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As an educator, it is my pride and passion to be a mentor, a guide to
my students and aid them in gaining success for their future. For as
a teacher, I have the responsibility to ensure my students are in an
environment where they can receive the safe haven retreat all the
while gaining more than just an education, but a set of skills and
principals to move forward and make changes to their world and the
world around them. As someone who has many experiences in
different schools, it is my utmost goal to see them reach it, by using
my own power to teach them the ways and be prepared. Not just by
showing respect and kindness, but discipline and leadership.


I chose painting as it is a visual art form that I am most comfortable
with, as well as it being the most sensible form that I can greatly
express my inner passions. Painting has always been a hobby I had
greatly found passion in, and it was what I had first loved learning
about when I was in school. In order to demonstrate how I truly
feel, using a media that I am most comfortable with is best.
Although it is not a technology, it is what I would describe as best to
show my philosophy and character as me. By showcasing a piece of
me to the world, or my audience with something with my own
creation, presents the kind of person I am, and just a little bit of
what makes me as a person, specifically, as a teacher.


Besides illustrating my piece as me to the world, it is beneficial in the

fact that it is an open and honest review of who I am, as well what
passion I strive to show to my students, or to others. Again, it is
presenting myself, and by presenting myself to other, they can see
based off my work of art who I am and what kind person I seem to
be. It is a form that’s made for other to interpret into their own
thoughts and opinions and that is best, for judgment is always a first
thing that people do. It is the first impression.


Painting isn’t a very flexible way of expressing my philosophy as it is
something that is made in that certain place in time, and it cannot be
changed or such in anyway. It is also difficult as I will be working
with paint and selecting certain elements and colors that work
together to accurately depict the message I would like to send take a
huge amount of time and effort. It wouldn’t be stating my
philosophy in a direct way, but rather almost abstractly as it is a
painting. Therefore, many won’t be able understand the perspective
I may be trying to send.


 Bright colors,
preferably pink,
yellowish, blue
toned, almost
realistic portrait
with abstract
 Text; Passion,
compassion, insert
quote that relate to
 Have self as main
focus with blank
 “dream” classroom
positioned either
above or in head,
where brain is at or
maybe on palms of
 Classroom showing children enthusiastic and cheerful,
prepared to learn, different types of students


Replace this text with roughly 300-400-word (~1 page) description

of your expression of your projected educational philosophy 10 years
from now. The purpose of this description is to provide a verbal
representation for, and in support of your own work to give the
viewer and understanding of the work. This statement is your
opportunity to inform, connect, and contextualize your work to the

audience. These tend to be descriptive, and reflective in
nature>>>>>Statement is on next page

10 years from now, my philosophy will be a reminder of my

solidified resolution to not go back on my words and to attempt to
reach my goals by relentlessly trying hard with ever effort I have.
Although I have not quite mastered the true way of illustrating my
philosophy all into the work piece, I believe that it demonstrates the
feelings that I have, as simply broken down as possible. For the me
that sits in the center will have a mind that is made up of the outside
factors, thus the words and symbols that flow into my head, or my
body, which represents my mentality that I prepared myself for/to
be. To clarify, the words not only mean what makes me up, but the
positive vibes that I “breathe” in, hence, factors that I plan to utilize
to continue surviving and share with the rest of the world, or my
students as I earn to become what I teach, and what I teach to
blossom into. Those are the characteristics and principals, I as an
educator, will stand by and engrain into my teachings, in order to
create the environment that brings what I desire for children in the
future, thus the box in the palm of my hands in the painting is the
treasure that I hold and bear responsibility of protecting, and
cherishing. On my shouldars is a scene depicting what I hopefully
envision and wish for the future of what I aim to create, or at the
very least be able to help come true. Children laughing and enjoying
school, having enthusiasm to participate and learn, as well as
showing their preparedness to engage in school, as well as the other
students. Based off the numerous other philosophies I had learned,
the one that I best believe works well for me is a classroom where
students and teacher have a comforting relationship, showing the
close-knit community and mentor-mentee relationship too. The

reason why I had made the scene on my hands as I will use my
hands, or figuratively, the tools that I have necessary to build that
image into reality. As a teacher, I feel that we must reconstruct that
to be the reality of what schools should be instead, and as teacher,
we must be built of these foundations in order to have the ability
and strength to do so.