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Ashley Nicole S.

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What are the Components of health-related skills? And give examples and benefits that our body
develops on it.

1.Muscular Strength - The ability of muscles to lift a heavy weight or exert a lot of force one

2.Muscular Endurance- The ability to use muscles for a long period of time without tiring.

3.Cardiovascular Endurance-The ability of the heart, lungs, blood vessels, and blood to work
efficiently and to supply the body with oxygen.

4.Body Composition- The combination of all of the tissues that make up the body such as bones
muscle, organs and body fat.

5.Flexibility- The ability to use your joints fully through a wide range of motion

Muscular strength

 Examples :
- weightlifting, bodyweight exercises, and resistance band exercises. Running, cycling, and
climbing hills are also options.
 Benefit :
- -A strong body allows you to perform movements and activities that require power without
getting tired.
- Muscular strength helps you maintain a healthy body weight by burning calories and enhancing
your body composition, which is the ratio between fat and muscle.
- Building strength may also boost mood and energy levels while promoting healthy sleep
patterns. This may boost confidence, provide a sense of accomplishment, and allow you to add
more difficult or strenuous activities to your fitness routine.
- Developing muscular strengths helps to build strong, healthier muscles and bones. This helps to
develop good posture and relieve back pain.
- You’ll have more stability, balance, and flexibility, making injuries and falls less likely.

Muscular Endurance

 Examples:
- Plank, Body weight squats, Walking lounges, Pushups, situps
 Benefit:
- Increase your ability to do activities like opening doors, lifting boxes or chopping wood without
getting tired.
- Reduce the risk of injury.
- Help you keep a healthy body weight.
- Lead to healthier, stronger muscles and bones.
- Improve confidence and how you feel about yourself.
- Give you a sense of accomplishment.
- Allow you to add new and different activities to your exercise program.

Cardiovascular Endurance

 Examples:
- Walking briskly, Running / jogging, Dancing, Swimming, Biking , Climbing stairs at work, Playing
sports such as tennis, basketball, soccer or racquetball.
 Benefit:
- increased heart muscle strength
- improved cholesterol
- stress reduction
- lowered blood pressure
- mood and self-esteem boost
- weight control
- improved sleep

Body Composition

 Examples:
- Burpees, Pushups, Interval Training, Weighted Squat Jump, Explosive lunge jump
 Benefit:
- Decreased risk of type 2 diabetes, hypertension, and heart disease
- Increased functional ability, allowing us to move and exercise more freely, which allows us to
burn more calories
- A better calorie-burning metabolism throughout the day
- A lean and toned body
- Better success at losing weight permanently


 Examples:
- stretching, yoga, Tai chi, pilates.
 Benefit:
- help reduce your chances of falling.
- improve your posture
- reduce aches and pains
- lower your risk of injury.
- Good flexibility can also help you to continue carrying out everyday tasks.
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