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Ahmed Alfalasi 191210134

As the world is growing and becoming more advance the student needs to compete the upcoming
era by analyzing their skills and talents and prefer to choose different modern courses such as:
Medical, Arts, Home-Economics, Engineering, Commerce, Humanities or Political Science and
etc. Additionally, the student should be aware that different colleges offers different majors.
At some stage, sooner or later, in the early tiers of an undergraduate education, every college
student must pick an area of concentration. Here, to choose a major is an idea of career one wants
to pursue, a choice that is needed to be made with open mind and a clear target in head. Although,
that clear target is somehow the hardest thing to decide for most of the students. The 4W’s help to
understand more about this issue:
WHO: The problem effects the mindset and the study criteria of students when they are entering
into their professional lives.
WHAT: the wrong selection of a subject effects on career and if the person has selected a subject
he is not able to continue, the person will be facing the depression, social pressure and such
attitudes of peers however, if the selection process has been done carefully then it will be benefiting
the student to be an expert of it.
WHEN: The problem occur while selecting a particular subject as your career that needs to be
fixed before jumping on any conclusion.
WHERE: It is a global issue that occurs in every educational institute due to lack of discussions
and career counselling?
(Eilers, n.d.)
Few common questions asked while choosing majors:
 What are the career opportunities of the particular major?
 Does it have worth in the market?
 What are the requirement of the subject?
 Will the tutors deliver it right and how?
And more like this.
The solution for such an issue is easy for any student, it’s just a matter of how an individual wants
to go along. The first thing a student should do is to know their strengths and weaknesses and
moreover should take help by doing a little research on internet or talking to the career counselor,
also explore your interests, and discuss it with your parents.
This research hold the significance as it identified the major issue in selecting the majors, as
students usually ask “What major should I choose?” Whereas the right question should be “What
major is right for me?” the difference of question holds a lot as it concerns the student to know
what is important that give value to their passion, interest, abilities and more. The problem
identified here is important so that the students would know the worth of their decisions and
enlighten the schools and colleges to help them choosing their future path.
In regards to this research, it is to be known that the contribution of society in this case is as
important as of another because most of the students are influenced to do something that have
worth in the market or they are influenced by the behaviors and values of their surroundings.