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RECEIVED OCT 28 2019 isn 0. Kasdin PLANNING F ZONING DEPT, crane istes Beachy Elatneay Seventh street Gity of Sunny ane Miamy FL 38131 October 28, 2019 “308 374 600 F305 3745095 akerman Ms. Claudia Hasbun Zoning Administrator City of Sunny Isles Beach 17070 Collins Avenue, Suite 250 Sunny Isles Beach, Florida 33160 Re Revised Letter of Intent on behalf of A3 Development, LLC, A Delaware Limited Liability Company ("A3") Property Address: 17901 Collins Avenue, Sunny Isles Beach, Florida 33160 ("Property") Project name: The “Estates at ‘Acqualina” Application Request:_ Site Plan Amendment Land Area: 5.601 Acres (243,978 sq.ft.) Folio: 31-2202-003-0290 Dear Ms. Hasbun’ As you are aware, Akerman LLP represents A3 Development, LLC, a Delaware limited liability company, (hereinafter, the “Applicant” or “A3”), as owner of the Project known as the “Estates at Acqualina,” located at 17901 Collins Avenue, Sunny Isles Beach, Florida (the Property”). Please accept the enclosed revised application for approval of a third modified site plan application. This amendment is requested to authorize two minor modifications to the North and South Towers located on the Property. Current Application - Site Plan Approval 43's revised third modification to the site plan for the Property consists of two proposed modifications (1) The application modifies the total unit count, reducing, slightly, the number of nits from the 248 residential units approved in 2018, to the current request for 246 residential units, 93 residential units in the North Tower and 153 in the South Tower; a reduction of two (2) units, The reconfiguration enables unit purchasers to utilize the optional unit layout, as delineated in Sheet A1.0a and as depicted in Sheet A1.0g. The property does not have a change in square footage or floor area ratio. sost6823 ‘Amended Letter of Intent ~ 2019 Amendment to Site Plan Estates at Acqualina October 28, 2019 Page 2 (2) The height of the two structures increases slightly: the South Tower increases just over four feet (from 641 9 4"/Crown of Road to 646’ %"/Crown of Road); and the North Tower increases just over 25 feet (from 641’ 9 %"/Crown of Road to 667’ 3 %"/Crown of Road). This modification includes the highest point of the parapet and the Aircraft Warning Light. Please note, that the FAA approved the Property for up to 700’-00" from 0-00" NGVD. The design of the two towers remains well under the FAA ceiling. The changes in the North Tower are to provide additional ceiling height within the penthouse and private suites along the top four levels of the building. Similar, modifications were made to the South Tower, resulting in four (4) additional feet of height. Please note, that from the original application through this third modification, not one variance was requested by A3 for the Project. The Project, and more specifically, this application ‘meets all the requirements of the Land Development Code. In order to effectuate this proposal, A3 respectfully requests site plan approval, modifying Resolutions 14-2-144, 15-2-153, and 18-2-165, by adopting the revised residential towers plan entitled “Estates at Acqualina” as prepared by the architectural firm of Cohen Freedman Encinosa & Associates, and dated, October 4, 2019, and incorporating these plans into the prior approvals (as modified herein). Also enclosed please find a copy of Plummer & Associates, Inc.’s letter of de minimis traffic impact due to the above modification. ‘As with the original application, and the two prior modifications, this site plan is consistent with the provisions of the City’s Comprehensive Plan and Land Development Regulations. All references from our October 18, 2019, as to history of the application and consistency with the Comprehensive Plan and Zoning code are adopted by reference herein, We thank you in advance for your consideration of this application and we look forward to your support for this minor modification. Please do not hesitate to contact us directly regarding and questions or comments you may have. Sincerely, mid Neisen 0. Kasdin Enclosures ce: Oren Shmueli, Senior Vice President and CFO Trump Group Rick Chitwood, Vice President Trump Group Jerry Campos, Associate General Counsel sosres23