s theme: WHAT MENTAL HEALTH MEANS TO ME? 💛 I know this theme is more
personal, but you can show your point of view either way. 😉😁
You can search something interesting on this website:

And the family mealtime would be more enjoyable if that unpleasant aunt stop asking about your
career or lovelife.

Talk to someone and you are problably get to know about their own experience with mental illness.

It’s not just about money, friends, lovelife and so on. [...] Why would celebrities would be struggling

technologies are not exactly helping the situation.

BUt it would helpful if people were not judging.

In this regard, it is essential to inform it about mental illness.

[Terminar falando que é importante informar as pessoas e blá blá blá]

“This can make for a society that is more informed and accepting about mental illness.”

I’ve deleted all my social media accounts.

The facts suggest that techonology is making us more. It may be contributing to anxiety and
depression. [...]Instagram e etc.