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A Research Proposal Presented to

The Faculty of the Senior High School Department

Doña Carmen Denia National High School, Davao City

In Partial Fulfillment of the Requirements in

Practical Research 1




Villasis, Paolo R.

Conde, Roselle R.




March 2019

The researchers would like to express who experienced friend zone to the

following people who took their part for the accomplishment for this research study:

First, to our instructor in Practical Research 1, Ms. Chloe G. Tangan , who have

guided us on how to do this research from the beginning up to the end of this study

and without his help, this research study would go astray;

Second, to our family who gave us their moral and financial support in order to

accomplish this research study and without them this would not be completed;

Third, to our school principal, Mr. William D. Enriquez, who permitted us to

conduct this study in the campus of Doña Carmen Denia National High School;

Fourth, to our validators who help us in finalizing our survey questionnaires

which enable us to come up with an appropriate research instrument;

Fifth, to our respondents which are the Grade 11 Galileo of Doña Carmen Denia
National High School who gave us their time and effort in participating in our study;

And lastly, to the Almighty God who gave us enough knowledge, wisdom,

strength, patience and courage to complete this research study.

The Researchers
Title Page---------------------------------------------------------------------------- i
Abstract --------------------------------------------------------------------------- ii
Background of the study ------------------------------------------------ 1
Purpose of the study ----------------------------------------------------- 3
Research Questions ----------------------------------------------------- 4
Theoretical Lens ---------------------------------------------------------- 5
Significance of the study ------------------------------------------------ 6
Definition of terms -------------------------------------------------------- 7
Delimitations and Limitations ------------------------------------------ 8
Organization of the study ----------------------------------------------- 9
Review of Related Literature ------------------------------------------ 10


Background of the Study

According to lixeco (2014) situation in which a friendship exists between two

people, one of whom has an unreciprocated romantic or sexual interest in the other.

‘I always wind up in the friend zone, watching them pursue other guys’

Come to regard (someone) solely as a friend, despite their unreciprocated romantic

or sexual interest.

‘Girls always shoot me down and friend-zone me’

According to Philstar (2013) A girl changes her clothes in front of you, either

really interested in you or you’re Level 99 Friend-Zoned.

Coined in 1994 by the popular television comedy Friends, the Friend Zone has come

to mean a friendship where one person wishes to enter a relationship but the other

does not. In other words, that special place in purgatory where lovelorn humans are

shamelessly flung into the abyss by those who just fancy them. Before you

acknowledge that been consider how you are being labeled.

On closer examination, the term Friend Zone throws up a series of contradictions. To

be in a has connotations of restriction, suggesting that those assigned to the Friend

Zone are compartmentalized. It is ironic to call someone if the intention is to simply

regulate what kind of relationship the two of you could possibly have. Is it appropriate

to enter a friendship with predetermined rules? The juxtaposition of and undermines

the concept of friendship.

Whilst there are inherent contradictions in the term Friend Zone, nevertheless this

terminology continues to be used as a form of polite social interaction. The fact that

the Friend Zone is ambiguous makes it a euphemism for its actual meaning want to

be romantically While on the surface it appears to be a consolation of friendship, in

reality it is a rash decision about whether re dating material or not. Thus this

fabrication stems from the compulsion people feel to be to each other. Being direct

and possibly causing offense are expected to be social sins, so people have resorted

to softening the blow, even if it leads to misunderstanding.

In spite of the negative connotations of the Friend Zone, there are many reasons for

people to endure this position. A in the Friend Zone sets ground for a potentially

dangerous kind of relationship how is this person ever going to be fully satisfied with

being It is extremely difficult and unrealistic to assume that this person does not hold

any underlying motives, particularly if he has been placed there beyond his own will;

in his head, re not a friend and thus his motives friendly. The Friend Zone, in reality,

is just a controlled zone for this guy to get close to the girls after. He has settled to

be a friend with the hope that something more could eventually happen, which then

allows room for him to create his own fantasies. If his hopes and dreams cloud the

reality of his actual position in the Friend Zone, the lack of mutual understanding will,

by default, nullify the friendship.

Friendship involves trust, honesty and freedom to be yourself; this may be difficult to

achieve when one person in the friendship may have an ulterior motive. The Friend

Zone is a way of socially and sexually positioning people: by putting someone in the

Friend Zone, you are essentially giving this person the wrong impression i.e. leading

him on, which instills a sense of false hope in this person. Furthermore, the idea of

rejection may lead to a severe lack of confidence, which is fundamentally displayed

through an analogy between the Friend Zone and the Russian idea of Face Control.

Face Control is a term used to describe how elite bars and clubs carefully select the

most attractive or most powerful people to enter the vicinity — everyone else is left

standing outside. If entering the club is representative of having successfully

embarked on a relationship with the person, then all the people who have not been

admitted are consequently in the Friend Zone. Does being alone in line whilst waiting

for a vacancy in the club constitute a true friendship?

Face Control is Russian for, the management reserves the right to refuse The


We all know how messed-up the Friend Zone actually is. No one wants to be tossed

in the dreaded Friend Zone and yet people still fail to realize it for what it really is: a

simple tool — an escape route to let people down easy. So face the brutal truth!

The Friend Zone is actually synonymous to the Dump Zone. Once re in there, no

getting out.