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Quick Check Little Red Riding Hood

Name Date
Instructions: Read each question carefully and choose the best answer.

1. How does Red solve the problem 4. What part of this story is fantasy?
of being eaten by Wolf?
A Red takes cake to Grandma.
A She uses the flowers B Red and Grandma escape
to make him cough. from Wolf’s belly.
B She yells for help until C Red stops to pick flowers
her mother hears her. for Grandma.
C She stands on Grandma’s 5. What is the meaning of the
shoulders and crawls out.
word clump?
2. What happens before Wolf
eats Grandma?
A a group of things that
are close together
A Grandma and Red have B a group of things that are lost
cake and tea.
C an unknown group of things
B Wolf eats up Red.
6. Extended Response: How would
C Red stops to pick flowers. you describe Red’s character?
3. Why did Red travel to How do you know?
Grandma’s house?
A Red must save Grandma
from Wolf.
B Her mom asked her to take
some cake to Grandma.
C Red has not visited
Grandma in a long time.

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Quick Check Answer Sheet Little Red Riding Hood
Main Comprehension Skill: Cause and Effect

1. A Problem and Solution

2. C Sequence Events
3. B Cause and Effect
4. B Identify Genre
5. A Vocabulary
6. Answers will vary but students
should use details from the story
to support their response. For
example, students may respond
that Red is thoughtful and kind
because she takes cake to her
grandmother and stops on the
way to pick flowers for her.

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