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Firing Line ting legislator who scrutinizes the

budget of government agencies.

Robert B. Roque, Jr.
And where were these critics
when Phisgoc needed them?. the

Challenge House Speaker asked. He said thev

should have volunteered
to head
the organizing committee or
LIOUSE Speaker Alan Cavetano could at least have secured the
Southeast Asian Games Oroaniz-
I lhas had enouqh as he dared ing Committee (phisgoc), ii was
budget for the group,
Senators Panfilo "ping', Lacson and expected for Cayetano to feel hurt
In line with president Du_
Franklin Drilon to take a lie-detector terte's order for an investioa-
and insulted.
test with him. tion on the supposed shena-ni-
Instead of pocketing any centavo, gans on the sportinq event.
The whole point ofthe challenoe Cayetano claimed he and his DeoDle
is for Cayetano to prove his claim Cayetano ordered that a lettei
even had to shell out some of their
that he did not pocket a sinole personal money for the event.
be sent to the Commission on
centavo from the Southeast Asian Audit to conduct an indepen_
Since Cayetano took on the dent audit of all funds used in
Games. role of lead organizer for the SEA
Lacson remarked that the trans_ Games, its budget was inserted in
the SEA Ga mes.
fer of F1,5 billion pubtic funds for Cayetano firmly believed that
the 2019 Department of Foreion Af_
the SEA Games from the philip- fairs (DFA) budqet, which the tiouse
there were individuals behind
prne sports Commission (pSC) to a smear campaign against him
the Cayetano-led private group
Speaker formerly headed. \ and the SEA Games and prom-
Cayetano wondered whv the
was stmilar to the controversial rsed to unmask them.
senators were now wonderinc whv
pork barrel scam led bv Janet the SEA Games budqet was todoe6
Senator Bong Go, chair of
Napoles. the Senate committee on sports,
on the DFA since they themsel-ves
Drilon earlier slammed tbe F50_ vowed to initiate a Senate inouirv
approved ofthe 2019 national bud-
million cauldron, which could have into the issues that led to inmnve-
get for the regional sports meet.
allegedly funded the education of niences experienced bV deleoates.
Cayetano also said it was eaw for
public school chitdren and branded
his critics to accuse him of havino a
8ut as Firing Line point6d out
it as Cayetano's cauldron. earlier, if a probe were to be con-
conflict of interest, being a phisg-oc
Being the chair ofthe philippine cnart and, at the same time, a sit_
ducted, it should be done after
the games, c,.]?e1

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