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Final Reflection of EDT 180

Jocelyn Streeper
Arizona State University

1. Patterns in Reflection

When I look back on all my learning approaches to this new information and learning about

technology, I realize I started off this year believing that learning about this technology would be

impossible. At first some of my projects had hesitant approaches because I was intimidated by

the technology and the information seemed overwhelming. As I look at my projects and working

process further into the year, I begin to understand this information more. I know that once I was

able to make connections like uploading podcasts to websites that I made, I realized this was not

all that bad. Most technology flows together, and when I realized this it became much easier for

me to approach my projects. Also, throughout this year I realized how imperative multiple drafts

are. Some of these things take a lot of time, so one must be open to mistakes and drafts.

2. Problems and Solutions

Typically, when I ran into trouble with my projects, I would google what to do. Also, there

are many informative instructions in canvas. When I was in class and found confusion, I often

consulted my peers for help. I typically ran into trouble with PowerPoint, transitioning slides

with buttons was very difficult, but I did console my classmates for help. I did run into trouble

when it came to uploading some things, but I typically problem-solved my way out of it.

3. Technology Before and After EDT 180

Before taking EDT my view of technology in education was closed to Microsoft word and

Chromebooks. In this class I have been able to understand new technologies and ways they can

impact us. I would have never thought that AR, or Internet of Tings could be applicable inside

the classroom, but it can be used in so many ways. I have also learned about how fast technology

is progressing, I learned many positives and negatives when it comes to technology as well.

I think throughout this class the biggest thing I have taken away is the impact technology will

have in the future. Technology has always been around for me, and as I have grown up, I have

seen it grow with me. So much of it changes that I have been unaware of frequent developments.

It is important as a future educator I learn about what these technologies are and what it means

for the future because I will be preparing students for a world with ever changing technology. I

also learned about all the things that technology means for the students and myself as an

educator. These are things I would have never thought of and I truly believe will improve


4. First Assignment vs Last

My last project I had a much clearer idea of what I should do and how I should do it. My first

project was vague because I was trying to digest too much information. Throughout my projects

I slowly developed much more fluency in technology. By the end of my last project I found it

easier to storyboard my projects instead of diving in. I also allowed myself more time to work on

my projects to make them more creative.

5. Future Strategies

Some things I have seen my peers do that I would use for future projects is more trial and

error and allowing myself more time for failure. In my future I would want to try for more

creativity in my projects instead of staying inside the lines. Seeing my peers do things that scare

them when it comes to academics has inspired to reach for more.

6. Past Assignments

If I could change any of my past assignments, I would make a Soundcloud for both my

podcast and the interview I used for my Weebly. I would also attempt to learn more video and

sound editing so I could make those things much more audibly appealing. Those are also things I

am very interested in, so it probably would have been better for me to invest in those skills

during this class. There is time in the future for me to learn these things.

7. Goal for Future Semester

Next semester I would like to hopefully become more organized. College for the most part

has been easy however procrastinating has been my biggest problem so far. Unfortunately

procrastinating allows for no room for error which makes for more stress. Next semester I would

like to change that, so I can apply myself much more than I already am. I care about my degree

and this college and procrastinating only sets me up for failure. Just because an assignment is

done, does not mean any information was retained. This is something I will also keep in mind for

the future when I do become an educator so I can further help my students.

Another goal I have is to finish every single assignment, and not turn anything in late.

Missing assignments hurt my grades a lot this past semester, but I also feel like this tendency

hurts my relationships with professors. I would like to get to know my professors so I can

understand them as an educator, and they can understand me as a student.