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POP-UP CARD 90 degree


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Cutting line Glue area Folding line

You need:
Colour cardstock 200-250gsm A4 - 1 sheet
White cardstock 150-170gsm A4 - 2 sheet
Craft knife
Self-healing cutting mat
Steel ruler
Needle-poined stylus (a pen-shaped instrument for scoring)

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Step by step guide

1 Use the white cardstock. Print the template of inner parts and details. If you
have not a printer, you may trace the template onto the sheet using a light table.

2 Cut all details and inner parts. Score the folding lines using steel ruler and stylus
(you may use reverse side of knife if you have not a stylus). Bend the petals.

3 Combine the details of Christmas tree (see a picture).

4 Place the tree’s petal into the slots of the inner part A1. Glue the petal on the back
side. Do the same with part A2.

5 Take the colour cardstock 28x17 cm (11x6.3 in). Score the folding line using steel
ruler and stylus. Fold the cover in half.

6 Apply glue onto the back of the inner parts and glue them onto the cover.
Distance between the part A1 and part A2 must be 1 millimeter.

C4 C3

B2 B1

C2 C1

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C1 C2





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