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PNB Gilts Ltd, a renowned and preferred name in the Indian debt market was one of the first
entities to be granted the Primary Dealership License by the Reserve Bank of India. The company
is also a subsidiary of one of the largest Indian commercial banks, Punjab National Bank. Company
has played a pivotal role in strengthening of the domestic fixed income markets and is a dominant
player, marking its presence with significantly high market share in the overall trading turnover.
As a Primary Dealer, Company's primary activities entail supporting government borrowing
program via underwriting of government securities issuances and trade in a gamut of fixed income
instruments such as Government securities, Treasury Bills, State Development Loans, Corporate
Bonds, Interest Rate Swaps and various money market instruments such as Certificates of
Deposits, Commercial Papers etc. Company has dedicated trading desk managed by experienced
professionals having strong research and market insights.
What they offer
Having completed 22 years of operation, company boasts of rich experience and matchless
standards in its service to diverse client base in the fixed income market. Company has been a
pioneer in retailing of Government Securities contributing to a deep and broad-based market. PNB
Gilts Ltd has a wide client base ranging from Provident Funds Trusts, Regional Rural Banks, Co-
operative Banks, Corporates, Individuals, etc. and has an independent marketing and sales team to
cater to the specific client requirements. With a strong and trusted lineage, our clients are assured
of the most transparent and timely services in the retail market.
Financials \Financial Year 2016-17 2017-18 2018-19
INCOME 500.54 351.48 508.01
i. Interest & Discount on Securities 313.74 400.81 502.50
ii. Profit on Sale of Securities 185.50 (50.96) 2.80
iii. Other Income 1.30 1.63 2.71
EXPENDITURE 244.00 350.16 424.99
i. Interest Expenses 225.72 330.72 403.44
ii. Operational Expenses 17.94 18.95 21.13
iii. Depreciation on fixed assets 0.34 0.49 0.42
PROFIT BEFORE TAX 256.54 1.32 83.02
Less prov./ (Release) for taxation 89.37 (0.09) 30.16
PROFIT AFTER TAX 167.17 (1.41) 52.86
PAID UP CAPITAL 180.01 180.01 180.01
RESERVES 718.84 677.06 707.66
NET WORTH 898.36 843.23 885.66
Turnover (Primary + Secondary) 686167 473384 471198
Dividend (%) 25 10 14
1. Prem Prakash Pareek (Independent Director) 10/02/2009
2. Satish Kumar Kalra (Independent Director) 15/09/2018
3. Dr. Tejendra Mohan Bhasin (Independent Director) 30/07/2019
4. Sunita Gupta (Executive Director & CFO) 26/04/2014
5. Uma Ajay Relan (Independent Director) 28/06/2019
6. Vishesh Kumar Srivastava (Non-Executive & Non-Independent Director) 30/07/2019
7. Vikas Goel (Managing Director & CEO) 01/02/2019
8. Monika Kochar 18/01/2008
Above is the list of directors along with their position in the company and their respective joining
Directors appointed in last 3 years:
1. Satish Kumar Kalra (Independent Director) 15/09/2018
2. Vikas Goel (Managing Director & CEO) 01/02/2019
3. Uma Ajay Relan (Independent Director) 28/06/2019
4. Dr. Tejendra Mohan Bhasin (Independent Director) 30/07/2019
5. Vishesh Kumar Srivastava (Non-Executive & Non-Independent Director) 30/07/2019


 Movable property (not being pledge) of Rs. 9000000000 on 02/05/2019