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Annotated Bibliography

Why We Shouldn’t Reach For Cloud Computing

Christopher Fong

Professor Malcolm Campbell

Honors UWRT 1103-H03

16 October 2019
Hamby, Chris. "Census at Risk From Glitches And Attackers." New York Times, 5 July 2019, p.

A1(L). Gale In Context: Science,

a02. Accessed 16 Oct. 2019.

This news article speaks about the concern over software glitches and cyberattacks that

could happen to the 2020 U.S. census data due to the move to newer data collection

methods, including cloud computing. In an effort to lower costs and raise response rates

the Census Bureau(CB) decided to move onto the cloud platform provided by Amazon.

However, what the CB failed to realize was that, in the previous year’s audit, there was

an unsecured door to sensitive data, which allowed a hacker to view, alter and delete

information collected in field tests. The CB has since patched up the breach, but are still

struggling to ensure the safety of information on the cloud, due to lack of resources.

According to former congressional staff member Terri Ann Lowenthal, if these issues are

not resolved in time “we could be headed toward a failed census,” which would be the

first since 1790. The article then moves on to speak about small technological problems

encountered by census workers during testing and the possible repercussions of having a

security breach. The bureau states that having these problems risks fear being spread

throughout the population, especially those who could be suspected of noncitizenship.

Chris Hamby is a journalist who is currently working for the New York Times. He has

won awards such as a Pulitzer Prize, a Goldsmith Prize, two White House

Correspondents’ Association awards, and a Gerald Loeb Award. He has previously

worked at BuzzFeed News and was a reporter at the Center for Public Integrity. Hamby
seems to hold slightly more liberal beliefs; however, is more objective in his writing. The

information in this source is reliable, as it mainly summarizes statements made by the CB

and a variety of other reliable sources speaking about the census. The source is

essentially an informative report on what has been happening in the build-up to the 2020

census. The intended audience is general higher education readers who care about politics

and the upcoming census. This source isn’t mainly focused on the dangers of rushing into

cloud computing, but the effect that it can have society and the dangers of a security

breach. [insert comparison of other sources]

This source fits into my research by giving insight on a different side of the issue. When I

originally thought of my topic it was more about the business rushing into using cloud

computing; however, after reading this article it made it clear to me that this problem was

a lot larger than I had originally thought. Along with this, the article shows how pressing

this issue is by giving a current event that most people know about. This source will most

likely make an appearance in Extended Inquiry Project, due to the fact that it broadens

the scope of what I can talk about, and it provides a good example for people who may

not relate to cybersecurity and cloud computing.

Grace Huneycutt

Overall, I think this annotation is good. The only issue I have with it is that there is no such 

thing as a perfect source for your paper so you could discuss what information you're 

missing and what other information you need in your paper that you could not find in this 


Elisabeth Patterson 
I agree with grace, your annotation is good and I have nothing to add. you can explain 

something that this source lacks and how despite that this source is still detrimental to your