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Professional Development Plan (PDP)

Try to implement more hands-on activities

Implementing learning

To try to create and let the students experience the lesson by using the information lesson
into real life.

Action Points Firstly, I can use different materials that is safe for the students. Then, to give the students in
the classroom a chance to experience the information in real life by themselves.

MCT/ MST Assessment strategies


Competency Assessment

To find, explore and implement new assessment strategies to help me assess the students
during my lessons.

Action Points To do some research to find strategies for summative and formative assessments. Also, to try
different strategies to see which ones that will benefit me as a teacher. To know the student
performance better and to see if I achieved my lesson goals.
Reflect upon your progress towards your goals. (write 2 paragraphs about your goal progresses)

 In this teaching practice I was working on is Implementing learning competency. Specifically, the one thing I was working on is

implementing hands on activities. To achieve this goal, I used different strategies in the classroom. Such as: Using a safe material

to give the students to make sure they are not harmed in any way. Another thing that I think it worked for me is when I give the

students a chance to practice the lesson skill by themselves. Also, during my lessons I was making sure to choose the right

activities that will match the student’s levels in the classroom. Furthermore, I differentiated the activities to help the students

be more successful during the lesson. I believe it’s important to differentiate the lesson activities because it will keep the

students motivated and they will achieve more during the lessons. Also, it will give the students a chance to work together to

help each other during the lesson.

 The second goal that I was working on is assessment. Specifically, during this teaching practice I wanted to learn and implement

new summative and formative assessment strategies. To achieve this goal the first step that I did is doing some research about

new and different assessment strategies that I never used before. I choose some of them so I can try to implement them during

and after mt lessons. I found different strategies to assess students progress in learning and I used them in my lessons. For

instance: I did an exam as a summative assessment after I taught four science connected lessons. This was the first time that I

tried to apply and implement the summative assessment during teaching practice. I believe it’s a very efficient method to help

me as a teacher to see the students progress and outcome from the lessons.