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Leadership Reflection

Kaitlyn Schroeder

October 3rd 2019

Within the first unit of Honors 201, we have discussed in depth different leadership styles,

values and strengths. The top five values I chose were Honesty, Family, Skill, Love and Achievement.

Some of these traits are innate rather than learned, and it is exhibited in my experiences. One such

experience that developed my leadership values was during my High School Track season. As a member

of the Leadership Team, I was selected to be a resource to the other participants. During the Leadership

training sessions, we would read and discuss The Energy Bus by Jon Gordon and adopted a metaphor

from the story. There was an “Energy Bus” on which an individual could make decisions regarding who

was on their bus and who was not. As a track team we decided to implement those ideas and create a

physical bus on which selected members could sign their name to show their work was being

recognized. Weekly, I would go in front of the ninety members of the track team and present that

week’s selected awardees, explaining why they were chosen and what we appreciated about them. This

recognition-based leadership style cultivated a sense of familial bonds between members. Even though

we were not actual family, we treated each other with the same sense of respect and love that one has

for their family. These bonds paired with the actual achievement of successful team mates only

promoted more success. The skills and achievement that developed as a result of this exceeded

everyone’s expectations, allowed me to recognize the impact my leadership styles had on developing

athletes. When leadership values are utilized in specific combinations, they tend to be more effective

than others. Therefore, when I participated in such an environment, I was able to grow as a leader - an

athlete as well as develop a set of values.

The aforementioned values compliment my leadership strengths: Deliberative, Relator,

Analytical, Intellection and Restorative. I closely align with the assessment of my strengths, and they

accurately describe me. My introspective abilities, demonstrated by Intellection, allow me to critique

and analyze myself, so I am better able to identify and address problems, similar to the ones I faced, in

others. This allows me to be a natural leader since I attract those who want to be challenged and I am a

resource available to help them. This strength pairs with some of the others I identified with. Since I am

introspective, Analytical and Restorative allow me to better understand what I am identifying in myself

and others. My Deliberative strength gives me the persona of a trustworthy leader, since the calm and

reserved impression I exemplify exudes knowledge. Although most of my strengths seemed applicable,

they gave the impression of an unfeeling, cold and calculating person, and I feel although I can be

cautious and risk averse, I would say I am personable, an aspect under which I feel my strengths

assessment was lacking. Overall, through past experiences with athletics, have demonstrated a good

coupling of my strengths, and illustrates how they interact to create a positive atmosphere.