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Table 2.1.

Relevant Opportunities and Threats to the Enterprise


 Future partnership with  Rivals or competitors
other shoe manufacturing in a particular type of
companies. business.
Social  More natural, safe and (competitions to the
satisfying products are bigger companies)
demanded by consumers.  Substitute products
or services, which
costumers shift or turn

 Expansion of the  Shortage in supply of

Economical entreprises, create more banana due to different
branches in the country. seasons or calamities.

 Eco-friendly  Limited Life span of

 Safe ingredients/ Non- the product.
Ecological toxic  Additional costs
 Helps to reduce waste incurred by new
materials in the packaging of the
environment. product.

 Greater usage of  Negative feedbacks

application and social and comments of the
media to place delivery costumers.
orders via smartphones.  Technical problems in
Technological  Greater usage of Machines the production of the
in the production of large product.
number of product in a
short period of time.
Nowadays, some people emit the old tradition of just throwing banana peel instead
of collecting and transform it into a more useful and effective product that can help in
lessening the chemical use in the society, to maintain a greener environment and to save
money. Banana peel is known for its antifungal and antibiotic properties it is also loaded
with a lot of Vitamins, minerals and fiber . Many articles and pamphlets say that banana
peel is even effective in shining and smoothening surfaces like shoes made up of leather.

In present times, everybody always use shoe polishers for their shoes to look
presentable and fabulous to walk with attractive thus boosting more confidence to its
beholder. But no everyone knows that traditional shoe polish which are available in market
made of harmful chemical and synthetic ingredients that makes it dangerous in human
health. In this we establish Maharlika Inc. to promote advocacy not only to help the
environment preservation and restoration but also to promote banana peel as the main
ingredient used in this product.

This company made a unique shoe polish, a banana peel shoe polish. Maharlika Inc.
Ensures the quantity and the effectiveness of this product. This management targets every
costumers may it be student, a worker etc. Maharlika Inc. will use a variety of methods to
entice the costumers, online selling, advertising and giving of fliers are just a few methods
planned by the management. Peel shine, Maharlika's pride will rise ahead of its time, the
old shoe polishes wont be compared to the safetyness, quality and standard of Peel shine, it
will surely exceed the expectations of the consumers.


This corporation shall provide efficient, effective, eco-friendly and high quality shoe
shine products locally with the usage of natural resources as its main component. The
company will provide job opportunities for thise who are seeking stable income not only
the investors, shall have assurance on the money they've invest and proprietor's capital
shall grow.

Maharlika Inc. Will be leading supplier in the shoe beautification industry in the
Philippines thst will be renowned and acknowledge as creators of innovative shoe products
that will benefit not only the customers need but will also be a great help for a cleaner and
waste free environment.


 To establish strong market nationwide and locally

 To generate sufficient profits
 To provide efficient and high quality shoe shine products
 To make Maharlika Inc. a happy and rewarding place