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Wednesday, November 15th 2019  

Title   Miss B intro: A piece of me   Grade Level  Grade 1 
Subject  Not a specific subject, but  Time Frame  November 15th, 
Art and English curriculum is  9:15-9:45am  
splashed in there.  
Developed By  Paige Belisle  
Learning Outcomes 
What relevant goals will this unit address?  
(include all relevant GLO(s) & SLO(s) 
Art GLO’s 
● An Individual Experience 
● A Visual Experience 
● A Learning Experience 
● A Communication Experience 
● A Creative Experience 
Art SLO’s  
● Composition: Organization of images and their qualities in the creation of 
unified statements. 
● Expression: Use of art materials as a vehicle or medium for saying something 
in a meaningful way. 
Component 7:​ Emphasis- Students will create emphasis based on personal choices. 
● A. An active, interesting part of a theme can become the main part of 
a composition 
Component 10:​ Purpose 1- Students will record or document activities, people and 
● Everyday activities can be documented visually 
● Family groups and people relationships can be recorded visually 
Purpose 4- Students will express a feeling or a message. 
● Feelings and moods can be interpreted visually. 
● Specific messages, beliefs and interests can be interpreted visually, or 
English GLO’s 
● Students will listen, speak, read, write, view and represent to explore 
thoughts, ideas, feelings and experiences. 
● Students will listen, speak, read, write, view and represent to enhance the 
clarity and artistry of communication. 
English SLO’s 
● Share personal experiences that are clearly related to oral, print and 
other media texts x talk with others about something recently 
● Make observations about activities, experiences with oral, print and 
other media texts.  
● Experiment with different ways of exploring and developing stories, 
ideas and experiences.  
● Ask questions to get additional ideas and information on topics of 
● Ask or respond to questions or comments related to the content of 
own or others’ pictures, stories or talk.  
● Use words and pictures to add sensory detail in oral, print and other 
media texts.  
Essential Questions 
What provocative questions will foster inquiry into the content?​ ​(open-ended 
questions that stimulate thought and inquiry linked to the content of the enduring 
● How curious are the students about a new teacher in their classroom? 
● Are the students able to represent their favourite things through drawing? 

Knowledge:  Skills 
What knowledge will students acquire as a  What skills will students acquire as a 
result of this unit? This content knowledge  result of this unit? List the skills 
may come from the indicators, or might  and/or behaviours that students will 
also address prerequisite knowledge that  be able to exhibit as a result of their 
students will need for this unit.  work in this unit. These will come 
  from the indicators. 
Students will know…  Students will be able to… 
1. They will learn more about me  1. Express themselves in an 
(their student teacher)   artistic way  
2.   2. Use colours and  
Introduction lesson: A Piece of Me  
1: Desired Results 
General Learning  Art GLO’s 1-5 
Outcome(s)  English GLO’s 1 and 2  
Specific Learning  Art SLO’s component 7 and 10 
Outcome(s)  English SLO’s component 1.1, 1.2 and 4.1  
Students display creative expression, be curious, display 
Stage 2: Assessment Evidence 
Summative  Formative  Students have completed the 
Assessment  Assessment  activity correctly  
Stage 3: Learning Experience 
● Puzzle piece 
Tech  ● No tech  Resources to  colouring sheet 
to Do  required  Bring  ● My completed puzzle 
Time  Content/Description  Notes 
  ● Let me introduce myself: A piece of me   
Show the students my puzzle piece: 
● Explain all the pictures  
○ Mickey Mouse 
9:15 am  ○ Microphone  
5 minutes  ○ Cake  
○ Friends and Family  
○ Drama and science  
○ Purple 
Don’t let it 
Students can ask me any questions about myself:   go for too 
9:20 am  ● Helps them get to know me   long, don’t 
5 minutes  ● Helps them with their curious intuitions   dwell if they 
● Answers anything I did not answer  have no 
Students get to make their own puzzle piece: 
● So now you guys are going to make your own 
9:25 am  
15 minutes 
puzzle piece and draw all of your favourite   
things inside. You can also write in the puzzle 
piece but you do not have to.  
● After you finish your drawings, you can cut 
out your puzzle piece and put it on Ms. 
Finnie’s desk  
Clean up: 
● Throw away paper scraps 
Might not 
● Make sure everyone has handed their puzzle 
9:40 am  take 5 
5 minutes  minutes but 
● If they ask, I am taking the puzzles pieces 
just in case 
home to look at them and they will be back 
later in the week.   
and Follow Up