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City of Everett

Public Safety Committee

December 2019 Presentation Materials
Red Light and School Speed Zone Cameras
Crash Reduction

• A 2017 IIHS study comparing large cities with red

light cameras to those without found the devices
reduced the fatal red light running crash rate by 21
percent and the rate of all types of fatal crashes at
signalized intersections by 14 percent.
• In 2002 study, Oxnard, CA found significant citywide
crash reductions. Injury crashes at signalized
intersections were reduced by 29 percent.
Crash Reduction

• In the Oxnard, CA study it was found front-into-side

collisions declined by 32 percent overall, and front-
into-side crashes involving injuries fell 68 percent.
• In 2005 a review of 10 controlled before-after
studies of red light cameras found there was an
estimated 13-29 percent reduction in all types of
injury crashes and a 24 percent reduction in right-
angle injury crashes.
Crash Reduction

• A 2005 FHWA study evaluated red light camera

programs in seven cities. It found that, overall, right-
angle crashes decreased by 25 percent while rear-
end collisions increased by 15 percent.
• Not all studies have reported increases in rear-end
crashes. The review by the Cochrane Collaboration
did not find a statistically significant change in rear-
end injury crashes.
2009 Proposed Everett Camera Locations
One Additional Potential RLC Location Added

• The intersection of Evergreen Way & WB SR 526 Off-

Ramp has been problematic with an extreme number
of red-light violations.
• EPD has indicated the location is difficult to enforce
due to lack of space to stage police vehicles
Potential Additional Camera Location

Evergreen & WB
SR 526 Off-Ramp
Evergreen & WB SR 526 Off-Ramp
RLC Adoption Trend for WA

• Since 2018 adoption of RLC in WA has been on an upswing.

• In 2019 two cities adopted (Edgewood, Kirkland)
• Today 9 WA Cities are investigating RLC (Port Angeles,
Marysville, Bothell, Mercier Is., Reardon, Airway Heights,
Seatac, Tukwila, Milton)
• Today 3 WA Cities are expanding RLC (Seattle, Des Moines,