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Ever Espericueta

4440 N Hamblin St. Flagstaff, AZ 86004

04 December 2019

To Whom It May Concern:

Upon doing research on the companies website, it came to my attention that there are open

positions for budtenders. I am currently a certified budtender woking for Green Pharms in

Flagstaff, Az. I have three years of experience, and I’m ready to move up to a bigger and more

energetic environment. I am very passionate about marijuana which is why I wanted to work

with it everyday. Not only do I see it’s benefits in recreational usage, but also, I understand the

benefits it has medically. With that being said, I will be able to recommend the right strain and

amount of product that each patient shall get according to what they feel or need.

● As customers come in, many of them know exactly what they want, but most people only

have a general idea. So being able to give a ​brief uncomplicated explanation​ of the

products and their effects.

○ Some examples are: “Do you want a CBD or THC product? How are you looking

to feel? Is it something you’d like to use to go to sleep? Is this something to treat

cancer? Is this something to alleviate anxiety?”

● Knowing Planet 13 is a very busy dispensary, it is crucial to have a budtender who is

knowledgeable with the flower. Not only being able to explain the difference between
indicas, sativas, and hybrids, but also having a deeper knowledge on the flower such as

POS Systems, the metric system, labeling, etc.

● With the knowledge I have, I know there has to be an amount of ​etiquette that

budtenders must have. A professional budtender would know not to grab the flower with

bare hands because they are very delicate.

○ Tongs and chopsticks should be used to handle the flower to prevent cross


I appreciate that the time was taken to have my letter read. I can be reached faster by phone at

(928) 637-5141. Also, in case of no answer, my email is ​​.

Enclosed is my resume. I’m looking forward to hearing from the company.

Job Description:

➢ Acting as the face of the dispensary, greeting customers

➢ Facilitating the sale

➢ Educating customers about a variety of cannabis products, including flower,

edibles, and concentrates

➢ Staying abreast of new products, strains, changes in laws, and industry trends in

order to provide the highest level of service to customers

➢ Weighing and packaging products as needed

➢ Providing recommendations on cannabis products based on customer requests

➢ Maintaining medical cannabis patient information and proper records (if at a

medical dispensary)
➢ Verifying proper identification and paperwork from customers

➢ Assisting in various dispensary operations, including operating the cash register

and maintaining hygienic conditions


Ever Espericueta