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Soulmaking, Appropriation and Improvisation

In lesson 10 title Soulmaking, Appropriation and Improvisation took about also how meaning
can be derived for arts, how improvisation can make an artwork distinctive and problems that
can arise because of appropriation of arts. Soulmaking when it comes to arts, in order for people
to make sense of the work, it would require understanding the visual elements where arts was
grounded on, especially the principle of design.
Improvisation can be define as doing something without prior preparation. There is a design to
act upon something that may not necessarily be planned. Within the present context,
improvisation has become an integral part of the arts.
Appropriation of art, during the twentieth century, people started raising the question whether or
not the art of deriving meaning gives the ownership of the artwork to the viewer rather than the
artist himself.
So this chapter my reaction about this is first in Soulmaking, for me soulmaking when we make
some artworks we can use our emotion and we can express our feelings towards the artwork so
though that we can make something different styles and works that audience can really
understand and aware to the style of arts without such understanding, It think it would be
difficult to appreciate to the visual arts in its fullness and entirely. Second is the Improvisation is
clearly state in above that the improvisation can be define as doing something without prior
preparation. So meaning even though without prior preparation we cannot do something.
Improvisation proves that even without preparation we can extent of freedom for the artist to
improve and allow the subject to perform and embody the artwork itself. Appropriation who go
the extreme by believing that copying some other works are not bad but to improve or enhance
the artworks believing that if you really like that works or things you want to copy his works and
styles rather than to make your own version.
Soulmaking, Appropriation and Improvisation are not difficult to understand because when you
read and understands what you have read it easy to determine each meaning. These three
mention above are more on how they are connected to the arts and why they are involve in doing
of such artworks because of that we have learned something. I understand that all your artwork is
related to you and people can understand and appreciate of what you are doing and that’s the
important of all. It is important that people can appreciate or believe on your works. Only you as
an artist who knows behind your artworks and the people as an audience who appreciate or
judging your works if it is pass their wants and believe on your works.