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Training Duration - 5 Days

Duration Corresponding SAP Topics Day wise Agenda

Day 1 SM255 • Introduction to CHaRM & SOLMAN 7.2 o Introduction to change request management
o Solution manager architecture &
• Landscape Overview control change landscapes
• Master Data in CHaRM o Central change & transport system
• Pre-requisitive configurations in o Business Partner
CHaRM o IBase Components
o Basic configuration

Day 2 • Overview of ChaRM o Control cycles & task lists

• User Interfaces in CHaRM
o WebClient UI framework for CHaRM
o Administration cockpit

o Monitoring & reporting tools in

CHaRM o Integration with SOLDOC

Day 3 • Processes in CHaRM o Request for Change

o Normal Change
o Urgent Change
o Defect Corrections
o Administrative Change
o Status Management with Change cycle
o Standard Change
o General change

Day 4 • CHaRM specific configuration o Transaction types

o CRM Service transaction
o Multilevel categorization
o Approval procedure
o Preliminary & Selective Imports

Day 5 • Additional functions in CHaRM o Downgrade protection

o Cross-system Object locks
o Retrofits