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Wider Experiences Block 2 Planning – Wind Band

Skills Can develop creative, innovative Experience • I can sing and play music from a range of styles and cultures, showing skill and using
performance directions, and/or musical notation. EXA 2-16a
and practical solutions. and Outcome
• I can use my voice, musical instruments and music technology to experiment with
sounds, pitch, melody, rhythm, timbre and dynamics. EXA 2-17a
• Inspired by a range of stimuli, and working on my own and/or with others, I can
express and communicate my ideas, thoughts and feelings through musical activities.
EXA 2-18a
Plan Evaluation
Week 1 • Introduce instrument, how to assemble, how to get
2nd Nov sound. (lip plate, reeds, etc.)
• Talk about how the instruments work.
• How to care for instruments.
• Introduce first notes (Flt = D, Cl = E, Sx = B)

Week 2 • Review week 1

9th Nov • Assembly instruments, practice getting sound
• Work through page 5 Standard Excellence 1

Week 3 • Review prior learning

16th Nov • Assemble instruments, practice getting sound
• Work through pages 6 and 7
Week 4 • Review prior learning
23 Nov
• Assembly instruments, warm up
• Work through pages 8 and 9

Week 5 • Review prior learning

30th Nov • Assemble and warm up
• Pages 10 and 11

Week 6 • Review, Assemble, warm up

7th Dec • Jingle Bells (page 12)
• Consolidate learning and evaluate block.