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Imitation is the way we learned how to walk and talk. It

is the sincerest form of flattery but it’s mostly done
because it works so well. One of the things I noticed
immediately is that the rich have systems. The acronym
is Save Yourself Time and Money. They delegate task
and set up fail-safe scenarios, so that the jobs are done
without their direct presence or concern. Most
companies managed by the successful have long term
strategies, they are not concerned with quarterly
reports. They keep their eye on the big picture. They
watch international politics and social trends but use
their own perceptions as the guide for what to invest in
and where. You must think with your head and not with
your heart. In the end, the most logical decision will be
more productive for everyone concerned. Do not
become emotionally involved with a project. Be
objective. Play the game by the rules, short cuts can
cost money. Just do it right the first time. It’s better
than doing it over. I study the masters. Pay more
attention to the old school executives than the new
flash in the pan operators that are here today and gone
tomorrow. Over the years I have noticed a common set
of traits that set the top producers apart from the herd.
In this book, we will dissect these traits and see why
they work. We will put their behavior in political and
historical context to further understand why these
techniques work. Another thing, get toxic people out of
your life, do it quickly. You need to be focused on the
goal. Have zero tolerance for drama of any type. Think
big, if it’s too easy that means that you are thinking too

small. If you aim for the stars, you won’t blow your foot
off. Compete at the top, where it’s never crowded. It’s
easier to do business. Come on up to the top and fly
with the Eagles. Additionally, spending time alone can
give you extremely original ideas. These kind of
concepts will seldom come from a committee. Those
who are alone create the break through. The non-
conformist and the inwardly focused are gold mines of
valuable ideas. We need to get out of the survival mode
and develop a strategy. Below our conscious mind,
there is a highly developed instinct to live a better life.
The difference between the imperialist and those under
colonial rule is always knowledge. Information is both a
weapon and a defense [A] Usury is loaning money that
you do not have and charging interest on it. It is a
scheme that is both ancient and profitable. [B] Stealing
through the use of usury requires the signature.
Anytime you sign a commercial document, it becomes a
negotiable instrument. All banks deal in such papers
and not lawful money backed by tangibles like gold and
silver. As long as the instrument has your signature, a
monetary amount and a date on it, it is considered to
be money. Oppressed people are always given false
history, false current information which makes it
impossible to reach sound and proper conclusions. One
must constantly verify and question both the
information and its source. Also question the motives of
those passing the information along. News Services are
now classified as entertainment and no longer classified
as a public service. Only the spiritual, the sensitive can
remain in power for long periods. They can discern
future events and detect problems long before they

manifest. Every wise Government searches for the
seers, no government can exist without them.


Nature is logical and rational, it eliminates the

weak and infirm without either anger or mercy. It is
simply a higher intelligence at work. The fires that clear
away a magnificent forest also clears the slate for brand
new life and a healthier ecology. In the human family,
the most noble rise to the top and remain in power for
eons of time because they are in harmony with the
universe. Nature’s laws support the just and balanced. It
also makes a quick end to those who are confident but
incompetent. There is no need to point out the short
comings of the unqualified, or to seek out ways to
remove them. They will, in time remove themselves.
The main thing that separates the noble from those of a
beastly nature is their level of self-control. The higher
man ignores the urges of his lower nature in favor of
the path that considers the long range results of rash
actions. His patience is a manifestation of a superior
mind. He can delay the urge for instant gratification. He
will in his life plant trees that he will never sit under, he
will construct houses for those who are not related to
him and will never know his name. Actually men of this
type are Gods, who walk among you without your
notice. On the other hand you prefer the more beastly
man. He is little more than an animal. He is supremely
confident but superficial and stupid. He is a slave to his

lower nature. His promises mean nothing, he is entirely
unreliable. He is quick to war and slow to peace. Most
of the men you have chosen to rule over you will soon
be removed and replaced by hidden circumstances.
Gods are not ruled by glands. Their normal behavior is
called honorable, a mark of gentility. They of this sort
are honest in the dark, where they would never be
exposed, as well as the light. Being rich or poor is only a
pattern of thought. You will change your condition by
changing your habitual way of thinking. Just change the
quality of your friends and gradually the cash flow in
your business will change. Choose to spend time with
friends who are healthy and your health will improve.
Those who love to discuss the latest Doctor’s visit will
soon be dead. In case, you are curious, neither pain of
pleasure is recalled on the higher planes. There are no
illusions or dualities. What is false will simply fall away.
All wealth has its beginnings in the land. The ownership
of land and property is the basis for all wealth and law.
Ownership is power. An army’s ability to hold property
or to take it, by force, from who rightfully have it is
power. Absolute power is normally reserved for God,
but if you get wealth, you can use god’s power of
attorney. Obeying natural law is the next best position
because it also leads to wealth. The universe only
recognizes and supports its own creation, that’s why
wild animals do not stop at man- made borders and
boundaries. No wise man trembles at the titles of
nobility that Politicians and Dictators give themselves.
They are just men who have deluded themselves into
believing their own propaganda. Even if they have duly
elected, they are not worthy of honor because they are

empty vessels chosen by some even more ignorant than

Extreme poverty is impossible in nature. The coming of

spring will bring seasons of increase even without
human labor. Look at the birds. If you knew the great
variety of plants, you could eat what you walk past, you
would simply be amazed. Your so called civilization has
made you dependent on those who are only parasites
and wish you no good. In nature, lifelong debt or
enslavement is impossible. One naturally labors only for
self and kin. Not for others and certainly not for
foreigners. You choose to live in a society where
merchants and bankers control the food supply. It is not
wise. To have strangers decide what quality of food you
can consume borders on the insane. Grow your own
supplies or buy in bulk.

The pyramidal structure or organization is what makes

it possible for the few to rule over the many. Both the
circle [Sun] and the triangle are on fiat currency. The
scheme depends entirely on the masses accepting lies
as truth. Only critical thinking will lead to the truth. The
legal system is only a collection agency for the Banks
and Government. When you sign their papers, you
agree that the entities they have created and organized
have divine authority and are entitled to control.

The distance between the rich and the poor is widening.

CEOs make 400 times the salary of the ordinary workers
.One percent of the population controls 70% of all the
new money made in the last ten years. The playing field
is not even. The masses do not need just an equal

education, they need a catch up education, one that can
move them quickly forward. We are in a state of war.
We are fighting for our survival. Nations have
disappeared before. It’s called genocide. It means the
literal death of a people, now is not the time for
business as usual. Our success will be based on
meticulous planning and attention to details
.Preparation is the key as the competition for resources
increase, the assaults on our people will become bolder
and more brazen. It will be harder for our enemies to
conceal their hatred.

Africa is over 50 times the size of Japan and yet does

not produce a fraction of the Japanese technology or
electronics. Three hundred years ago the Japanese were
primitive farmers who could not build a wheel barrow
yet now they compete internationally in Electronics.
Japan has no extensive mineral or precious stones to
sell, so they have used their minds to develop products
that are in demand worldwide. Europeans were also
primitive but learned from other nations how to trade
and farm more effectively. The truth is that they lived in
dark caves and were primarily meat eaters. The growing
seasons are very short in Europe. Meat stays in the
body up to 16 hours, causes constipation, bad breath
body odor and foot odor. It causes mucus discharge in
the mouth, on the tongue and in the corners of the eyes
after sleep. European cities were unsanitary from the
remains of butchered animals, and human waste and
sickness. Yet Europe recovered and learned from
others. Now is in a leadership position on the earth.
They are less than 15% of the world’s population but

exert a tremendous influence. He has to have
extraordinary medical care to survive to an average
lifespan He has a more violent nature and was bred to
keep his population smaller as a safety measure. He
prefers meat and to eat it nearly raw. He was designed
to have little empathy for created things. It follows
naturally that he good at war and killing. All hybrids are
contrary to nature. The original man is from an entirely
different creation and genetic background. We are not
brothers, as a matter of fact, there is no genetic
relationship at all. Our lifespan is 120 years and more if
we are obedient to our ancestors and honor them and
keep their traditions. Black men should eat from 85% to
90% vegetables if he wants a healthy life.

Hybrid people should never have been left

unattended, now the world is out of control. Thankfully,
there were fail safe strategies built in to keep the planet
from being consumed. The unmitigated exposure from
the sun will cause irreparable damage to the skin and
also trigger a series of shut down scenarios to
termination of the unit. You must deal with them as you
would a pet, do not be cruel, but keep your distance.
His nature is to rule by causing confusion. He
completely controls the distribution of gas, electricity,
oil, passports, licenses hospital certification of Doctors,
Lawyers and Accountants. He is in control of any and all
vital services. This is not accidental. Is the rule of these
people permanent? No, it is completely natural and
predictable. Anything outside of nature is genetically
fragile. The rise of Rome was based entirely on
machines and technology. Sciences that seemed like

magic to the Armies that opposed them. They were
merciless and ruthless, incapable of empathy. They
were unmoved by perceptions of right or wrong. These
are low frequency beings, characterized by the love of
war and sports, both the male and female tend toward
homosexuality. They are not compatible with original
people. Culturally, there is conflict at every level. Martin
Luther King and Gondi were both frustrated in the end
because the system of values never matched.
Propaganda short circuits the brain and makes clear
thinking impossible. Dispensing information is
controlled by the top 5% they own the television
stations, radio, newspapers entirely. Their objective is
to the world into serfdoms. The current goal of
education is just social control. The real reason for
invasions are often kept hidden. In the West the desire
for material thing rule over all else. The rule of the
lower nature, commerce and trade, capitalism shows
that the biggest thief and liar is the most admired. The
army that kills the most is the winner. In the west
sexual deviance is accepted, gambling, extortion
prostitution is reluctantly allowed. Pornography is called
freedom of speech, Police can shoot fleeing suspects in
the back and then be fully exonerated. Taser, shackle,
and handcuff anyone from 4 years old to a 95 year old

In Rome and Greece 85% of the people were

slaves with no human rights, how can these counties be
called civilized? These societies were unsustainable
without slavery Today slavery is streamlined and
optimized, the slave does not know exactly who the

master is or where he lives. Now. It’s impolite to call
people slaves, so let’s substitute that with another word
“Employees” the laws have changed but the
relationship is the same. Now, the master does not have
to see to it that you have an acceptable place to stay or
to be concerned with your health and well -being. Make
no mistake about it. It’s slavery by another name. The
Civil War was the ultimate Government Shutdown over
a protracted labor dispute. It was all about the money.
Even though the Army and all the Civilized Indian Tribes
sided with the Confederacy, they lost because they
were put under sanction, embargoed and not allowed
to sell cotton internationally by the Union Government.
They were systematically starved out. After the war,
every Southern State Government was bankrupt.
Actually slavery was allowed to continue until the south
got back on its feet financially. President Lincoln was
dead and his Vice President Johnson let them re-enslave
the Blacks under another name.

The reason for the lack of wealth among Blacks can be

traced to the HEADRIGHT SYSTEM of 1620 and the
HOMESTEAD ACT of 1862. More recently FHA & VA
a black family got. Whites got $20.00 [1] HEADRIGHT
SYSTEM Whites were given free land in the new world
by English Kings. The financial agreement was that a
portion of the harvest went back to the king and other
investors. Irish and Scottish Indentured servants were
given 55 acres of land when their seven years of labor
ended. Additionally for every African Slave an

Englishman purchased he was entitled to another 50
acres of land. George Washington had over 500 African
Slaves at his farm in Virginia. Free Black Persons were
entitled to nothing. HOMESTEAD ACT of 1862 Western
Lands were given to any white person willing to stake a
claim and work the land it was an entirely free land
grant only to whites from Europe. [A]US Army furnished
protection from local Indian tribes, the land was taken
and kept by force of arms. All resources stolen from the
Indians was without recourse or legal penalty thousands
of acres of arable land [suitable for farming] VA&FHA
LOANS Discrimination in Government Loans was
commonplace at every level. The practice of Red Lining
which marked off places where Blacks lived as
unsuitable for loans Whites, however had Blue lines,
which means acceptable. In other words Racial
Discrimination has always been official Government



[1] Create a Budget, so that you know your actual cost

and when the Bills are due.

] 2] Make it a Priority to pay off Debts

[3] Emergency Fund that could pay 6 months of your


[4] 10% of net income set aside for increasing skills

[5] Keep rent or mortgage payments 25% of net income

[6] Use Barter and Trade when possible.

[7] Only buy Assets

[8] Have a supporting Spouse or be single

[9] Educate Children at Home

[10] Network with people who can help you. Choose

friends carefully

[11] Make your income from Investments, Never on

Earned income.

[12] Live in the Country, if possible.

[13] Keep intentions secret, Operate on a need to know


[14] Racial Tensions will never fully go away, all empires

have them. It is the natural competition for resources

[15] Eat one meal per day and stay hydrated.

[16] Create workable Systems for Efficiency in getting

work done.

[17] Use only Larger Banks or Private Bankers.

[18] Never get emotionally attached to an Investment,

when it becomes non-profitable, cut it loose.

[19] Knowledge is better than power, Land or Money. It

cannot be confiscated.

[20] Have at least 9 Income Streams

[21] Control credit or it will control you.

[22] Read widely, Goal is 100 books per year. Read for
information, not pleasure. Reading is a data gathering

[23] Research financial trends, stock market news,

business cycles. Poor people do research as well they
study celebrity gossip, sports news and trends in
fashions. These are entertaining but not profitable.

[24] You will often have to make something out of

nothing, when your options are limited and your
prospects narrow. That means that for you, a
considerable amount of creativity is required

[25] Enter all Credit Contracts with great caution

[26] Make sure that the Breadwinner and/or all Key

Men to the company or family, have life insurance equal
to five years of their yearly contribution to the

[27] Constantly look for ways to reduce Expenses.

[28] Buy a smaller paperback copy of “BLACK’S LAW

DICTIONARY “& Keep it handy when you look over
contracts. Never sign any agreement, you don’t

[28] Put a high value on your time. Don’t allow anyone

to waste it. You can’t get it back.

[29] Automate your client follow up process. It’s more


[30] It will only take 5 Million to make your Wealth

trans-generational and you can do that in 3 -5 years

doing Construction and less time in Real Estate. Multi-
family & Commercial Buildings

[31] If you have questions E-mail or

[Summary 1]

Poverty is not Natural, Self-Discipline is

an imperative, and The Poor are contained by their own
habits and by societal design. American Wealth based
on Human Trafficking Entirely


Black people historically have been immature in the

area of providing themselves with security and self-
protection few of them recognize or anticipate the need
to protect women and children. It’s impossible for them
to imagine that an unprovoked attack is possible, even
though it has happened to them countless times. They
actually think its evil to suspect that others would rob
them or kill without provocation. The Police have been
of little protection from violent racism and hangings.
The judicial system is completely useless as well. All
meeting rooms should be entered at first by men and

inspected by those skilled in security matters. It does
not matter if it is a religious meeting or a business
meeting. There should be an established protocol.
Places where food is stored, bank accounts, internet
sites should be monitored and inspected often. Future
plans and research data ought to be held closely on a
need to know basis. Don’t assume that we are all god’s
children or that we all have the same value system.
None of that is true. All European wealth has been
stolen or taken by military force. These people are not
producers but parasites, human trafficking and slavery,
economic oppression.

We still own the world’s richest and most fertile land.

Yet we do not own a single major mining corporation.
We number over a billion people on this planet and
have original claim on all the land and oceans. Our claim
is first in time and is indisputable in its authenticity. To
be self-reliant we must completely control our land. We
have always had what people wanted but were not
willing to pay for. Free trade is just another form of
slavery, its slavery by remote control. The solution is to
do for self. Make people work to get your cooperation,
don’t be just a rubber stamp. Don’t give away your
research as if had no value. If your presence will add no
value, then your absence will make no difference. Give
information to the public in small disconnected pieces.
This will give you time to uncover the traitors and spies
that the opposition has installed among us.

You must prepare for the unexpected. In the bible story

of Noah, he began to prepare for things that had never
happened before. You are today where your thoughts

have brought you. You will be tomorrow where your
thoughts have taken you. Plan long term, the hand to
mouth and the pay check to pay check way of thinking is
crippling and counter- productive. Get in harmony with
nature, Plant in the spring, harvest in the fall and rest in
the winter season. In other words Plan, work, save, and
invest. Next step is to repeat the process. No
government loves a man, they see him as a series of
identifying numbers. He is an account that produces
income, he can be followed by many electronic means.
If he falls in love with them, it is illogical. The storms in
New Jersey and in Louisiana illustrate your true
relationship with Government. The storms “Sandy” and
“Katrina” illustrate how well you are held in regard by
local, state and federal agencies. Your survival
depended on you alone. If you were lucky, on close
family and friends. My advice to you is to get a trade.
Self-employed people cannot be fired or down sized.
Own your own tools, develop your list of clients, they
will sustain you. Make them repeat customers. Keep
vital knowledge secret, do not share trade secrets with
others at all. If you hire others, have them sign a non -
compete agreement. If they refuse don’t hire them. The
word race implies what it really is, in racial tensions. It is
a competition for scarce resources. I hear people all the
time talk about diversity. My question is how many
companies does “Diversity” own? There is no alliance
each group is competing for the survival of their own
children. If you are not competing, you have lost already
and your grandchildren will be back in slavery or dead.

Control your financial reserves, don’t keep it in banks,
and keep it moving in investments. For long term
success, [A [Forget about the money, give great service
[B] be honest and authentic, every client is important to
you. [C] Always deliver on time [D] Apologize when you
make mistakes and say “ Thank You “ for the business
[E] Never argue with customers, Give them a refund if
there is a serious problem.[F] Stand up for yourself
when you are right

Let’s make sure you understand money and how it

works, first of all fiat or paper money is just a future
promise to pay. The paper has no value in itself but is
based on economic values of the nation’s economy. Its
scarcity is controlled by the Federal Reserve that sets
the interest rates. Cheap inflated money robs farmers
and all producers, workers of their food, clothing and
shelter. It robs the old of their pensions. Bankers can
put the shackles of debt on the ankles of the masses for
a 100 years. The loans have no bearing on the amount
of cash that is in the bank. Cash has no relationship to
the level of the bank’s deposits. Debt is the basis for
money not production. Bankers totally control the
money supply. When they remove money from
circulation, prices drop, people get laid off, then the
bank confiscates land and property. One way to avoid
the business cycle disaster is to stay out of long term
debt. Sell when the masses are buying and buy when
the masses are selling. Buy cheap, it is a cycle and the
prices will recover.

People who live in towns and cities are more

subject to control than farmers or ranchers. Populations

in cities are more tightly packed, live closer together
and raise no food. They have no independent access to
water. On the other hand, those who live in rural areas
are naturally more independent, are self- directed and
more likely to join together for common defense. In
rural areas people are more likely land owners and have
a practical knowledge of how to make things work. For
example, they do their own repairs and treat their own
animals to save on veterinarian cost. Interestingly,
those in town are more formally educated but less
creative. Those who do not conform are more easily
separated and punished. Creativity is systematically
stifled in public school. They are taught that they need
to be licensed to get married or to start a business. They
need permission to have a dog, to add a room to the
house or even to bury their own dead. People in town
pay taxes on everything, both the city and state demand
a percentage of all you earn. If you do not pay promptly,
they call in law enforcement to confiscate property and
resources. The State derives its power from fear. Police
can kill without fear of consequences. Seldom is there
retaliation or law suits. Where does the system get its
power? The System works under Admiralty Law, have
you ever heard of it? It is the law of the Sea. In such a
system the Captain of a ship has the power of life or
death. On the high seas, if a crew member disobeys a
direct order he can be shot and his body thrown
overboard. The Federal Government claims this power,
so does the Military, State, Local Government and the
Vatican as well under the TREATY OF VERONA, BANK OF
RESERVE SYSTEM since 1913. As far back as 1422 the

Vatican exerted power over sovereign governments and
assigning trading zones for Spices on the high seas.

The world works quite differently than you were taught

in college. Religious leaders under the 501c3 have to
obey all directions or be found guilty of restraining
trade, Homeland Security controls all Police
Departments, Sheriff Departments, and all agents of the
FBI, CIA and NASA. All of the aforementioned are
corporations directly under the Secretary of State and
the Attorney General. There is a law that governs all
international trade, it’s called the Uniform Commercial
code. It begins with a certification of live birth, originally
referring only to a ship on the high seas. Now it also
refers to a new baby. A Doctor is an agent of the state
and duly records the delivery. Babies are hand and foot
printed for identification. They are fully described by
the physician on a Document as well as the entire birth
event. This baby is assigned a name and number and
formally released to State control by his Mother. Yes,
each baby is property of the State.

If the State’s claim of ownership is not contested in 7

years. Then the State owns the child, his name and his
projected labor. That means that this person can be
used as collateral in Bank transactions both nationally
and internationally. Did you know that? This is not a
conspiracy theory, it is the law. Go look it up. People
trafficking is done by all the major powers. Slavery has
never stopped, it’s only been upgraded. Each child goes
to a Public School. Public means State owned. The
founders wanted a more perfect union that meant the
power to tax. Industry and Government must have

financing so 90% of the time they send you a paper it’s
a demand for money. Am I telling you not to pay taxes
that are owed? No. , but I am suggesting that you adjust
the way you earn your money so you will operate like
the top 10%. If you get a W2 form that means that you
pay 40% of your earned income in taxes. The first 4 or 5
months of the year, you work for free. If you earned
your money from an investment, it would be called a
distribution and you would only have to pay 15%.
Those who are classified as middle class are of low value
which means it’s harder for them to get any resource,
food, housing, clothing or access to any value. The
burden of taxation is borne by the ignorant and the




There are crimes that are technically illegal but

usually ignored by law enforcement for largely practical
reasons. These crimes are committed by major
corporations who employ banks of highly trained
Attorneys who can guide the Board of Directors through
the maze of regulations that govern the crime. When
they are in obvious breach of the Law, still the District

Attorney will not act because local municipalities are
not prepared to be tied up in litigation for 20 years.
They simply do not have the money to fight the rich
corporate structures. What are the violations?
Investment Fraud, Mortgage Fraud and Insurance Fraud
are at the top, closely followed by Securities Fraud,
Prescriptions Fraud and Check Fraud. Police do not
bother to investigate certain white collar crimes, they
are difficult to prove. These crimes are done by the
well-educated who often have employees, who have no
idea that they are doing anything wrong, participate in
filing false documents and reports. Often the members
of the Board benefit directly but others are implicated
many layers down. This includes Medicaid Fraud,
Embezzlement, Identity Theft, Money Laundering, the
manufacturing of False IDs, and Passports. Also high
level Drug Distribution, both prescription and illegal
Drugs, Pornography, Counterfeiting Currency, False Car
Titles, Pirated Movies, Immigrant Smuggling, High End
Prostitution and Bribery of Elected Officials. These
examples prove that corporate criminal income comes
in on a conveyor belt. Illegal goods go out to the public,
then big piles of money come in. It comes in all day,
every day, and all day long. The cash register never
stops. I’m saying that real bad guys never get arrested.
Yet petty criminals go to jail, mainly because they are
stupid and clueless. Real street crime is down and has
been in decline for years.

The system needs to fill the jail cells with

someone. The Prison System is an Industry. So they fill
the cells with jay walkers and petty drug users. People

driving with suspended license, those involved in
domestic quarrels. Years ago these minor crimes were
ignored, but now the local and state government
desperately need the money. They get $150. Per day
per person and $1650. Per cell per day. Furthermore
cops, armed guards, clerks, bailiffs, judges, lawyers,
probation officers and social workers have to make a
living. This is an Industry, the Police are gatekeepers to
this electronic plantation. My advice to any minority is if
you cannot get into crime at the corporate level, stay

If you really want to be involved in things

that maybe considered ethically questionable
remember that you have to be smarter than most of
law enforcement and government. You must know how
to expertly navigate the system. That is not to say that
practices of what is technically illegal does not happen
every day but it does suggest that the people who do
these things have access to banks of lawyers and
experts who know how to exploit weaknesses in the
system and loopholes in the law. They navigate the
system like an ancient moor would travel on the sea.
Knowledgeable players can control and exploit the
system from any position.

People in the various fields have their own

internal lingo and can convey messages to each other
right in front of your face while keeping you completely
unaware. For instance the shorthand and terminology
on a medical chart keeps the patient, relatives and all of
the visitors blissfully unaware of the patient’s actual
condition unless the hospital administration desires

them to know. The patient’s stay can be shortened or
extended based solely on his insurance and financial
resources. Legal documents are famous for hiding the
real meaning of certain clauses and phrases. A lawyer’s
client is as blind as a bat to what is actually going on in
the court room or what his options actually are. He
might be very intelligent in his own field of interest but
he does not know what the court procedures mean or
what any legal document actually says. This is
purposefully done to keep the client helplessly in the
dark. That’s’ how crimes are done in a systematic way
by multinational corporations. Most elected officials are
as ignorant of international law as a puppy is about
republican politics. Learning the ordinances in your local
jurisdiction would literally save you thousands of dollars
and very quickly. We live in a time where information
can be tapped instantly by electronic means.

Access to critical information will always

involve insider trading. Ways of obtaining this
information before the general public does is lawfully
blocked. But there are ways of defeating those safe
guards, using electronics or using contacts in your
extended networks.

By the way, there is a method of making

$40,000 per week in any major American City, reliably,
anywhere in the country. This operation is completely
invisible and probably common place. We shall not
discuss it here but major players do it all over the world
and no, it has little to do with drugs.

change. Stay out of Trouble if you are in a lower caste.
You will be treated harshly if caught.


Owners of land have the basis for all wealth.

They own what the land produces, plants , vegetation,
crops ,rivers , wildlife that exist without the attention of
man can also be classified as land . So logically the more
land a man has exclusive use of determines his level of
authority. Since all things that sustain life come from
the earth and the attendant creation. When people are
separated from the land, they become consumers and
are forced to work for shelter, food and covering. That’s
why they are called a labor force. A trained labor force
is much more valuable than an unskilled group. But all
of those, whether skilled or unskilled are prisoners of
war, peasants, serfs. In the modern world certain kinds
of knowledge may, for a time insulate one from being
badly treated because of the value of the knowledge.
Ultimately, the owning of land is the best protection.

Before the industrial revolution, when the primary way
to make a living was from agriculture, Land owners also
made the law, just like there was a law of the Sea, there
was a law of the land called common law. Jurisprudence
is legal knowledge. Jurisdiction is the territory over
which such law applies. Those subject to the owner of
the land were called tenants. Before 1913, here in
America, owners of land had a fee simple title to the
land. That meant that they had Allodia Title or a
perfected claim, not subject to any outside condition.
Under this title there could be no successful liens of any
kind. Those with superior claims like this are considered
Royal and operate under entirely different rules.
Royalty pays no taxes and dictate law over all of their
territory by private contract.

All property in the form of land, copyrights,

patents, gold, silver, diamonds, access to airplanes,
ships, computers, high technology and any other wealth
are held in fee simple by the owner.

After 1913 and especially after 1933 the

allodia title was changed to a conditional title, subject
to the state. After gold was confiscated, there was no
legal way to buy and claim ownership, there was only
fiat money with the title to that held by the Federal
Reserve. People with knowledge make decisions that
advance their own agendas and create no obstacles for
them. They set up infrastructures that benefit
themselves and their families. Every time you cut on
your electric lights The Morgan Family benefits. When
you use your car, a computer, a refrigerator or any
electronic device certain rich families gather money into

a class of the 1%. This is by design, it is not a criticism
but a statement of fact.

These rich families have their babies at home

and do not get state generated birth certificates. They
use an affidavit of nativity and it’s recorded as a deed. It
also maybe recorded in the family’s Bible. The family of
the rich is run as a business. No outside person can
simply marry into the family. You must be from a
certain class or blood line. Children simply are not
allowed to associate freely with everyone. Their
children attend high level private schools and the
curriculum is chosen by the elders of the families, not
the state. The poor attend public or private schools
under state regulation and are supported by local
property taxes. In areas where the tax base is low and
the foreclosure rate is high the schools are substandard
and the students are under performing. There will never
be equality in education or in opportunity. The system
is constructed to maintain the status quo. It can be
avoided and bypassed but not reformed. Money is
actually allocated from one generation to the next
generation, family homes & property is transferred
trans-generationally. The children of the rich never look
for a job, their occupation is waiting for them. If they
refuse to cooperate, they are put out of the family and
dis-inherited. When the wise get old or sick their
children run the Business, No one has to bring in a
Doctor’s note to get a day off, his family owns
everything. The debt obligation that poorer people have
does not exist for them, everything is prepaid.

The question is, what part genetics plays. Very little,
because there is no evidence that any human being is
30 times smarter than anyone else. What is clear,
however is that people with a common culture and
outlook have fewer conflicts and are likely to work well
together. The requirement that the family’ value system
be maintained insures that wealth will remain in the
family for many generations. Others who believe young
people should marry who they like will continue to
supply servants to the rich. They choose slavery for
their grandchildren.


Unchallenged Claim becomes Law


Imitate the financial habits and strategies of

the rich by [A] First live within your means. I hear that
Warren Buffet, the Billionaire, never pays over $3.25 for
breakfast. Create a budget so that you know what your
actual cost are and when these bills are due. Get rid of
un-needed expenses. Keep track of all your expenses for
a 90 day period, to see where your money is going, if
you do not know, find out. [B] identify your debts and
pay them off, if you can negotiate a lower interest rate
do it, it cost nothing to ask for a lower rate. [C] Create
an Emergency Fund that would pay your debts for a six
month period. [D] Pay off debts with the highest
interest rate first. [E] Put money in self-education to
increase your skill levels. Years ago I would set aside
10% of my business net income for training, seminars

and books designed to make my company better in
service to our customers. It really paid off. [F] Increase
your income, by a second job, side business or an
expansion of your market share. [G]Rent payment or
Mortgage should never be over 25% of your net
income. 50% of your income for basic needs, 30% for
Consumer debt, 20% for savings and minor expenses.
[H]Never loan money to friends and family. It causes
too many problems. Give it to them, if you can afford it.
[I] The Economy is more than money, Barter and Trade
for things you need when you can. [J] Rich people buy
time, poor people sell time. What does this mean? Poor
people work by the hour. If you ask a poor person “how
much do you make?” he will say $15.00 per hour. Rich
people buy the labor of the poor at the wholesale level
and sell it at the retail level. For instance I can pay a
crew of roofers $4000.00 to replace a 35 square roof.
Then charge the client $7500. For the job. [K] Rich
people live out in the country for privacy. The poor have
very little privacy. [L] The rich only buy assets, never
liabilities. Assets put money into your pocket, liabilities
cost you money each month. [M] Rich people put a
value on their time, they have secretaries and
appointment books, and you can’t just drop by to shoot
the bull. Consulting could cost you $1500.00 per hour.
[N] Rich people put value on actual knowledge, poor
people are more impressed with credentials and formal
education. [O] Rich people have too many Bathrooms
built into their houses, why? The rich like privacy, they
always have many guest and servants in the house but
they do not want them to use their private bathrooms.
Furthermore, when the house is sold some of the

additional rooms can easily be converted to bedrooms
and increase the value. They will often have a cottage
built in the back for the in-laws when they come to visit.
[P] Rich people buy brand name items because they
insist upon quality, they never complain about the price
if they need it. They often don’t trust low-ball prices.
[Q] Wealthy people don’t automatically trust people.
They do background checks on potential employees, do
research on purchases being considered and business
equipment prior to actual purchase. They are very
selective of their friends and even neighbors. It’s
extremely hard to get into the country club because
they want protection from the game. [R] The rich have
friends in high places, they network constantly so that
decisions about licenses, permits and contracts go in
their favor.

In a climate like we have now, one must go from

cash to holding hard assets. The price of gasoline is
rising and falling depending on the Middle East political
situation. Often the market is glutted with oil, then,
there appears to be a shortage. Some companies will be
forced out of business. The questions is how can we
protect ourselves? Can we accurately anticipate what
items will rise in cost? Yes, we can. You can be
confident, that, any item that comes from overseas will
be harder to get in the future. Anytime there is the
prospect of a trade war or even a threat of one, nations
take steps to protect their investments, farmers and
manufactures. Prepare in advance especially for human
comfort items like soap, toilet tissue, can goods
prescription medicines, winter shoes, coats and gloves

should be gathered now while prices are reasonable.
What will happen when the supply gets short? The cost
will sky rocket. Keep some cash on hand small
denominations, like one dollar bills, one dollar bills are
seldom counterfeited and so are trusted in an
emergency. In general, however turn cash into
commodities, but buy things you can use or that can be
traded for other things of value. Most situations are
predictable. I call it electronic racism or computerized
xenophobia, just joking. Economics is the study of
reality, it is an unvarnished picture of the way things
are. One can predict with an amazing accuracy the
health, income and social situation of the average
person of any race or background if they continue in
their same manner and trajectory. I know what his
religion probably is, his general psychological profile,
and his financial prospects in the future, if he does not
change. I know when he or she will get married and at
what age. I can tell you based on his race and religion
whether or not he will stay married. Will he buy a house
or a car? If a person or a company can predict these
things, what does that tell you? It tells you that there is
a system of mental control that determines the
outcome of hundreds of thousands of people who
mistakenly believe that they have free will. If you want
to know what group will be physically stronger and free
of disease, relatively speaking? I can tell you. Look at
any football game, basketball game, Weight lifters,
boxers or soccer matches. Who do you see? Scientist
agree that genetically Black people are dominant and
others are recessive. Fortunately for mostly political
reasons, Blacks do not know that. And they wonder why

others are so hostile toward them. Others compensate
for their genetic weakness by acts of brutality, attack
and hatred. The reality is that below the anger there is
fear. I suppose a fear of being consumed. If this is true,
the whole effort toward integration was misguided.
Then we must learn from history, and abandon that
tactic of trying to be accepted and assume that our
success only depends on us. So the corrective action is
to return to our original culture and religion. The
customary passive behavior is incorrect. Long hair and
tattoos are not compatible with who we are. Being
open to the loose moral posture of Europeans and
Americans is not helpful and is contrary to the ways of
our ancestors. Our family structure did not even fail
during slavery. Why are 60% of marriages failing now?
High levels of Black incarceration and perversion
predicts family failure. Corrective action is to reject the
media’s message, perversion is not new and exciting. It
is as old as Sodom and will have the same outcome.
Society will not survive without men who are socialized
to lead and to provide and protect. Evil does not just
happen, it is caused by hands that kill the innocent, by
feet that hurry to do bad deeds, by lies that they tell to
conceal the facts. They create false history to hide
genocide and blood thirsty conquest. How can a people
who now control all the seven seas, 90% of all the
arable land on the planet, 90% of all the drinking water,
most of the mineral and natural resources be afraid of
an unarmed people?





Spiders trap their prey in a sticky web that is

relatively stronger than steel. The more the victim
struggles, the more deeply he is drawn down and
immobilized. Most Americans and others in the western
world are in a similar condition. They do not understand
how to avoid the trap that restrains most people. Bear
in mind, it’s not just the poor and uneducated,
graduating college students are hip deep in debt the
day they graduate. In periods of economic slowdown,
money is harder to get and jobs are scarce. Foreclosures
increase, bankruptcies are commonplace, and stores
begin to close branches in financially stagnant periods.
Debt puts people into servitude. In periods like this the
bankers reap a great harvest, they recover collateral
and prepare it for resale later on. This is as you know, is
part of the business cycle. First boom, then bust. There
are economic laws in the Bible, Let me quote a couple
from Leviticus 26:1-13 and Leviticus 26:6-7 And I will
give peace in the land and ye shall lie down and none
shall make you afraid and I will rid evil beast out of the
land neither shall the sword go through your land . And
you shall charge your enemies and they shall fall before
you, by the sword. Lend too many but do not borrow,
do not collateralize, no usury, no gifts or bribes,
rewards. All of these things are forbidden. Bribes blind

the eyes of the wise. Honesty and transparency is what
builds confidence in your clients and makes them do
business with you, even if your prices are higher. Just
weights and balances is the rule. Remember paper
money does not pay debts, it only discharges them .Fiat
currency, stocks and bonds, credit cards and mortgages
are promises to pay. They do not fully transfer property
rights, the Federal Reserve actually holds legal title.

Strict liability is the rule. You are responsible for your

actions and the actions of those who work for you.
Exodus 22:5-6 Have Insurance, for protection but
ultimately, it’s you who is must see to it that
compensation is made. If a man shall cause a field or
vineyard to be eaten and shall put in his beast and shall
feed in another man’s field, of the best of his own field
shall restitution be made? If a fire breaks out and catch
in the thorns so that stacks of corn or standing corn or
the field be consumed therewith, he that kindled the
fire shall surely make restitution. Never steal from your
laborers, see that they are paid first, and see that they
eat before you do. Do not oppress your workers or
allow another to mistreat them. If you do these things,
you will be like a ship guided to a lighthouse, everything
you desire will come to you without effort. When you
make a move toward what you want, the universe will
notice and bring the thing desired to manifest before
you. Avoid long term debt and that practice will
remove you from the cycle of boom and bust. Debt is
actually a form of robbery, the ignorant do not count
the cost. Credit hides the stealing of legal title and
exposes the insufficiency of wages. The access to the

system of credit is what prevents open revolt of the
masses. Bankers want title to as much land as possible,
common people risk their labor and sweat to acquire
property but sell it for a bowl of porridge like Esau. They
do this because, they cannot count, and they do not
understand interest or the business cycle. Make it a
practice to buy things wholesale when possible. Buy
things used and save on depreciation in the case of cars,
mechanical equipment and appliances.

Mortgages have continued to change. MERS, the

mortgage electronic registration is copyrighted by The
Bank of America. It operates under Delaware Trust Law
where the trustee has no power or obligation to protect
beneficiaries but is obligated to others. Credit Default
Swaps and Predatory Loans are in a similar category in
my opinion. MERS was designed to be consistent with
Sharia Law where interest payments in themselves are
forbidden under Islamic Law. The mortgage in the West
is a derivative of the real estate contract process. In
1998 there was a landmark case “State Street vs.
Signature Financial Group”, an automatic signing system
,which allowed a concealment on intellectual property
called an adjustable rate mortgage, second side , an
investment account. The second side could be
duplicated and sold to millions of other parties without
affecting the underlying or supporting contract. This
securitization or pooling of loans for investors meant
that one instrument can be broken into parts and
components, Lease payments and annuities. An
adjustable rate mortgage is really not a mortgage, it is
an extended lease agreement with an unknown buyer.

You have at best an equitable interest, it is not a legal
real estate contract because the loan never closed.
When and if the loan defaults, the insurance company
will pay off the balance, the paper is sold to high risk
buyers, the life of the contract is less than seven years.
In any case the Bank will have sold the loan contract
and is in no legal position to foreclose, they are not the
holder in due course, only a servicer of the contract.
The Bank is not the real party of interest. In other words
the borrowers are being defrauded. It’s highway
robbery out in the open.

If the buyer were wiser, they would simply move

the house to another location and keep it as personal
property, they have more rights to the property than
the hustlers who are defrauding them. There is no VIN
number on the house, the buyer has a better claim.
Moving it to another location would create another
account which would be free and unencumbered. My
advice is to stay out of Mortgage debt, I have a way of
paying for the house and completely avoiding the
Mortgage process, we shall not discuss it here but to
those who may be interested look in the back of the
book where I will leave contact information. People
have been turned into fungible commodities like cotton,
beans and oil to be bought and sold. In this case, it is
more beneficial to the Banks that you fail and go into
foreclosure, so they can collect from the Insurance
Company of from the investors.

Financially astute individuals could challenge

these sorts of contracts by proving that they are not
Mortgages under the Uniform Commercial Code UCC-8.

A Validation Claim an investment contract adverse
claim. In an extended lease when the lease holder
leaves the account is balanced automatically, just like a
month to month lease or a rental agreement. No equity
is accumulated only interest is paid. In these contracts
the definitions are different from a mortgage contract
[1] satisfaction of the mortgage deed is recorded at the
Dept. of Transportation not a Bank or a Courthouse. [2]
Special Purchase Vehicle under UCC 9 collateralization
of the transaction by patent, trademark or copyrights
Warehouse in this contract is a database. Lender is a
Lease Grantor. Property only refers to intellectual
property, Property is disposed of by Stalking Horse Bids
and Family Trust Assignments, Securitizations and
License Agreements. By the way, for those who do not
know, a stalking horse bid serves to conceal identities, a
straw man, and a ruse.

I want you to understand the system completely

so that you can navigate it successfully. The whole
system is rigged, the Judicial, Banking, educational,
political and communication system. The deck is
stacked so that most people lose. They lose because
they do not have an accurate or correct idea of how
things work. And if they do their information is not
current. It’s rigged in every way, financially, racially, in
education and in the court system, especially at the
gatekeeper section, the Police Department. However if
you understand how things really work, you can control
it from any position. You can influence it remotely
without even being present. Business people and
Lawyers in particular know how to tweak the process by

using paper instruments called commercial liens ,the
basic premise is to steal labor and resources from the
uninformed by making a claim. The permission to
operate any activity is called a license. If you act without
permission, you are considered a pirate. You and your
account are different, however you can access the
account and trust without being obligated for the debts
when you know how. You can discharge the debts by
accepting them and returning them for settlement and
closure. Furthermore, the Postal Code, the Criminal
Code, Building Code are statutes but not law, they are
local regulations on how to control the peasants,
persons or corporations. These policies are enforced by
policy enforcers who are revenue agents for the city
against persons subject to these codes. That’s why the
Police ask for your identification, address and name to
see if you fall within the jurisdiction. When and if you
give a name or address not on the list of persons or an
address outside the jurisdiction, you cannot be
detained. Registration of cars, children and personal
property is requested but not required by law. It is the
Birth Certificate that makes you collateral for the State.
It also brings about the obligation to pay fines, taxes,
and any other expense generated by the administration.
Any birth at home makes the child property of the
Father and the Family. That’s why rich people have their
children at home. Children born at home have rights.
Children born in the hospital have privileges that can be
withdrawn, rights cannot. All cities are in fact, labor
camps. Your labor supports the city, county and State.
Your relationship to pay debt, submit to authority exist
only by contract that you entered into knowingly or

unknowingly. Here is another acronym “LUCK” means
to Labor under Correct Knowledge. What gives the
government legal authority to do what they do? The
short answer is you do, most of the pieces of
information authorities have, and you gave it to them.
If you look at any recent job application or interview of
any kind. You voluntarily give out tons of personal and
private information to get things done or to get a job.
The applications for bank loans are a prime example,
and they even tell you that all the data will be kept
private. You give them permission to check into your
background and discover whatever is there. In other
words the contract is made between you and other
parties, that in exchange for your service, you will
receive certain benefits. The downside is this. Just like
private individuals, people in authority have an agenda.
They will seldom do something for nothing. You can bet
your last money that they will get more out of you than
you get out of them. For instance, when you got your
driver’s license, you signed a form that said, you knew
all 2000 laws and regulations that have to do with
driving and traffic. That’s not true, even most Lawyers
have to consult reference books. But, that’s what you
said and further you promised that any time an officer
stopped you and asked you to present your driver’s
license that you would comply. You also agreed to keep
the vehicle insured for the protection of the public and
other drivers. In summary what I’m saying is that there
are invisible contracts that control you and every aspect
of your life that you are not fully aware of. When and if
you go to court ,even if you have not signed documents
that have you under contract , the Judge will make a

presumption that you are a serf, because most people
are. There are ways to rebut the presumption. Do
business in the name of your avatar, not in your own
name. Then you will not be detained or inconvenienced.
If you don’t do it this way, you will be treated as a
refugee or a stateless person. Being classified as black
has nothing to do with skin color, it is a reference to a
legally placed caste position. The term is not clearly
defined except to say, as in the Articles of
Confederation, those under bondage. Being classified as
white is vaguely defined as well, it is a legal position
that allows privilege. A black man who is a citizen of
Egypt who has immigrated to the USA, must be
classified as white, according to Treaty and cannot
receive any benefit that normally would accrue to him
because of his race of national origin. There is no such
thing as an African American. These are names of two
continents. There are 52 countries in Africa, which one
are you from? Most people who claim to be Americans
are not as well. They are descendants of European
Peasants and have lived here less than 250 years. Back
to avoiding debt. The children of Esau, the Edomites,
are skilled at business, they can smell a quarter under a
100 pound wood pile. The Rothschild’s are descended
from Esau. They invented Pawnshops, Rent-to-Own
Stores Credit Cards and all Letters of Exchange. They
started the 30 Mortgage and the wide spread use of
Corporations for Limited Liability. They completely
financed both the English and American Slave Trade.
International Gambling and casinos are owned by them
under American sounding names. Most of the movie

and music business are controlled entirely by Goldman
Sachs, Wall St. and other international banks.

Money parasitism and economic slavery is worthy of

some examination. First, what is a parasite? He is an
animal that lives on or inside another animal or plant. It
obtains nourishment from the host without any benefit
to the host at all. It gains advantage systematically and
at the host’s expense. In the past 35 years wages have
remained stagnant, the middle class is quickly
disappearing, and the top 10% has become obscenely
rich. Western Governmental policy has assured us that
that this trajectory will continue. The last Trade deals
were decided in secret so that public opposition would
be reduced. Parasites often use deception, secrecy,
brute force and even legal authority as their trap and
hook. They evade the defenses of the host. They are
often more vicious than a predator that openly stalks
and slays its prey. The Federal Reserve pretends to act
in the public’s’ behave as a Governmental Agency, but
in reality it is a privately owned consortium of Banks. It
is a central bank that often ignores sound Banking rules
and traditional business practices. They often use red
herring tactics to confuse the public. What happens
when the parasite takes over? It’s called mind control
and zombification. The host becomes the puppet and
the parasite the controlling hand. Actually the host
becomes insane, because it acts contrary to its own best
interest The Bretton-Woods Agreement was
abandoned. The gold standard was abandoned. The
International Monetary Fund Money could then be
easily confiscated through inflation. And there is no

stable defense against the steady loss of purchasing
power. Bogus banking concepts like money supply
deflation, market growth rates are just double talk, like
applying leeches to a dying patient. The patient is
starved and denied even the natural processes that any
living thing uses to heal itself. Fractional Banking
controls both the volume and the velocity of money.
Bankers watch closely to dismantle any effort of the
public to resist exploitation as they cut social programs,
the drastic cut backs are destructive but the intent
behind the exotic language and legalese is to thin out
the herd. In ancient times when the herd became too
many, the parasites infected the weaker animals,
weakened them, so the wolves could kill them. Wolves
would kill only the weakest and sickest animals. This
process had the long term effect of protecting the
grazing land from over grazing and complete
destruction. Rothschild said that the ones who could
understand the strategy would want to share in the
profits. The greater number, the mentally incompetent
would bear the burden of the injustice but would not
complain or even suspect that the Bankers and trusted
political leaders were stealing from them. The smarter,
stronger victims would fight back. The wise Bankers
would avoid them. Federal Reserve notes are unsigned
checks written on a closed account, it is an inflatable
paper system, a devalued currency. Future depositors
will be subject to withdrawal penalties.

What do these Bankers think of you and other

outsiders? First of all, the public is never invited to
either church or social events. The estimation is that

those of evil character outnumber those of good
character, therefore, it much more effective to rule
them from a distance. Use violence as it is more
understandable than clear logic or an academic
approach. They believe that most of them would sell
out their neighbor for money or an advantage. They
believe the low class have shallow passions, silly
customs and beliefs .They are inclined toward divisions.
They are greedy after material things, easily bribed.
Bankers can promise them anything, then delay
delivery, and they will not notice. Anyone can cause
confusion among them, divide and conquer. The
formula is to keep them confused, present them with a
thousand options, then divert their attention to games
and sports. They love amusements, past times and
parties. Lower classes don’t read serious subjects, have
lower skill sets. Bankers believe few of the lower classes
understand financial or legal matters. Even if they
become organized, go among them and plant discord
their silly leaders will walk into the net gladly and

20 Trained policemen can control a thousand of

them because, they are never organized. A relatively
small number can dominate because they manipulate
the minds of the masses. They understand the social
patterns and mental processes. They pull the strings
that control the public’s mind. These people have been
taught that others are just above animals and have the
nature and appetite of animals. They must never be
trusted. No one on that level ever preaches Diversity
nor will he allow it in his community. A false scarcity is

created to make profits for the merchants to capitalize
means to convert into money. Knowledge is hidden
from the foolish to increase profits. All of a Policeman’s
power comes from his uniform. His authority is far
beyond his own merits, his real job is to protect the
State’s interest.


Lower Classes often exploited because of lack of
knowledge. We do Seminars & Private Counseling and



Because they know your history much

better than you know. Why would you rob people you
classify as poor? The whole world hates them and
oppresses them. It has continued for over a thousand
years. The true history of this people has been securely
hidden and distorted. Many Europeans and Semites
have made themselves Identity Thieves. It was the
Moors who taught hygiene to European Kings. It was
the Moors who built their Castles and taught their
children Mathematics. People who did not know how to
bury their dead or dispose of human waste. The Moors
taught them how to avoid sickness with sanitation. The

Black Plague were caused in part by the wide spread
lack of sanitation. European Medical Doctors were
refusing to wash their hands as late as 1925. Who were
the Moors? They were Seafarers and merchants, they
were known as excellent navigators and were multi-
lingual. These were the scientist of the world at that
time. They knew the winds and the tides that powered
ships at the time. They brought Sugar and Molasses to
Europe. They were remarkable rum traders. They
taught the Europeans the art of distilling whiskey and
brewing Beer and malt liquors.

One of the more interesting developments that

resulted from increased trade was the development of
Letters of Exchange. At that time transporting huge
amounts of gold to pay for merchandise made it too
risky to travel during certain seasons and the possibility
of the gold being lost to piracy. The Moorish invention
of this Letter of Credit made it impossible to lose gold
on the high seas because of a storm or from theft. It
worked much in the same way a check works today. On
the delivery of the goods, this letter instructed the
Bankers to transfer funds from one account to another.
The present system of Fiat money is similar in that, it is
just paper. It is a promise to pay at a future time. Fiat
money is valuable only because it is decreed to have
value by the government. There is nothing else of value
backing it, except the economy in general. Fiat money is
a way of making wealth more liquid. The Federal
Reserve can loosen and tighten the money supply by
increasing or decreasing the interest rates. On the other
hand Gold’s value has remained steady for over 4000

years. The dollar rises and drops constantly depending
on the political situation. USA’s military power forces
other nations to accept the dollar as a Reserve
Currency. We have a 1000 military bases around the
world. The value of the dollar is controlled by supply
and demand... The Federal Reserve can create credit,
then have the money printed to cover it. This kind of
debt is a claim against collateral it affects, the living, the
dead and the yet unborn.

In 1913 this nation’s power to create

interest free money was transferred to a transnational
private banking cartel, now 85 cents in each dollar is
consumed by interest. These Bankers are active in 170
countries. Fractional Banking allows them to lend up to
9 times the amount they have in reserve. These Bankers
deal in everything, Blood Diamonds, Prescription Drugs,
weapons, oil and even gold. Early on after 1913, they
gained control of the Railroad System and all other vital
infrastructure. Money is treated as just another
commodity, it is a token. There is much more paper
than there is Gold but paper money can serve as
practical substitute for gold. There is a Biblical Teaching
against usury but it is ignored Leviticus 25:36, 37 and
Proverbs 22:7

The system makes it appear that you do

not have a chance to succeed, if this were true, then
they would not be spending Billions each year, spying
on you. You see, cause and effect is an inevitable law,
do the study and the work, the rewards will come. They
read your mail, listen in on your phone calls. Stop eating
the so called American Diet, it’s killing you. Soul Food is

not your food either, it was the cheapest way the
former slave master could feed his property at the time.
His objective was to use the cheapest food to generate
high energy to get more work from his servants. His
objective was not long life or health but maximum
profit. Slaves ate what was in season or what could
easily be stored. Those who worked in the house got a
little better food because they got to eat the master’s
left overs. By the way did you know that you have to be
50 pounds over- weight to be considered Obese? The
same is true today. What kind of clothes should you
wear? It is only natural to wear the same clothes that
your ancestors wore if that is possible. Melinated
people do not have to get naked to stay cool in hot
weather. They have an entirely different cooling system
located in their skin that radiates excess heat from the
body. Loose fitting clothes and head covering is
customary among our people worldwide. Immodest
dress among women is true only of those Westernized
by education or by socialization. What name do you
answer to? And why is it not an ancestral name? Our
true original names sound foreign to us. Not Arab
names but those common in Western African Countries.
Where did your God come from? Why did the slave
master give you a white god? Why didn’t that God,
answer your prayers to be free? How many African
Deities do you know? We have forgotten the ways of
our Fathers and Mothers. That’s why we are dying too
early. We do not honor their traditions or instructions.
We get all of our health instructions from our enemies.
Just because they smile at us in their white coats does
not mean they are in love with us and have become

our friends. Eating too much makes many of our
women obese, over 50 pounds overweight is classified
as morbidly obese. Eating food swimming in grease is
killing us. Processed white flour and sugary fast foods
are designed to terminate the expendable. This diet
along with a sedentary life style is a death sentence.
Those who do not honor their Fathers fall victim to any
foreign doctrine and leadership. We believe half-truths
that are designed to sow confusion. So that one group
can advance at the expense of another. High rates of
cancer, diabetes, high blood pressure Lyme disease,
Aids, syphilis .influenza is cause by ignorance of God’s
Law and the ignoring of the wisdom of our ancestors.
The most common cause of disease is the accumulation
of waste and poisonous materials which results from
over eating and sedentary occupations. Eating too much
taxes the digestive organs and clogs the system. The
disease process is the body trying to rid itself of these
impurities and to clear and clean the system. The first
step is to reduce the rate of consumption. It will start to
correct improper dietary habits by giving the body some
time to catch up its housekeeping duties. Time for
repair and regeneration. A short fast of 2-3 days would
be good for any westerner but for a Black Man or
Woman it would be a blessing. After some time you
could increase the duration of the fast. Caution, if you
are working, do not fast. Relaxing and isolation are best
for fasting.

Let me explain. Disease is not normal, it is an

abnormality. It is a condition caused by a violation of
natural law, Modern medicine treats only symptoms

and never confronts the cause. No drug cures any
disease, it continues and only the symptoms change.
Often the pattern is altered but the basic cause
remains. The only cure lies in nature. Our Ancestors
taught us to treat the body holistically and maintain
balance and harmony. The Bible hides the truth in
allegories, parables and riddles. The original symbol of
Christianity was the fish. Human beings like fish run in
schools. If you can catch the leader, you can control the
group. You cannot catch a school of fish with a hook
and a line. You must use a net. Sheep run in flocks, the
same principle applies. The Sermon on the Mount
shows the attitude that must be displayed to influence
the masses. You must offer those benefits. But every
shepherd kills and eats sheep for a living. His money
comes from their wool. All shepherds buy and sell
sheep but the sheep do not know because they are only
focused on the benefits.

Nations that develop a war culture create

unnatural conditions that separate men from their
families in protracted deployments. This was true of
Rome, Sparta, Brittan, and France. They all have high
levels of same sex unions because of separations but
also because of poor fertility of arable land which
adversely affects proper fetal development sexually.
When nations are focused outwardly, they habitually
ignore domestic issues to the point of emergency.
Police States commonly develop when incompatible
populations are forced together and create cultural,
social and racial problems. Populations with the same
history, same family groups and the same cultural

norms seldom have serious problems. All Empires are
potentially unstable because of having different
cultures, conflicting social expectations and incomes.
America has been a budding empire since after World
War 2. The systematic subjugation of minority groups
generally was problematic since the inception of the
Virginia Trading Company in colonial times. These
populations will not stay buried. They become natural
rivals as they increase in number and in societal power.
Both the certificate of live birth and the social security
numbers are inventory control devices. Similar to a
manifest on a ship or a delivery truck. In the Uniform
Commercial Code even the Vehicle Identification
Number is a control number. Take out a dollar, you will
see a serial tracks that piece of paper to each
bank and commercial establishment, it was done that
way for military purposes, it identifies everyone in the
commercial arena except those who know how to avoid
the tracking mechanism. Every fire arm that is
manufactured in the country has a serial number and
certain peculiarities in the barrel to aid and assist law
enforcement in their job. Every batch of drugs or
chemicals manufactured have a batch number for
control and tracking. Prisoners of war, even if renamed
are given numbers. Slaves were made into corporate
entities before they could legally be sold. Numbers are
attached to things for record keeping and to document

All of these actions were under “color of law

“trickery and obfuscation were used to make the
prisoner of war, slave or employee volunteer for a

reduction in status and become chattel property. For
instance the term gay marriage is an oxymoron, a
fabrication and a fiction in law. Legal maneuvering
cannot change reality. This term is words of art that
only have value as copyrighted literature and only exist
as private contracts and not in law. Corporations are
not actually living persons but are treated in Law as if
they were. Corporations become Pirate Ships and
capture people on the high seas. Many have been
kidnapped, robbed and commandeered into servitude.
It is not illegal as it takes place in international Waters.
This is happening in Libya as we speak. The country is
little more than a Slave Market. Many naïve American
senior citizens board so called Cruise Ships and while in
international waters can be robbed raped or killed with
little legal consequence. The Courts and Police
Departments are accessories before and after the fact
to piracy.

It is because the majority population is afraid

of you that it would be wise to gradually withdraw from
the system Convert Fiat Notes into material
commodities. Calling the system unjust and spending
money protesting is a complete waste of time.
Withdrawing will make you disappear, and the rules
that blocked your progress will also vanish. Go
underground and stop asking for permission. Do bears
ask for permission to urinate in the woods? And keep
your mouth shut. Don’t tell your friends or even family
members, they will not understand. Prepare for the
coming shortages of the items mentioned above. The
world’s richest people have also moved away from

larger population centers and use modern high speed
communication to do business anywhere in the world.
Governments can only operate on information, the
information gathered in a hospital creates a new human
being, a legal person. Which legally means a
composition, a character. It came into legal existence
with the Doctor’s live Birth Document. When the
Mother abandoned the child by transferring ownership
to the State. The State assumed legal claim. If the
Mother had not signed the Document, the State would
have claimed the after-birth which contains the same
DNA. The child’s estate is his body. He remains a
disabled infant until he is 18 years old. But the age of
majority is not chronological. Whenever he petitions for
full responsibility, it will be granted.

Only productive people are sources of

wealth and profit for the government. All others are
considered expendable. In periods of emergency,
minorities will be terminated first. Elected Black
Officials will be de-commissioned and soldiers in the
Military will be disarmed and isolated according to the
King Alfred Plan.

Find balance in your life, be the salt of the

earth. Salt is a preserver and a protector Salt can alter
conditions that support bacterial growth and sickness.
Salt dehydrates which can destroy the foundation for
infections to grow. Finding balance reminds me of a
scale. It resembles a cross. It appears as a book keeping
method as well. In the mythology, they say the prophet
Jesus died between two thieves. He also lived between
two opposing extremes .The idea here is that you must

live your life in moderation. Neither over eating nor
drinking. A day is divided into 3 parts. 8 hours for work,
8 hours for rest, 8 hours for leisure. The melanin in your
body is activated by water [Hydro-Carbon] all living
things in the flesh is based on Carbon the universe is
made from melanin. There is no balance in the West.
There is only the justice you can buy. In that culture
rules are made to be broken. However in the world we
are from Natural Law must be obeyed, nature’s
consequences are lethal. People who challenge nature
are foolish. The most dangerous man is a thinking man,
who is self-driven, who trust his own conclusions, obeys
his own voice and perceives the voice of god in his own

All Western medicine shuts down melanin production.

That’s why only white rats are used for medical testing
in Laboratories. They never use brown or grey ones.
Medicine in the West is designed to help White men not
those who are melanated. Both the laws and
prescription drugs designed for the Caucasian male, not
even the white woman is a priority. Our unbalanced
living makes it easy for us to remain conquered.
Competition and jealousy makes it impossible for us to
work together and to support one another. Something
has prevented our natural propensity to unite and to
connect in a way that predicts survival. The most
creative Black men are not those who matriculated at
white colleges but those who have not been formally
educated at all. Freedom from Western thinking has
released the genius in them.

Let me give you some medical advice, Walk 3 miles a
day, when possible. Walk at least one thousand steps
per day. Being sedentary will kill you early. Stop eating
fried food. Eat raw fruit and vegetables.

Meditate, all the answers for you are inside, not

outside. Out formation is not information. All of your
Troubles come from you, making bad choices and
having immature preferences. Stop watching the news
every day, it’s the same foolishness on an endless loop.
Guard your thoughts, Get rid of sad, negative thinking,
it’s bad for your health. All the ductless glands are
controlled by your thinking. They secrete directly into
nerves which means that they are electric light
vibrations that operate like waves affecting receptor
sites in your cells which are the eyes and ears of the
body. That’s why bad news makes you feel down all

Balance in nature, our ancestors did not cut down trees

unnecessarily or change the course of a river because
they believed it may upset the balance in nature. We
cleared out the brush but not the trees. [A] No animal
was ever killed for sport, only for food. [B] Nature was
our Mother and Father, we blended with nature. We
would follow the seasons and cycles only. That’s why
the ignorant have floods and fire storms. [C] There was
never any pollution of water allowed. No poisons buried
in the earth. Such a person would have been

The masses of so called minority people are

kept in a state of confusion by propaganda, which is

information, usually false or distorted and used to affect
some cause. It is a message containing information from
which certain conclusions maybe drawn. Actually the
true molders of public opinion are a relatively small
number of people who know how to pull the strings
that control the public mind. They use their greater
knowledge, leadership ability and position in the social
structure to remotely guide and direct the masses. They
use old social forces and newly contrived methods to
influence the thinking into whatever position fit the
current agenda. The way a people reason determines
their economic future. Because economic power
precedes political power, propaganda can retard
economics by fostering tensions between the racial
groups and general frustration. The masses supposedly
have the power in a Democracy to direct legislation but
are essentially just rubber stamps in the hand of those
spreading information. News is twisted and spun in any
direction required for a desirable outcome. Facts can be
reduced to half -truths that make the victim responsible
for his own violent murder or rape. When unarmed
civilians are killed by the police in some minor traffic
violation, they are made to appear the cause of their
own demise. Even with video cameras that clearly show
a murder taking place, the happy voice of the
announcer praises the Police Department for the great
job, they are doing. They completely discount that an
overweight diabetic black man should not have been
choked to death for selling loose cigarettes on the
street. There was no doubt that all of those in Law
Enforcement were going to be exonerated. The real
rulers in America or any Western country stay far

behind the scene. The household names that you know
are not the real shot callers and decision makers. Who
are these people and what are their names? They are
Corporate Board members of Multinational
Corporations, executives in religion, party bosses, large
corporate stock holders and scientist, doctors who head
hospitals and help determine drug development and
finally intellectuals who advise governments are the real
decision makers. The political campaigns that we get
involved in are essentially distractions and side shows
completely unrelated to the actual process and
mechanics of leadership. The elite money people can
give or fail to give to the various political parties for a
desired outcome, but the outcome is predetermined.
Listen closely, all important public activity is staged.
Nothing important is left to chance. Court cases,
elections, public speeches, parades with large signs and
banners are all staged nothing is spontaneous, it would
be too dangerous. The system is artificial and is entirely
an illusion. If 15% less people stopped shopping at
Walmart, it would be a financial disaster, it will not be
allowed, if it can be prevented.

Why does Government want to control what we

think? They invest a lot of money in propaganda
because they know that thought precede both word
and deed. A thought is like blueprint, a plan of action. A
new thought destroys any old inconsistent ideas in the
mind. The term “Cognitive Dissonance “illustrates the
process of a rejection of a new idea that is not powerful
enough, it is neutralized or destroyed. If the motivation
is strong enough then the old concepts are removed

forever and replaced. Hence the expression, “Behold I
make all Things New” A carnal mind is one that is
focused on the literal only, it is limited to the material
world. On the other hand. A mind not limited to the
normal and familiar is powerful to the removing of
fortified positions. The place of the Skull is a hint that
everything of any importance first occurs in the mind.
The culture of the foreigner is poison to us. The way of
our Ancestors is the straight and narrow path. Those
who depart from the proven way, invite destruction.
Those who are outside of nature are without natural
and universal support, these people will be easily
defeated. The old ways forbid loose living and the lack
of discipline, immodest dressing, and smoking tobacco.
We do not pay usury or charge it. Treasures are right
ideas and right thinking, they cannot be lost or stolen.
Possessions can be replaced many times with right
thinking. If you have a disorderly material condition,
you must correct the false beliefs and conform to
nature [the universe] then order will be reestablished.
They ones with right thinking will be increasing and
those with the wrong ideas will be bound to loss. Even
what he has will be taken away. Ultimately we are
neither owners nor creators of material things, they are
controlled by a higher order and things will turn out

As late as the 1800s, 93% of all humans were

illiterate. So written propaganda was not challenged.
The false creations and fantasies were accepted by
those who did not know the facts and were spread
without proof of claim. Young people put faith in these

written documents. Faith is belief without proof or
evidence. Blind faith removes the need for investigation
and verification. Few people, even in the 1800 could
speak ancient languages or read them. Consequently
the word and conclusion of the dominant people was
accepted based on blind faith. Today, 60% of all
prisoners cannot read and are classified as functionally
illiterate. 70% of the poor read at or below the 4th grade
level. 90% of juvenile delinquents do not read well.
Actually the poor never have time to read, study or do
research. They are concerned only about immediate
needs of food, clothing and shelter. I know, you
remember Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs from college.
People are not backward and ignorant by accident.
Their lack of understanding makes them willing victims
over and over again. Social engineers have made them
incompetent. They become poor parents, poor
providers, poor mothers and fathers, and petty
criminals. They have foreclosures and bankruptcies,
they are often unemployed or are into dead end jobs
with no future at all.




Making money is 95% a mental game. It has little to do
with educational background or even mental ability. It
has more to do with the level of commitment than any
other thing. Often, the man with the better
administrative ability had an 8th grade education and
had 40 men working for him. While the guy with the
formal education just wanted to get a job and be able to
pay his student loan and have the weekends off.
Actually the self-educated are the most creative
because they don’t recognize another’s right to make
the rules, a mentality, that students are taught to
accept from kindergarten through public school.

Just like in a war or on the streets a common

method in doing business is to get a street name to
protect relatives, private addresses and to conserve
assets. The practice has sound business and tax
advantages. When you create an LLC, it has an EIN
Number or an Employers Identification Number. Using
that entity to do business transactions makes it
responsible for expenses, taxes and other obligations
and not you. In other words, it limits your liability. It
also makes barriers created by your race, religion and
gender completely disappear. If you do it right, few
people will even know that you work for that company.
They will assume that it is owned by someone in the
majority community. When you disappear so will any
prejudice and opposition. The new organization will
have no negative credit history, prison record or an
address in a red lined district. This entity will pay taxes
at the 15% rate and not the 40% rate that you pay on
the earned income level. In alternative Identities the

new names and numbers plug into the networks that
cannot match the old ones, which means that you have
not only disappeared but have been reborn. It is
important that you obey all the rules involving
corporations, LLCs and nonprofits so that you can enjoy
the benefits of starting over. I call it doing business
using an avatar. This is defined as an Icon that
represents you in the game. You will find out when you
are in business you cannot be too talkative to bank
employees, to church members and friendly neighbors.
When you move into a more sedate neighborhood, turn
off the lights at a reasonable hour. Don’t repair your car
in the yard, don’t keep pets, and don’t have a house full
of visitors all the time. Keep your yard neat and clean.
Put your Business name on everything that qualifies. If it
doesn’t, pay cash or pay with money orders. If you deal
with Ministers or undertakers be quiet, they talk a lot.

Holding paper money long term is like keeping

an explosive device with a long burning fuse eventually
it will blow up in your face and be worth nothing.
Transition out of paper money into something that is a
real store of value like land, houses buildings gold, silver
mines and livestock etc. I have also found that
subcontracting rather than maintaining employees
requires a lot less paperwork and aggravation.

Education does not automatically put you in charge of

anything in order to be in charge, you must own
something. Own property and never exchange your
manhood for a job or a relationship or anything else.
When the job is over, make sure you still have your self-
respect. We have the strong urge as mortals to build a

fence around the things that we own to keep out
trespassers. We are taught that all private property
must have an owner. The earth is divided into parcels
and parts and can be claimed at the exclusion of all
others. This is based on the belief that matter is
substance and that men are the proprietors of it. Some
have large amounts and some have little others have
none. It’s important to understand that thought is the
source and these things are dominated, claimed and
held by human individuals. This unfair division of goods
fosters envy, jealousy and strife. The ones who feel
deprived will often attack, rob and steal from those that
have. This is the source of 95% of all the wars. Invasion
of property rights or an extension of borders, most men
seek to protect and maintain what they have. The idea
that the earth is held in common is a foreign frightening

Let’s make an illustration to clarify. Let

imagine that every accountant or math teacher had to
buy a supply of numbers to do their job. They would be
made of some durable material like wood or metal and
he would keep them locked up in a vault. When he
would want to use them, he would take them out and
do his accounting job. However in a busy tax season. He
would need to buy or borrow more numbers. The price
of certain numbers might go up very high at times. You
will agree that this condition could never exist because
of the fact that numbers are concepts [thoughts] and
not things and are available to everyone without
restriction. No one can prevent you from using a five, in
a math problem. No one has ever started a war over a

multiplication table. No one has gone to jail for taking
figures from his neighbor. Figures are mental concepts
only. But this is not only true for numbers but
everything material on the earth, it is made with a
thought in time we will understand what the prophet
Jesus meant when he said lay not up for yourselves
treasures upon the earth. Where moth and rust doth
corrupt and where thieves break in and steal, but lay up
for you treasure, right ideas in heaven where neither
moth nor rust doth corrupt and where thieves cannot
steal. When you know that the thing you own does not
really belong to you but to someone higher, you stop
worrying about suffering a loss. What you own is not
exclusively yours. Things are controlled by a superior
order. Release your delusions, you are not the owner. It
is temporarily in your possession. Even our bodies are
our thoughts externalized, in order to improve health,
remember your body is a mental product, a concept,
created by a divine mind. Matter of any sort can be
corrected by right thinking.

Patience is seen as weakness but

barbaric behavior is seen as expected behavior as is
seen in sports matches. Enemies are hunted down to
the point of genocide. Blacks have started imitate this
behavior even to the point of getting tattoos and
piercings. Examples are Mike Tyson and Dennis
Rodman. We should learn that self- knowledge helps us
function as complete human beings. Infinity has no
name, a circle is a zero and you cannot name what you
cannot count. Singing and dancing dominates the
African response because of melanin. The difference in

you was put there with an intent that you would be free
to follow your instincts without interference. You must
understand that in order for the system to work, you
had to be kept off balance and insane. The place of the
skull demanded that you learn to hate yourself and
believe in your own inferiority. This was vital in order
that you would passively accept harsh treatment daily.
This indoctrination is a deliberate process. The majority
religion, Christianity has no positive image of anyone
that looks like you in heaven or on earth. This is a proof
of claim that western religion is part of the process of
subjugation. Even in the instances when the Colonialist
leaves a country and allows the indigenous to rule
themselves, nothing changes because native rule is
cruel illusion. Only those approved by the Colonialist are
allowed to come to power. The real relationship has not
changed. You seem to have some degree of autonomy,
you do as long as you are not in opposition of the
powers that be. The moment you lift your head and
voice, you will feel the iron fist of the oppressor on your
head. There is no one in your family or in your church
who can stop them. They will not even try. A state of
confusion and incompetence must be created and
maintained in order for you to survive .You must
actively reject your own history and values to get the
illusion of progress. If you choose to reject the system,
you will be seen as a threat. A threat to what? To the
peace and security of those in power. He wants to be
able to sleep at night without worry. Martin Luther King
was labeled a threat to national security because of his
opposition to the Vietnamese War. King was non-
violent and passive. He did not even believe in self-

defense. Yet both he, and his brother were
assassinated. His mother was killed while in a church
service. I find it fascinating that no one mentions
anymore that his mother and brother were also killed
by the same people. Every component part of the
system works together to maintain the status quo.
Religion is an arm of the state because government can
both punish and reward.

Work within the appointed seasons. Anything

you want to do can be accomplished but you must have
the correct timing. [A] You plant in the spring, all
projects must ideally be started in the spring, at the end
of the winter, the days become longer by degrees and
the warming cycle of hotter days cause the sleeping
seed to activate and come to life. Remember that new
life must be hidden from its enemies to be protected.
All new things are vulnerable and must be protected
proactively. [B] Cultivate in the summer, there is a
required season of training. No man, no matter how
much talent and potential he has, can side step the
need for a mentor and training. It will save him years of
mistakes and frustration. Formal education is good, but
in addition, seek the company of a veteran in your
chosen field. He is worth his weight in gold to you. As
the cultivation takes place the plant or person is
changing. He gradually becomes the object of his
imagination. He will arrive without his notice. [C] Fall is
when harvest comes, when your efforts bear fruit. The
seed has multiplied. It always seems a miracle when you
count the reward, it seems out of proportion to the
seed and the effort expended. The harvest must not be

left in the field too long. Timing is important, it must be
gathered and processed. It could sold or stored but in
whatever operation, do it with haste to prevent loss or
waste. [D] Winter is for rest and rebuilding. A season
where work has ceased is perhaps more important. It is
a time of planning and researching. When you rest, you
can dream, visualize the most desirable outcome. Then
work toward that target.

We must reconstitute Family Life, it is

being destroyed, but it is not too late to restore it.
When you leave the artificial environment of the city,
and go back to the earth, your prospective will change.
The lack of artificial props will make the family
interdependent again. Agriculture is entirely based on
nature and the seasonal process. Marriage has always
been serious business. When your survival depends on
a strong Family, it will improve automatically.
Instinctively Men chose healthy women, who
understood how to run a house and raise children.
Women automatically chose Men who were physically
and mentally strong .Men who would make reliable
providers and stable husbands and fathers. In ancient
times among our people marriage was so important
that it was not an individual‘s decision, but that of the
whole family. It also important to take note that no
extreme poverty could exist in a system like that. A
young couple started off with a house that was paid for
and the support of two families who had vast resources.
They were not set out to make uninformed decisions
but were under the direction of their parents until they
were firmly established financially. Marriages were

nearly 100% successful, now 60% of them fail. They are
not based on sound reasoning or natural law. They are
based on emotion not logic. All emotional decisions are
temporary or entirely wrong. Swag or game is not a
reason for a marriage. No strong nation can exist
without a network of strong families and healthy
children. If you are not producing children, you have no
future. Your nation will lose its land culture and all of its
possessions. Your wealth will be transferred into the
hands of your enemies. The volume of history will tell
us our future, look at Sparta, Greece and Rome. Debt
and foolish thinking will allow foreigners to rule over
you. You are making your grandchildren servants of
strangers by forgetting the old paths and established
ways. Strong families are never poor. Children are
taught self- discipline at home. They become assets to
the community early and not liabilities. There is no such
thing as something for nothing. If you got something for
nothing that means somebody got nothing for
something. The productive deserve their reward and
just compensation. Produce some things people need
and want. For instance, now there is no demand for
horse shoes or wood stoves. What you produce must be
of consistent quality and first class materials. If you do
this you will never have to beg for a job.

Each time a new family is created, it increases the

capacity for reproduction and expansion. The higher the
quality of the mating pair the stronger the nation
becomes. When a new hive is formed among bees a
new queen and her supporting staff are needed. An
army of workers have to be supplied and a reliable

location and food supply identified. The natural process
of the selection of mates is automatic and unconscious.
Each culture has developed a slightly different approach
but one that works well for them, given the peculiar
components in their history, climatic conditions, diets
etc. The 10% of the highest elites could not exist if they
did not create a system that channels resources and
money back to them. The reality is that the universe is
abundant consequently it is required that the masses be
deluded into believing in scarcity and furthermore that
the system invented by the elite is the most efficient to
satisfy their needs.

Who are the Children of the ice? They are people

of the north where the growing seasons are short. They
can’t grow many vegetables in their land so are
primarily meat eaters. They are very aggressive
because, they are afraid of death by starvation. They
are hunters and trappers, so are masters of decoys and
deceit. They have always lived in a place of hills and
valleys. Up and down with no security. What does this
mean? It means that water and oil cannot mix. It means
that you cannot integrate a potato pie with an apple
pie. They will be in the same plate but never united
because of incompatible natures. The children of the Ice

are not peaceful people. They are predators by nature
and have no compassion. When is the last time you saw
a lion crying over a deer that he killed for food. They
have no remorse. You can never turn a dog into a cat.
Praying all night long will not change reality. “Dylan
Roof, The man who killed nine people in the church in
South Carolina at a bible study is an excellent example.
He was invited into their midst with open arms, but he
waited until they closed their eyes to pray, then he
executed them systematically. He felt no remorse. The
Police stopped at Hardees on the way to jail, to get him
something to eat I guess killing Blacks makes you
hungry. In America, the killing of Blacks is considered as
nothing These Church people were naïve and got their
reward for being foolish and misguided. Did you know
that nearly 4 million dollars was raised overnight by
white people to defend Mr. Dylan Roof against murder
charges? This tells me all I need to know about the
amount of progress we have made in the last 135 years.
The constitution has nothing to do with us.

You are like sheep among wolves. Sheep have

small soft teeth. They are fat and slow. They are not
made for a quick escape from danger, sheep run in
flocks and do not do well when isolated and lost.

Wolves, on the other hand are made to be predators,

they have light weight bodies, sharp fang like teeth.
They can leap over 10 feet in the air for a kill. They can
rip open the throat of the victim in one motion. Wolves
prefer to catch their victim alone of in smaller groups
[divide & conquer]. The solution is to stick together, the
first step to destruction is isolation. Follow strong

leadership, who can protect the flock. All wolves eat
rabbits and sheep, you are safe in making that

There is also the illusion that constant labor is needed

for survival. In early America, the native Indians worked
only 4 hours per day. They prospered and thrived, even
though the long harsh winters. They were horrified to
see the Europeans force their wives and children to
labor from sun up to sun down. The natives had
discovered that when you work in harmony with nature,
hard work is not needed constantly. Actually it can be
abolished. At least our perception of the commerce
game. Instead of just ending employment
discrimination, it’s better to end employment. The
people who promote hard work do little of it
themselves. Employment is slavery on the installment
plan. They let you haggle over the price but the
relationship with the master is the same as it was the
day before the Civil War. 95% of Americans work for
someone else. The taxes you pay is the ransom given to
be left alone. Every worker is a part time slave. Talking
back is insubordination this demeaning system of
domination is the same as between parent and child.
Teachers and students are the greater and the lesser.
Anyone who says that employees and students are free
or equal cannot analyze facts accurately. Work turns
people into stultified sub missives, part of the workers
free time is spent getting ready for work. Then
returning from work and recovering from work. The
Natives of America found that the quest for food did
not have to be continuous. They would actually take

naps during the day time. The European Colonist were
horrified and called them lazy. The computer in the
work place has not shortened the 40 hour work week. I
know it has increased output. Why didn’t employers do
so? Well work provides for commercial and for social
control over all workers, white collar, and blue collar
and over agricultural workers. If you had too much free
time, it would spoil you. You would have time to read
and to think. That’s far too dangerous to be allowed.
Most of this forced labor could easily be automated or
computerized. We have other labor saving devices that
could replace labor enough to raise the hourly pay of
workers and not adversely affect profits. That, however
is contrary to the rules of the commercial game.
Trading labor and bartering have not disappeared
entirely. It was a useful tool for early Americans. We are
entering a period of time where most employment will
be temporary. We call it a “GIG” economy most workers
will be independent contractors on short term
engagements by 2025 40% of American workers will be
contractors. Digital work can be done anywhere,
freelancers will work anywhere in the world. Software
will completely replace some jobs. There will be less
office space needed, less corporate sponsored training
and less government interference in business. The
barter economy will come back. International economic
sanctions will be harder to impose. Actually sanctions
could be sidestepped entirely now if those in the third
world knew how. If you get as much knowledge as your
rulers, they can’t rule over you. There is a lot of
information kept secret from the masses to maintain
the status quo and the international balance of power.

The change in the culture when men stopped being
hunter , gatherers is the same as it’s going to be when
most people become freelance contractors and most of
the labor force self-employed.

When these things take place, the

pipeline from elementary school to prison that was
designed by Daniel Monahan and Richard Nixon in a
policy called benign neglect will be done away with. In
that approach poverty among Black people simply was
not mentioned the unarmed shooting of Black civilians
or police brutality cases did not make the local or
national news. Borders were wide open to emigration
as long as you were white. You were assisted with
education assimilation and seed money to go into
business. This, entirely funded by the tax payer. When
the independent contractor phase hits the Black
Community, things will have gone full circle. The
disparity and the mal-distribution of wealth will quickly
correct itself. Even the Civil Rights Movement was
redirected to include women, gays and Spanish
speaking non- whites to cloud the issue and redirect the
resources. Up to now Blacks were not classified as
emigrants but human property. Look at the American
Constitution and the Articles of Confederation, it refers
to” those under bondage”. They were for the life of
the country so far denied the fruits of their own labor.
Blacks can’t change the wind [American Politics] but
they can adjust their sails. [Become Freelance

What makes people act this way?

People who have little empathy are called Sociopaths.

Their impulsive behavior shows consistently in their
body language. Their contempt of those, they feel are
below them is revealed in their dead eyed blank stare,
flippant responses and dull personality. The frontal
lobes are entirely non-operational. After wrong doing,
there is no regret 5% of the population are sociopathic,
most come from Fatherless households. They lack a
moral compass and sound judgment. They lie
constantly, even on minor subjects. Friendships are
made quickly and easily discarded. They don’t keep jobs
very long because they are extremely self-centered.
They dominate others using deception. Psychopathic
men are extremely attractive to women. They are
supremely confident. Bad boy, dangerous guys. They
are charming and seem friendly, usually intelligent and
well spoken. Rejecting them does not register. The non-
functioning frontal lobes does not record the pain of
humiliation at all. People who are sociopaths do well in
politics and sales. What indicates intelligence aside
from this cold blooded behavior? [A] A boundless
curiosity. Bright people are able to anticipate
consequences, trends and demands. [B] They have a
highly developed sense of humor, can tell good jokes,
they have a great sense of timing. [C] They read much
more than normal 50 books per year or more. They love
a mental challenge, hey are well informed. [D] These
people are Night Owls, require less sleep sometimes
forgetful on minor things. Sometimes, they talk aloud to
themselves [E] Bright people with no moral compass
can do great harm to a society.


Nationality is bloodline and

ancestry only, it is not citizenship. Citizenship is a
political designation. Bloodline is natural and genetic.
Nationality is culture, history and common law. It
determines accepted norms, title to land, inheritability
and determines who is in any caste system. Nationality
is both ancient and modern. Consequently all
Europeans and others in North, Central and South
America are only occupiers who have forced
subjugation, under the Doctrine of Discovery. They
declare the true heirs to be Stateless Persons or confer
citizenship status to them under a corporate
jurisdiction. “United States Of America INC”
Occupational forces falsely called Government is
accomplished by a fictional claim abandonment of
sovereignty by the descendants of the Moors who ruled
“The North Gate” Original government was a Moorish

Government. No white American can claim to be an
American, he does not have the bloodline. His claim can
be challenged successfully. Even though they control
mass communication, all schools of higher learning,
historical textbooks to prevent this knowledge from
spreading. Status was never a complexion, facial
structure, hair texture, head size or skin tone.

Years ago, when I was younger, I bought

Cadillac’s and I got stopped all the time. Policemen
would say they thought the car was stolen. The truth is
that it was unusual at that time for a younger Blackman
to be driving a luxury car unless, he was some kind of
criminal. After my insurance cost went through the roof,
I asked my father what to do. He told me to get rid of
the luxury cars and buy work trucks. He explained that,
contrary to what I had learned in school, displaying
wealth for minorities created many more problems than
it solved. He said that I could have million dollars in my
pocket, driving a Ford pick-up truck and wearing blue
jeans and brogan shoes and no one would even see me,
I would actually disappear. He also told me to ask
questions rather than make statements and my
business would go smoother. People in the majority
community do not think me capable of telling them
anything. When people have money, they act
differently. Confidence drips from their pores. They
walk with their chest held high and a swagger in their
step. First, you get the money then the power comes.
After that the women come money is a social signifier.
People don’t really care about your standards or morals
if you are well to do, they make excuses for you, if you

are really a creep. Why do women seek out successful
men? Woman are hardwired to look for security and
for potential mates that could provide for a family and
children. I don’t think it’s even a conscious decision. It’s
something about a loudmouth braggart that stimulates
them. It happened in my case when I got really good at
my job. I learned how to estimate the jobs and to do all
the logistical tasks in getting both the material and the
personnel at the site to get the job completed on
schedule and on budget. Both customers and
subcontractors are more comfortable with highly
competent and confident leadership. Doing the work,
getting the practice makes you proficient over time. You
actually fail your way to success. The projects that you
messed up are the lessons for you later. Being
experienced means that you failed a lot in the process
of learning. Confidence attracts more business,
potential employees and investment opportunities to
you like iron filings to a magnet. After all, we are only
animals driven by our base instincts to survive as a

Making money demands that you be

selfish. You have to put the needs of your company and
investors ahead of the larger concerns or else you will
quickly be out of business. I learned to think like an
alpha male, although it was not hard, it was right in line
with my” type A “personality. That does not mean I go
out my way to be a dictator but all the work has to pass
inspection. I have no problem being confrontational
when the situation demands it. I can be a jerk for the

right reasons. I speak up for my employees and sub-
contractors if I believe they are being treated unfairly.

Money goes where it’s invited and stays

where it’s appreciated. You won’t need as much
advertising budget if you really take care of your clients
and anticipate their needs .Poorer people believe that
millionaires waste money. They believe that they have
so much that they are careless with it. Nothing could be
further from the truth. They would never have been
successful if they were not self-disciplined and focused.
Strangers will come up and ask for thousands of dollars
and be upset when you ask them probing questions.
They believe that you have some obligation to them to
give back something. Actually I never received anything
from them or their associates. When I was working my
butt off late at night, they were somewhere sleeping.
When you understand money and how it works it’s not
that hard to get. People who say that you need money
to make money could not make money if they had
some. All you need is a workable idea. If you present a
profitable idea to investors, they will fight each other
for the chance to buy shares. Good ideas don’t work out
without hard work and research. I am demanding on
myself and others. I look for a 100% commitment. If you
are not willing to give it, then you need another job. It’s
not the knowledge alone, it’s the application. First you
form a habit, then the habit forms you.

Adjust your lifestyle just below your income not the

other way around. If you have discretionary income,
then you can save, the formula is SAVE, INVEST, And
REPEAT. The illusion that you can save yourself to great

wealth is not real especially at the low interest rate we
have now. Invest in appreciating assets and repeat the
process. Never put money in things you don’t fully
understand. Stay close to your own field of interest and
you will not go wrong. Years ago, there was a young
farmer who became a millionaire in raising sweet
potatoes, here in Robeson County. My grandfather
made money years ago buying bottom land, then
draining it. Thereby making it into productive farmland.
He also, as I understand it, rented large tracts of land
from others and expanded his operation without the
considerable outlay that would have been required if he
purchased it. He died in 1945 with money in the bank
and nearly 60 thousand dollars in cash in a safe under
his house. In Robeson County, North Carolina that was a
remarkable accomplishment at the time. Let me tell you
a little about Fletcher McCormick, he was my
grandfather on my Mother’s side. His parents were
killed some kind of unfortunate accident. He was raised
by a white family. However he did not go often into the
house. He lived in a cottage in the back. He was well fed
and clothed as I understand it .He did not go to school,
but the man’s children were required to share with
Fletcher what they had learned that day. It’s also
interesting to note that this man was a Public
Accountant as well as being a farmer. He taught
Fletcher both trades. He was a voracious reader and
kept up with all the latest techniques in farming.
Fletcher prospered after reaching adulthood , going out
on his own, he never sharecropped , If he needed
additional land, he rented it. Needless to say he became
a very eligible bachelor. People wanted him to marry

into one of the more prominent families in the
Presbyterian Church, however Fletcher married a
beautiful but ordinary girl. He had a large family, sent
most of them to college but they did not share his
vision. My mother was one of them. He was opposed to
her marrying my Father, Robert Jay Brown who was not
college material and often was in trouble. Fletcher
called my mother “color struck”. For those of you who
do not know what this means, She was unduly attracted
to him because, he was light skinned, red bone etc. He
had served in the military as well. But my grandfather
characterized him as a backwoods Baptist. To make a
long story shorter. They eloped to Dillon, South Carolina
and got married.

My grandfather Fletcher McCormick found as

many successful black men have found that it’s just as
dangerous becoming wealthy as it is being ignorant and
poor. Several times, his horses and mules got their
throats cut. There was not even an attempt at a
credible investigation. He found that the best strategy
was not putting all of your money in the bank and
selling at several markets instead of one. It was a stroke
of genius to have a safe built under the house to hide
large cash deposits. One of the things Fletcher did that
possibly angered the local majority community is that
Fletcher as an accountant could show the local tenant
sharecroppers how they were being cheated
systematically .Since most of them were completely

You must learn to make something out of

nothing. Sometimes the options are limited and the

prospects narrow. It means that a considerable of
creativity is required. Items can be found, be repaired
and sold at a profit on the higher end, houses, vehicles
and construction equipment can be bought and
repaired. It would be wise, however to consult
authoritative reference material to establish the fair
market value of the item once restored. If the cost of
material and labor make it a profitable endeavor, do the
job. If not move on to another project.

Homes are the most profitable to flip, you can

acquire them and sell them as they are for a quicker
turnover, or you can do the whole construction upgrade
operation. If you have the financing, skills, and the time
to do the job in a reasonable period. When the repairs
are largely cosmetic, then cleaning and painting are the
primary focus. If a roof or a bathroom is needed more
investigation is warranted. A good construction
engineer or a licensed house inspector can make a
detailed report to you before you make an offer. Recent
real estate sales in the area can help to determine if the
project is worth the investment. Before you decide to
build or invest check the crime rate in the area. Also the
closest school system and its rating.

Cars and trucks can be recycled. If you do

your own mechanical work, better profit margins.
Painting and body work greatly enhances the value of a
vehicle. Make sure to check the blue book on potential
value before the purchase. Car and truck repair can be a
career by itself. The demand for good used cars is
increasing because of the rapid rises in the new car


[1] Appliance Repair [2] Business Consulting Grant

Writing [3] Cleaning Services [4] Copy Writing Voice
Overs Reading Audio Books. [5]Carpentry Repairs [6]
Dog Walking [7] Furniture Repair [8] Lawn Mower
Repair [9] Landscaping [10] Ice Cream Truck, Hot Dog
Stand, Candy Store [11] Plumbing Repair [12] Sheetrock
Repair [13[Tutor for Math & Science [14] Transport Co.
Courier Service. [15]Teaching Assistant

Those who make money all the time, deal

only with the facts. You must be asleep before Santa
Clause will come. There is no such thing as something
for nothing. Nursery Rhymes and Fairy Tales are read to
children at bed time because they induce sleep and to
deposit the fantasy into the subconscious mind. They
are instrumental in providing the basis for all adult
religions. [1[in the West Judaism and Christianity &
Islam. Mary had a little lamb [baby] His fleece [skin]
was white as snow, everywhere that Mary went, the
lamb was sure to go. [2]Fairy Tale Religions introduce
the idea that there is something for nothing. Someone
will come down the chimney and bring you gifts for
obeying your parents. It will cost you nothing but bring
great benefits. . The adult version is that if you just
believe, all things are possible, “Just trust in God “He
knows all about it. These are just bed time stories
designed to make you sleep. Be mentally dead Nursery
Rhyme means that you never get nutritious Mother’s
Milk, you get baby formula that does not give the child’s
body the strength it needs to survive. On 3 levels

religion, television, schooling, you are asleep with lies
and half-truths. No religion will make racial groups
work harmoniously together because there is contest
for food and resources. If your group decides not to
compete, they will soon be eliminated. If they are
unarmed, all their goods will be confiscated. Break the
spell, get rid of the illusion. You will be held responsible
for what you do. All fictions were created to keep you
passive. In order to survive you need right knowledge
and actual facts. God does not love everybody. He killed
off the whole human population in the days of Noah.
The whole city of Sodom and Gomorrah was destroyed.
Both men, women and children. The other two
components television and schooling are producing a
generation that cannot read with understanding or
make mature judgments.

Let’s talk a while about gentrification. Why is it that

the white flight that happened earlier is reversing itself?
Now upwardly mobile professionals are buying whole
blocks of property in the inner cities and driving poor,
older minorities out. Because money makes the
difference and changes everything. This activity is
happening in Durham, NC and in Rocky Mount, NC.
Right now. The game has changed, the cost of
transportation, rising insurance cost make it more
prudent to be closer to work. Local cities are delighted
to have a more stable tax base established, in any case.
Even when the property is already paid for, the taxes
may quadruple because of the increases in the value of
the space. Some of the cities have been poorly run over
the years and often ignored maintenance of the basic

infrastructure. Don’t be surprised if in the coming years,
many of them go bankrupt. The rising tax base will not
save them. It’s really amazing how the former redlining
is disappearing as these high-rollers move in. It used to
be if you mentioned that you lived in a certain zip code,
you could kiss your potential loan goodbye. Now the
Banker will look at the map and speculate on the
possibility of the big spenders coming and let you have
the money. Years ago restrictive covenants made it
unlikely for minorities to buy into some areas, at any
price. Sale to Blacks, Moors and Jews were excluded
with specificity. If someone did sell to minority, he could
be sued for damages, to cover the projected loss of
value of the property.

My advice is to take the money and

run. You can’t play basketball in a football game, get out
of the city. In the long run you will be better off. This
process is happening all over the country, not just in the
Carolinas. No dead thing can move itself, if you went
into a room and saw your table had changed positions,
on its own, you would feel like running. A people who
are mentally dead cannot move on their own, they are
incapable of objective, critical analysis. So you know
someone else is doing the planning it is not their idea.
An unconscious people will respond to stimuli but they
will not move forward in an organized manner. That’s
how you identify a leader. He is conscious, He listens
and takes notes and then, he actually gets up and does
something. Such a man is called dangerous and radical.
If on the other hand, he tells to wait on Jesus and way
after while things will get better then the government

will support him. A good teacher shows you how to
prosper and be healthy.

In addition to moving back into the

country, building houses and buying land. Have big
families, plenty of sons and daughters. Dominate the
earth and subdue it. Being fruitful means replacing
yourself and your wife, having 2 kids. I want you to
multiply and become many. Become famous and well
known, market yourself and promote your natural
talents and abilities. How do you do it? Create a unique
solution to a problem. It will make you stand out. You
will not be typical. What are the benefits? [A] Getting
customers gets a lot easier [B] the more people you
know, the more influence you have. What you say
shocks the hearers, it is unexpected. Whether they
agree or disagree doesn’t matter. You will be entirely
outside the box and be well known. Act on your good
ideas, the reader of today is the leader of tomorrow.
Make a scene everywhere you go. You are promoting
yourself as the next big thing. Stop having abortions and
have ten to fifteen children. Raise large surpluses of
food and prosper. To prosper literally means to leap


Living in the jungle is different from

living in the suburbs. As one walks past familiar places,

the people there wave and smile. You can relax and let
your thoughts wander freely and carelessly. In the
inner-city, however there are only two kinds of people,
the hunter and the victim. Even the hunter cannot
afford to be careless, even he can be attacked and be
consumed. You can tell who the predator is instantly,
his carriage and posture testify that he is fearless,
impulsive and merciless. As he walks his eyes sweep his
surroundings, missing nothing. The first sign of
weakness will trigger a series of events that lead to a
tragedy for the victim and a quick meal for the hunter.

There is a certain presence around a man

who was raised in this kind of dangerous environment.
He does not have to be threatening. But he carries with
him an air of confidence, that he is in charge and that
any challenger has put himself in extreme peril. I am
well past fifty years old now, yet, I still notice a wariness
in Police, when I enter a room. They instinctively
respond as any other prey would when a wolf walks
past the sheepfold. The more dangerous the beast, the
heavier, the chain. The lion needs no advertising to
announce his presence, the potential victims scatter as
he approaches.

The hunter is never comfortable, he is

an overseer and a planner. He marks his territory with
his urine, it contains his pheromones and broadcast a
warning to trespassers and thieves that no mercy will
be shown. Violence is just a tool to establish dominance
and to provide a pecking order. It is seldom used in
nature as a blunt instrument or to kill for its own sake.
For instance, order in a family is natural. A woman is

more attracted to an alpha male but she is safer with a
beta male. An alpha will not tolerate non-compliance,
violence would escalate quickly and would rush to an
inevitable conclusion. The hunter acts and thinks like a
God. The only way those around him can respond to
him, is as if he was a God. This mindset is established
and is permanent. In other words the most successful
are almost always the most courageous, they take
calculated risk to make a profit. They outwork and
outlast the competition. It is not the accumulation of
money that really drives them, it is the game that
inspires them. Why are the majority of men
characterized by fear? They are ignorant of how to
create a proper response to a challenge.

An economic downturn is a problem or how to

face an unexpected expense. The public school system
has not prepared the average person to completely
understand the banking and credit system. We have a
paper money system that has turned digital and
electric. Thousands of credit card applications are sent
to people not educated enough to make intelligent
decisions about whether to go into debt or not. This
inadequacy in our public school system has created a
serious problem that was entirely preventable. The
system had fourteen years, including kindergarten to
show these students, how, using simple business math,
to protect themselves from the wolves on Wall Street.
The answer is that the same ratios apply as if you were
dealing strictly in cash. Credit is even more dangerous
because in addition to the principle, you will also owe
the interest that has to come from somewhere, since

that money is not presently in the economy. It needs to
be generated. A generation of young people led like
sheep before the slaughter and no man defends them.

There are no required classes in Real Estate

Purchases or in Landlord Tenant relations. A large
percentage of the population will not buy a home, they
will rent from a landlord. No one explained the proper
ratio of net income to rent without jeopardizing the
other components of the budget. Let me share a secret
with you that is most important in budgeting. Pay
yourself first. Take the 10% for savings right off the top.
Then start the process of paying your bills. Use the
percentages and ratios we discussed earlier as a guide.
Keep this Savings Account in another bank. In case of a
cash flow problem, the bank will not have the option of
attaching these funds to cover short falls.

You must learn to look at the situation as a military

problem, if a smaller army was at war with a superior
military force, they would never mount a direct attack.
Such a move would be fatal. Instead a wise commander
would contain the superior force by cutting supply lines,
the use of surprise attacks on isolated groups. They
would attack and retreat, so as to inflict the greater
damage while minimizing his own losses. Living below
your means is such a tactic. Taking discretionary funds
off the top and putting these funds out of the reach of
creditors is wise. Also enter credit contracts with great
caution. Make sure as well that the main breadwinner
has sufficient Life Insurance. Review your risk
management position at least once per year. A good
leader anticipates problems and solves them in

advance. He develops policies and procedures that
contain them and lowers their impact on the

Being courageous requires that you never stop

learning. You have a natural curiosity that you should
expand beyond your comfort zone. Find out the actual
facts about all the things that interest you. Believe it or
not over time, it will come in handy. Bright people
attract one another and greatly benefit from the
exchange and conversation. There is one warning,
however, as you grow some of the people you know will
gradually drop away from you. You have become
different as you grow and no longer share the same
outlook and opinions. We have a generation of people
who are not prepared for the future that is coming.

No one taught them civics for the local, state

or national level so they are easily misled and confused.
They need to learn basic logical reasoning. The ones
who had the poorest childhoods sometimes do better.
Climbing up on the rough side of the mountain has its
advantages because it builds stamina and perseverance.
You must learn every aspect of your job, how the credit
and banking business works. Read every contract you
sign until you understand each clause. Go out and buy a
paper back copy of “BLACK’S LAW DICTIONARY” and
keep it handy. It will help you in business, in personal
matters and in commerce generally. Put a high value on
your time, it cannot be replaced. The first time I asked
for $1500 for an hour of consulting time, I stammered,
but the client barely nodded. I had no formal business
credentials and had not even thought about it when I

started advertising as a business consultant. As it turned
out, my unique upside down approach solved his
problem in record time. My street-wise assessment was
developed in the everyday, practical world of the
Construction Business. An experienced veteran can see
the “bull-crap coming “500 yards away. You learn to
bob, weave and side step, so you can avoid it. There are
no bull crap detector classes in college but you will learn
it in the streets. Write this down, the customer does not
care what he thinks of you, but he definitely cares about
what you think of yourself. If you don’t have confidence
in your estimates, neither will they. Confidence, as quiet
as it’s kept, does not come from clothes, cars or money.
Appearance helps some people. Confidence originates
on the inside, it is a mental concept. It expresses itself in
the way you speak, the way you walk and the way you
think. Confidence is contagious. The person with the
most knowledge is not always the most confident, it’s
the man who has decided to be the winner and who will
not accept anything less, and he will win. In the
moment he makes that decision the circumstances
don’t matter.

Your personal history is important, the

more important the job, the more likely they will do a
background check. If you are a man, watch who you run
around with now. If you are a woman, there is a more
thorough search. This double standard is not going
away. Be especially careful about the pictures you put
on the internet. They never go away. Females should
never have more than two tattoos, if they show with
your street clothes on. The tattoos may be cute when

you’re 23, but when you are 40 it will be a sad
assessment of your judgment. If you are being
considered for a bank or executive promotion the past
will matter. That’s why Universities and Governmental
Agencies spend hundreds of thousands of dollars
digging holes to find relics of history. The past is
extremely important. The facts reveal accurately what
will probably happen in the future. History repeats
itself. The higher you go in Society the more
conservative the people are and the less forgiving.
Ignore friends who tell you the past does not matter,
they don’t know what they are talking about.

Let me tell you a story that illustrates

how being promoted works, There was an old farmer
who, by accident discovered that he didn’t have to
separate his potatoes according to size before taking
them to market. He found that if you just load them on
the truck and take the roughest road to town, the
potatoes would grade themselves. The biggest ones
would gradually rise to the top. The smallest ones
would be shaken and fall to the bottom. The mediocre
ones would wind up in the middle. It’s the same way in
Business, if there was no interference, meaning people
with their hand on the scale, the best leaders would rise
to the top. Then most of our chronic problems would
get solved.

If you want to be successful you must

study nature, it is constantly productive and has no
wasted motion or wasted material. Resources in nature
are unlimited and the earth is bountiful. All of the
present artificial systems are in steep decline, the world

markets are staggering. International Trade is unstable.
Yet a false appearance of abundance is maintained. Yet
when I return to Nature. I hear my Ancestral Songs, the
music in my soul and the images in my blood. I can
remember where the ancient wells were dug and I
remember all the highways on the sea. At first on any
planet that has life, there are single celled organisms
who live independently, but they always decide to work
together to assure their continual survival. They
conclude that cooperation is a more efficient project
than competition. In a setting where the winners win by
any means, too much damage is done and everyone is
harmed. Cells organize themselves into various areas
and specialties so that there are few redundant
operations and the whole system can benefit greatly.
There is also a cooperation with the weather, the
seasons and the cycles of the planet. There are certain
activities assigned to the seasons.

Business could learn great lessons from Nature, she is

adaptable resilient and all the various elements and
component parts assist one another. The animals keep
their populations in a delicate balance. Seldom does a
parasite attack a healthy animal, He culls out the weak,
the sick and the old. This further strengthens the herd.
The sick and the weak get no opportunity to breed and
increase elements that would weaken the herd and
jeopardize their survival. If there develops a herd that is
too large for the food supply. There is an automatic
reduction by sickness, disease or attack until the right
number and the right supply of food strike the perfect

There is also a balance in the Human Herd.
The number of the rich and the poor are in balance.
How is this done? The poor are programmed to be
poor. When a child is born in a family, he learns
everything by watching and listening. He learns the
language. The diet, the work skill level, and most
importantly their attitude and general outlook.
Between the time of his birth and 7 years old. He is
hypnotized and programmed to be poor. If he does not
change the program, he will be poor the rest of his life.
If he begins to accumulate money and resources, he will
invent ways to sabotage his success. Of course, it will be
entirely unconscious and unintentional consciously.
[Please note.] Later I will show you how to erase the
negative program in several hours and install positive

On the other hand, a child will learn how

to be rich in the same way, Even if he is individually,
slow and stupid he will be rich and pass a great
inheritance to his children. So, how does a slow person
remain rich? Because of the program, all of the
decisions will come from the program and not from
him. The program does not rely on the person, he is
made to act out of his subconscious mind that controls
95% of his daily activity. His unconscious behavior alone
controls his life. The subconscious is more powerful, it
controls many more activities than the conscious mind
and does it automatically. That’s how the rich remain in
power down through the generations. Some are kept
down but that is generally not needed, they keep

themselves down by repeating foolish behaviors and
making bad choices.

How do you install new programs? You

must use repetition to over-write the previous program.
The concept to fake until you make it is the same basic
idea. Whatever you focus on, you can control. Your will
power can alter the subconscious mind at times.
Hypnosis is the best way, because it returns you to the
infancy stage where super learning is possible and a
person’s life can be redirected. We are entangled by the
people that we know. When we think about them, they
are affected on the subconscious level. Whatever I am
seeking is also seeking me. It is the completed idea
accepted as a fact that triggers the subconscious
program to bring the vision into reality. If a house
burned to the ground and there was a blueprint of the
structure available, it could be rebuilt and replaced in
short order. The recorded pattern of the house is more
important than the physical house because it is the
formula for the product. When you actively go after
what you want, there is great satisfaction in the
struggle. When you are satisfying a need with a viable
solution, your product or service will be in demand. You
can identify and locate the exact need by surveying your
target audience. Listen to them and watch them. Find
out how badly they need the solution. The more
important the solution is to them, the more they will
pay to have the problem solved. Sometimes, they can’t
express exactly what the needs are, but you can, by
observation narrow down the source of the frustration
and solve the problem.

Consulting in a field that you have
extensive experience in creates a lot of value. Often in
45 minutes to an hour, you can save the company
thousands of dollars in labor cost by applying your
particular knowledge. This is always a rewarding
experience. You can do it by a phone call or by
communicating on their website or email account.
Sometime ago, I helped a client who had 3 rental
houses about to go into foreclosure in another state.
The houses had tenants and were being managed by a
relative who had been remiss in discharging his
obligations. I had to first of all research the regulations
in that jurisdiction on the internet, then call the local
clerk of court to stop the sale. If I was a practicing
Attorney, I could have handled the whole thing from
North Carolina. I completed the paperwork and sent the
client to Atlanta, Georgia for an appointment that
Monday morning at 10 am. By the way, I had only 4
days to stop the sale. I also sent a letter to the
auctioneer threatening to sue him and his company for
grand larceny, if he sold the property. I did this in case
there was a delay in the processing time of the
paperwork. In any case the intervention was successful.
As I understand it, ultimately the properties were sold,
the mortgage satisfied and the case closed.

In order for the present economy to

work. You need a multitude of ignoramuses and losers
who don’t know how the banking, real estate, and legal
system work. People are needed who will willingly put
their money into questionable paper assets and
schemes and take the losses without going to court and

without complaint. Markets generally crash every 10
years, the insiders know, the investors don’t, and they
are not familiar with normal business cycles. However
without them, the market would close down. They are
essential, just like the thousands who buy weekly
lottery tickets in every state. With the removal of the
Glass- Stiegel Act under the Clinton Administration, the
stock market was turned into a Casino with con artist
games like credit default swaps, Long Term Capital
Management, and Variable Rate Mortgages that are not
mortgages at all, but long term leases that have never
been in a closing. They have no real party of interest
entitled to foreclose the transaction, the bank is only a
servicing agent. Their only motive is to collect the
insurance when the borrower defaults. These people
are not creating assets. These schemes move money
from pocket to pocket. No one can win but the thieves.
Meanwhile the purchasing power of the dollar in sinking
faster than the Titanic under the Sea. We are headed
for a major correction. If you can’t to lose your lunch
money get out now and invest in something you

Having courage is easier when you

have accurate and current information One of my
companies used to buy computers and electronics at
internet auctions. We purchased from Governmental
Agencies, all branches of the Military, All State
Governments, Local Agencies and from City
Administrations as well. Colleges, major Airport
Complexes also sold us equipment. We bought used
machine and auto parts from big companies.

Let’s first talk about computers,
machines that were being updated and replaced are put
at auction. My team would take the older units and
refurbish them, replacing parts and repairing them as
was needed. One of our specialties was the
“TOUGHBOOK” laptop computer manufactured by the
Panasonic Company. These are very heavy duty. They
are designed to be used in hazardous conditions by the
military, emergency personnel, construction companies
and medical personnel. We bought hundreds of
computers from airports and corporations. How did we
sell them? There is a great demand offshore for this
equipment. Both for computers and electronics in
general. Also, among the poorer members of our own
country, there is a need for good quality machines that
don’t break down constantly and protect data reliably.
One problem that I encountered was getting the item
shipped after paying for it. There was a certain school
system in Florida that would not let United Parcel Post
into the building to pick up my equipment after we had
completed the purchase. At first they said we needed
an appointment but would not give us one. After
several fruitless attempts to get my machines, I stopped
dealing with them. The internet company supported
and abetted them in that fraud. I shall not name them
here but we simply changed to another provider and
continued. We provided great value to many people by
repairing and recycling computers.

We have also purchased cars, trucks,

furniture, heavy equipment and auto parts. Certain
areas were off limits to us since we were not law

enforcement or otherwise authorized to buy various

The wife of one of my clients called me

about a rental house of theirs that had a serious fire.
She was having problems finding a demolition company
to tear it down and move it away. She called to get
some help locating a contractor that would offer a
better price. The City in which the property was located
was anxious to get the job done and have the lot
cleared. I went to the location to get a closer look. She
had sent several pictures, but I wanted to know if there
were some hidden reasons for the higher than normal
cost. I was surprised to find that, in my estimation, the
damage was not that severe and that the structure
could be repaired. I decided to at my own expense, call
in a licensed structural engineer to get his opinion. As it
turned out, he agreed that the damage was not as
irreversible as it looked. I called my client to see if they
were interested in selling and called the city to get a
delay in their order to remove the structure. They
agreed and it gave the Engineer time to complete his
report. In due course, we purchased the property and
sold it the same day. We had the Title Company do a
double closing with a building contractor, who was
delighted to buy it upon seeing the Engineer’s Report.
As I understand it, He made a substantial profit. After
the renovation, it sold quickly. There are two things, I
would like to high light. First you must have funds
available to exploit opportunities when they appear. If it
takes you more than 24 hours to get money you need to
make some adjustment. Secondly, you must have the

knowledge personally or have people on your team who
can move quickly and competently to the right
conclusion in investing.


Stop supporting
Businesses and people who do not support you. Do not
buy their products or services. Remember, when you
stop contact, you also stop conflict. There is actually no
part of the population that is totally without power.
They are not informed on how to use their power.
When they stop cooperating with people who abuse
them, their problems will cease. For instance, when a
woman is the victim of domestic violence and she
actually leaves without a trace. The problems with her
husband vanish instantly. If she takes the children and
relocates, she can be completely free. This freedom,
however presents some other issues. They can be
handled, if she is determined.

[1] Set up an avatar, that is to say, a Corporation, LLC, a

non-profit or some kind of legal entity that will
represent you in commerce. It has tremendous
advantages both as an income producer and as a tax

saver for you. Investment Income is taxed at a much
lower rate than earned income. You must set up 3
separate accounts [a] personal income 30% [b] Business
Funds 30% [c] Business Tax Account 30%. Everything
that comes in financially should be so divided. You will
soon begin to earn much more money than you have
ever had. Do not start spending, that urge is just your
poverty programming kicking in to sabotage your

[2] Depending on the kind of business you’re doing, if

possible, hire subcontractors instead of employees. It’s
so much easier and faster. There is no need for buying
equipment and hiring supervisory personnel if you
subcontract. You can take care of the payroll with just
one check. [A] If you have a Sales Organization pay
salesmen purely on commission when the contract is
completed. As the pace of Business improves. You can
also hire a sales manager. A Painting or Roofing
Contractor can easily have 10 separate crews and do 10
million dollars’ worth of business per year.

[3] Keep your money liquid, that is to say you can get to
it quickly if you need to. You do that by putting it into
stocks, bonds, mutual funds, gold and silver.

[4] Use Leverage to control large assets. There is no

need to put large amounts of money in property or
equipment when you can gain control with 15% of its

[5] Your Reputation is a most valuable asset. Keep your

promises and protect your good name. Keep your focus
on your objectives. Do not be easily distracted.

[6] Look for good Investments. Have Professionals help
you look. Realtors, attorneys etc.

[7] Network in the Big Money Crowd. You will meet

them at social events. If you don’t approach them, the
smarter ones will approach you. A new players name
will travel quickly.

[8]Get a Certified Accountant to handle your books not

a relative.

[9] KEEP Advertising cost not over 8% of any project.

[10] If opportunities to Invest offshore, take it


There are many things that I cannot

share with you, publicly. I will teach this in a private
setting. Even though these techniques are very
effective, they are also potentially hazardous, if
misused. However, they will work, anywhere and in any
country. The real reasons that great libraries were
burned down and books were banned like the libraries
in Alexandria, Egypt was to hide knowledge. The reality

is that there are very few new discoveries, the
information that was hidden is just being revealed. One
shortcut to enlightenment is to observe and study
nature. Take note of the four seasons. If you work in
step with the seasons, you will prosper. Have you
noticed the four divisions on the Microsoft Logo, it was
not put there by accident. If you get in step with the
season, the whole universe is working to assist you... On
the other hand, if you plant in the wrong season. All is
lost even before you begin.

When we talk in private, then, you must

not repeat that to others, in the wrong hands these
concepts can create havoc. I will only teach these things
to those, I believe to have good intentions and of a
noble character. Nothing that the tyrant has is worth
anything, all of his power is temporary. Never be jealous
of the Tyrant’s power or imitate any of his ways. Soon
he will be gone. His name will wither like a green herb
and your grandchildren will wonder why you were so
stupid to follow him.

A pattern of thought is like a formula

because it has predictable results. You can rely on the
outcomes. A man’s whole life can be predicted by
anyone who can discern his thoughts and intentions
clearly. The future of that man is not in question if his
thoughts truly reflect his character. There is little to be
done for the dishonest, self-centered person. For a
while, he may seem to prosper, at the expense of his
victims, but in due time his reputation becomes known
and no one will do business with him. Character can
never be hidden completely any more than you can

hide the moon. Character always leaves clues. A noble
soul does not need to broadcast his good deeds.
Neither, he or his beneficiary need to mention the acts
of kindness, but they will be known. Such a man creates
an atmosphere where there is peace beyond
understanding and its source can be found easily.

And when this good man dies, an era will have passed
and the inhabitants will discover that some element is
missing which cannot be replaced because it cannot be
identified or defined.

50 years ago, women were more feminine and men

were more masculine. There are many reasons based
on food preservatives and food distribution. However,
the major reason is that women no longer need men to
survive. Both they and their children are assured
survival by state government. Government has taken
over the role as father and husband. The state can
legally claim the child as their property because they
are holding the legal claim. They have the mother’s
signature as informant. Further, if there is a dispute in
the marriage, it’s no longer adjudicated by the family,
but by local law enforcement. The courts will come to a
decision and it will be final.

Young men are not raised by their fathers

so that their instinctive aggressiveness is not channeled
and directed. They are on the whole raised by women,
both at home and at school, they are as weak as water
and melt under pressure like snowflakes. Their sperm
count is low and they do not father healthy children.
Nearly 60% of young men are rejected by the military

because they are not healthy. On the other hand, other
countries, especially the third world, the young men are
healthier in spite of having less access to nutritious
food. Their testosterone levels are higher. They have to
struggle to survive, so nature assist them. The women
there are more feminine because there is no safety net.
They depend on their husbands to provide for
themselves and their children. These women compete
with each other to attract the man most likely to
provide and to protect them. In these societies, even
though there is a government, it is a more distant
element in the lives of the people.

It is very likely that in the near future

many of the services that the government now provides
will be curtailed because of economic reasons. The
guiding principal is that when the artificial declines what
is natural will reemerge. In an emergency, have you
noticed how things change priority in importance?
When the electricity goes out. Lighting becomes very
precious. Ice and clean water can become extremely
expensive when government withdraws their
supporting role. The human herd will return to its
natural order. The smartest, strongest and the most
ruthless will rise to the top. Now a physically strong
man’s value is relatively low, he works as an athlete,
body guard, policeman or a soldier. Men who can build
shelter and hunt for food will be valued. Farmers will be
highly valued. We will prepare you to think and plan
with some logic. You will develop the insight to
anticipate human needs and set aside materials and
supplies for such a time, Let me hasten to add, you will

have the ability and competence to protect your
property. Furthermore, never explain yourself to non-
supporter’s people like that come and go. Put yourself
first and trust your own instincts. Power over yourself
will automatically give you power and influence over
others. Never chase validation from anyone and never
doubt yourself. When you have chosen your path on
your own volition, then you are authentic without
question. When you plan ahead, you get ahead.
Progress is not made the way you think, it is always
spasmodic, success is often delayed. Like the bamboo
plant that does not seem to grow for a dozen years,
then suddenly jumps up 18 feet. Success will come
suddenly and unexpectedly. Most of your progress is
going to be invisible to you most of the time.


I once gave a talk before a crowded City

Council audience and I startled them by proclaiming,
that I had in my pocket enough wealth to feed my
grandchildren for a thousand years. I then reached into
my pocket and pulled out a handful of apple seed. I told
them if each seed produced a tree, that tree would bear
10 bushels of apples, with an approximate weight of 42
pounds per tree. Then each apple would produce 5
more seed each growing season. If my children could
find enough land to plant the trees, they would never
be poor. The wood from the older trees could build
them houses when the trees got too old to bear fruit.

I want you to start thinking of money as

seed. You never waste good seed and no sane farmer

would ever eat up all of his seed. Just like an apple tree,
money can continually be reproduced. This wealth
comes into being without any additional work being
done. Just like a smart farmer would look for additional
land where his trees would thrive, a competent investor
looks for investments in which his money would
produce a healthy return on his investment. It requires
research and investigation. Don’t rely only on the
opinions of others, research it yourself. Poor people
work hard for their money, but, rich people have their
money work hard for them. The money reproduces
while you sleep and while you travel. It burns like an
automatic pilot light in a gas stove, always producing
heat and light.

Hiring the best employees is also like seed.

It is also an investment. The immediate result is more
income. We check not only their background but their
level of motivation.

[A] We want honest people who will give us an honest

day’s work and are looking to make progress on the job.

[B] We want team players so we can get harmony not

discord and confusion.

[C] We design the culture of the company. Our rules are

designed to benefit both the staff and the company.
You should never let a culture develop on its own. If you
do, it will take on a life of its own which is not in your
long term interest.

[D] Our companies are data driven. We start with actual
facts that are verifiable. We are internally driven. Our
rules are set up based on certain boundaries and facts.

[E]Deviation from written policy is not ignored. Unless

there are extenuating circumstances, we terminate
quickly, those who ignore protocol, so rules are taken
seriously. Customer complaints are followed up

[F] We have found that people with flawed character &

personality traits don’t change. We do not let them
pollute the team or group efforts. We remove potential
problems immediately.

[G] You cannot be dominant and submissive at the same

time, any more than you can be tall and short at the
same time. So we make sure that prospective
employees know what we expect before they come on
board. We invest heavily in employee training and
further education. We commit to them and expect the
same from them.

Many employees are like cats, they are not

loyal. They come to you, if they want and leave when
they feel like it. You should never chase them. When
they come of their own accord and agree to obey the
rules, then, we have a contract. If they decide to change
their minds or alter the agreement, release them
immediately. Have them replaced, allowing
discontented people to work in your organization is a
slow road to disaster. Some people are naturally fickle
and are often unpredictable, so you must be observant.
You must be straight forward and honest with them.

But the moment they become unhappy, deal with them
according to your written agreement. That’s why non-
compete clauses are so important. The more “trade
secrets” you have shared with them the more clear and
emphatic the non-compete agreement has to be.

Investing in employees and in

subcontractors pays off in superior service and excellent
products. The real secret is creating and adding value
the customer. Which then drives up the rate of repeat
business and drives down our customer acquisition
numbers. Doing research pays off in every area,
equipment purchase and looking at trend lines.

Investing is like sending your money into

the future to prepare a place for you to have an easier
life, it will buy houses and land at today’s prices, which
will invariably turn out to be a bargain. Research will
identify trends that will enable you to have access to
parts and inventory that may not be as available from 5
-10 years from now. Some items will become scarce
given the current political trends and climate. We
anticipate that steel tariffs and the difficulty with China
will continue to get worse, so we have developed
alternative sources of supply. We believe that
international trade will negatively impact business here
soon. Most will not be prepared and so will create an
opportunity for us. We believe that many American
Cities will be put in a financial bind because of the
indirect cost of the trade wars. Tourism will decline and

the cost of imported items like shoes will increase
dramatically. By the way, did you know, we get over
98% of our shoes from China?

Be socially calibrated, take your time before

joining any group. You must select associates carefully.
It will become more important as your net worth
increases. You must never appear to be awkward or
unduly surprised, if you are, conceal it. Dress better
wear clothes that fit you, perception is everything.
Move more slowly and deliberately .Be first to make a
decision, act first because you are the leader, be the
Sound, not the Echo. When you have 80% of the
information, you can make a valid decision generally.
There is never a need to be loud and never be
defensive. Hold eye contact with those you talk to like
any other dominant beast does. Make no mistake, your
instincts will surpass your logical mind every time and
be accurate with surprising precision.

All men with superior wisdom know things of

which others are not aware, these things can be
discovered but are seldom shared. Fathers choose
among their sons, who to transmit this secret
knowledge to. This is done because all wicked men are
short sighted and self-centered, such a person in
leadership always does great harm. Never apologize it is
not necessary, after a storm, the sun comes out. The sky
just clears and the day moves forward. Invest in
research and development. Reserve a definite
percentage of your net profits into research, it will pay
off handsomely. You will be years ahead of your
competition. You can set your own prices


We have six other books in the pipeline. The next one is

CEILING”. I will give you a step by step formula to
transcend the barriers without a battle and outfox the
system without a fight. This book could change your life,
if you let it. The Secret is in the application of the recipe.
For questions email

FOREWORD: This is a guidebook designed to help you

think and prioritize your life and money like the richest
people on the planet. I know that you were
programmed to be poor, that was not your fault. But
here we have a method to replace that program with a
new one that is more appropriate for you at this time. It
will take some effort but if you don’t adjust the course

you’re on, you will be as poor at the end as you were at
the beginning. Put a price on your time. Take what your
employer is paying you and multiply that by 4. That’s
what the retail cost of your labor is worth. Why not
eliminate the middle man and keep it for yourself.

DEDICATION: to The Teachers at E.E. Smith high school

in 1967 in Fayetteville, North Carolina Especially to [A]
Mr. S.F. Young my Graphic Art Teacher [B] Coach “IKE”
Isaiah Walker [C] W.A. “BILLY” Butler who helped me
start my first Company