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Skin color

Tips on choosing the first avocado by looking at the color of the skin. This step is the easiest. The more
green the color of the avocado skin, the younger it means. Choose avocados that are bright purple and
shiny. Not a dull purple fruit and the fruit looks soft, because the sign is too ripe.Maybe there are people
who like splitting avocados directly without seeing their characteristics beforehand to find out whether
they are ripe or not. You should never do it again, because if the skin of the avocado has been peeled
when it is not yet ripe, then the fruit will be interrupted by its cycle. So, it could be that the avocado that
has been peeled so it does not mature.

Avocados do have to be picked from trees when they are not yet ripe. The maturation process occurs
after being picked. Therefore, you will more often find bright green avocados on the market than those
that are already purple.If you plan to eat the avocado right away, buy a black-purple one (dark purple).
However, if you intend to save it first, buy the green one.

2. Fruit Texture

The second step in tips on choosing avocados is to touch the texture of the fruit. Avocados that have
been cooked will feel soft. Remember, soft, yes, not a project.

The correct way to press an avocado is not to use one finger, but to use your entire palm. This is to save
time checking the entire surface of the avocado and to keep the avocado from being damaged

3. Stalk

Now, look at the avocado stalk. If you still have a portion of the stem, just pick it from you. The hole left
by the stem will show a different color depending on the level of fruit maturity.If the hole is green, the
avocado is fully cooked. If it is light brown, it means that the avocado is not yet ripe. Meanwhile, if the
hole is dark brown or black, the avocado is too ripe.


After going through the three stages above, it's time to peel the avocado. During this time many people
peel avocados from the stalk vertically. Though the most correct way to peel avocados is from the middle

5. Flesh of fruit

Tips on choosing an avocado next is seen from the meat. Avocados that have cooked flesh are soft and
clean like this. If you have a lot of black fibers, it means the avocado is too old (maturity).

6. Fruit seed

Seeing from seeds is a traditional method used to choose good avocados. Fruit seeds will be easily
released if the avocado is ripe. You just shake the avocado to find out the quality of the avocado. If the
seeds shake, let alone fall, then the fruit is suitable for consumption