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Bgy, SK polls postponed


terte h.s pushed back
the date of the barangay
and Sangguniang Ka-
bataan (SK) ele.tions-
The polls which
- of the
would see members
local village councils and
youih councils get elected
would now 6e held on
-December 5, 2022 instead
of Mav 2020.
La#makers wanted to
delav the elections for the
smallest government unit PmrnCnr il P{gdol€ Ro.figo Dderte arg pdtr*.hg bat* qC l{DCihfli
in the corirtrv so its lea.l- ang hdal$lg !fltDalalrgay Et Seng$niaf€ lhbatean na n*iat*de Cana se
ers would haire more time Mayo 2O2O. Ctrwln ang sutrd rrl baimgry at Sl( elecdo€ s. Decclrfier
to implement their proiects mrn.
and programs. {or Mav 2016 were sus- SK Dolls in his last State
This is the third time that the 2020 barangay and SK
pended'twice, and finallv of the Nation Address in elections to incidtse fund-
the barangay and SK elec- held on May 74,2018.
tions are being poshroned l"Yt ing for a dozen govern'
during Duterte-i tenir. The
Duterte made a'bitch Hou." or n.o..""r'- ment agencies, including
polls originally scheduled
for yet another postf'one- " had mo.,.d t.t ..- the Agiiculture and Edu:
ment oi the barangay and align s.7-billion alofted for cation departments.