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In Re: Argosino B.M. No.

712 July 13, 1995

FACTS: This is a matter for admission to the bar and oath taking of a successful bar applicant. Argosino
was previously involved with hazing that caused the death of Raul Camaligan but was sentenced with
homicide through reckless imprudence after he pleaded guilty. He was sentenced with 2 years
imprisonment where he applied for a probation thereafter which was granted by the court with a 2 yr
probation. He took the bar exam and passed but was not allowed to take oath. He filed a petition to allow
him to take the attorney’s oath of office averring that his probation was already terminated. The court note
that he spent only 10 months of the probation period before it was terminated.

ISSUE: WON Argosino may take oath of office.

RULING: The court upheld the principle of maintaining the good morals of all Bar members, keeping in
mind that such is of greater importance so far as the general public and the proper administration of
justice are concerned, than the possession of legal learning. Hence he was asked by the court to produce
evidence that would certify that he has reformed and have become a responsible member of the
community through sworn statements of individuals who have a good reputation for truth and who have
actually known Mr. Argosino for a significant period of time to certify he is morally fit to the admission of
the law profession. The court also ordered that said a copy of the proceeding be furnished to the
family/relatives of Raul Camaligan.