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Evelyn Benavidez

BUS 1050-410 (Signature Assignment: Personal Renaissance)

Professor Edward G. Engh

5 December 2019

Personal Renaissance

Is there a relationship between history, culture, society, beliefs and businesses? This is

one of several question I was not able to answers before taking this class. Foundation of business

provided me with the ability to evaluate and discuss how business impacts a society and its

members. In the same way, it allowed me to analyze objectively several business issues with the

purpose of forming a judgment. The variety of information provided in order to discuss the

relevance of business in society gave me the opportunity to improve my moral, ethical and

aesthetic convictions not only in a business context but in many contexts.

There are several readings as well as philosopher’s views that affected my convictions as

well as my life. “Happiness is the purpose of human existence” is an ideology provided by

Epicurus which is based on living in peace, avoiding fear and pain with the purpose of living

fully. Currently, we feel obligated to fulfil certain expectations and the pressure to accomplish

greatness has become something quite common in our society. The idea regarding “having a

good life” was based on attaining happiness, however, this idea has taken a different direction of

understanding. Now, having a good life has to do with being successful, becoming someone

important, having material possessions and; unfortunately, happiness has is no longer required.

Being honest, this kind of idea was stuck in my head for several years until I understood the

perspective of Epicurus.
Money, power and success have a strong value in our society, due to people consider

them as essential things in order to have a “good life” and even to have a “happy life”. In fact,

the need to obtain these things has become a one-top priority for most societies causing a

negative impact on its members. According to Epicurus, having a good life is not based on

obtaining artificial desires but establishing a balance life which involves obtaining simple

pleasures which preserve our body health and tranquility. His different perfective made me

understand that it does not matter how much money you make, how successful you are or how

powerful you could be, to be truly happy. Happiness involves natural desires that will allow us to

stay away from pain as well as eliminate those desires we can live without but that produce us

pain for the simple reason that we want them and not necessarily need them.

In the same way, Peter Drucker’s perspective regarding management had the greatest

influence on me. His idea of decentralizing or democratizing management at a workplace based

on providing a good treatment to his employees and also valuing their work is quite remarkable.

Understanding the purpose of his perspective was a challenge because I had a misunderstanding

of his point of view; however, after reading more about it I finally understood that rewarding

employees with responsibility and accountability as well as unifying bosses and employees in

order to achieve shared organizational goals could benefit significatively any business in several

ways. His desire to foster a culture of workers who could provide not only labor, but also ideas

and insight was revolutionary and beneficial because instead of treating employees as resource

or some kind of machine, employees would be able to control the way they perform their tasks,

and consequently they will be able to obtain more satisfaction form their jobs.
Honestly what impacted me the most from Drucker was that he had the ability to guide

other’s minds through an innovative way of thinking. Drucker’s ideas improved my perspective

regarding the reality of business as well as made me understand and visualize different aspect

that are crucial when it comes to labor. For example, he thought that businesses should be seen

as part of a community; therefore, their decisions must be considering their external and internal

impact. Taking into consideration this point of view, I could understand that a business has the

responsibility to be profitable by itself but, at the same time, has to create jobs and wealth for

any society in general.

There are several concepts and theories which were introduced during the semester which

open a door to a better understanding of the reality of business. One of these concepts is Division

of Labor, considered as the separation of work in specialized tasks, where each task is performed

by a different worker who has the knowledge and ability regarding that task allowing them to

become more skilled at performing that task which will leads to a greater productivity. In the

same way, the theory of the invisible hand which basically states that people should follow their

own self-interest with the purpose of benefiting the economy. Another example could be the

Ricardo's iron law of wages which establishes that the salaries tend to drop to the most minimum

level necessary to survive. By analyzing the today’s U.S. economy, I consider this quite true

because the minimum wage of 7.25 is still applied for many businesses. Besides, only when the

levels of unemployment rate go down, the wages go up and vice versa when unemployment rate

go gets higher, wages get lower.

In conclusion, Foundation of Business allow me to develop my capacity to think in a

strategically way, as well as, analyze the meaning and importance of business strategies. In the
same made provide me with different types of terminologies, concepts as well as frameworks

which are necessary to understand businesses which can be applied in the real world. I consider

that this class not only improved my perspective regarding the culture and structure of the

modern business environment but also introduce me to new topics such as the role of the

business ethics, the evolution of business and leadership which I found quite relevant.