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Title: Strategic Marketing Repositioning: Reviving Chenone as a

leading manufacturer of apparel and home textiles.

Chenone is one of the pioneers in the field of export and manufacturing, producing wide
range in apparels and home textile products. It was founded by Mian M. Latif in 1974 and is
known for its high-quality products. It has its manufacturing units with a complete processing
rangeequipped with the latest and sophisticated machinery. It successfully occupied strong
position in the market with its in-house facilities of growing highest-grade cotton, ginning
and spinning it into high quality yarn, weaving it into quality fabrics in 100% cotton and
various mixed blends and stitching and export of top quality made ups &apparels. In 2007-8
the company had to bear losses of 4 billion Pakistani Rupees which further worsened the
condition as the group could not payback the loans to the banks which lead the downfall of
the company.

To develop effective and efficient marketing plan that can lead Chenone in providing

 Promotion strategies that can completely pull the targeted consumers.

 Product benefits that fulfil the market conditions and customer needs.
 Pricing of its products to impose right cost to the customers.
 Placement and positioning to appeal continuously in terms of fashion and style.
 Customer management to ensure its growth and development.

In 2007 Chenone had to face the loss 4 billion Pakistani Rupees and the group could not
payback the loans to the banks which lead the downfall of the company. It could not maintain
competitive advantage as it did not focus on skimming the market through its trendy
products, reduced prices and higher promotions.

This project will provide a plan for effective and efficient implementation of marketing
strategies that can help Chenone to revive and lead the market by providing the right product
to its customers at the appropriate price and time.
This analysis will help to study and find out the existing position of Chenone in the market. It
further explores the possibilities of improving its position by following several marketing
techniques that could popularize it and regain its brand loyalty. The study will provide a way
by which the marketing department of the company can optimize its marketing activities and
get its sales increased. It also accounts the opportunities by which Chenone could reach its
customers with better customer management providing continuous growth and development
to its business. It will provide information regarding to the customer needs and wants, market
situation, technological change and extent of competition which can conclude specific

Work plan

Chenone must reposition itself to continuously improve the image and earn more profits. For
that It must identify the need of the consumer and focus on skimming the market by:

 Trendy designing as with the evolution of media people have become more conscious in
fields of fashion.
 Improved promotion and increase the brand awareness and brand recall.
 Revise its prices to increase its customer base as it is currently focusing on elite class.
 Improved customer services to gain maximum customer satisfaction and brand loyalty.
 Product differentiation to penetrate in the market.
 Improved packaging for attracting more customers.
 Should be widely available at different retailing stores.
 Must focus on visual merchandizing to enhance the ambiance of their stores.

Approach and Methodology

This study is exploratory in nature and Chenone is selected for case study approach. The key
objective is to gain in depth development of marketing strategies and understand the strategic
repositioning process from the perspective of Chenone to provide an appropriate product,
price, place, promotion, packaging and positioning strategies.

The study will include secondary data collected from variety of sources on internet. The
method involved in the analysis of qualitative nature of data is narrative analysis through
which the information shared by various sources is focused in finding solutions to the
research problems.
Data collection

Data collection method that will be used in this project will be secondary as it is easily
accessible and is inexpensive way to find useful information. Secondary data can be collected
from both internal sources and external sources.

Following are some internal sources:

 Financial Statements
 Company information
 Feedback from a dealer, retailer, and distributor
 Management information system

Following are some external sources :

 Journals

 Business magazines

 Libraries

 Internet where different types of projects and articles are available


The following milestone schedule will be followed to develop the report that will be
providing strategic marketing frame work for the repositioning in Chenone. Each milestone
will be completed timely for the development of quality project report. The activities
involved in the completion of study includes:
 Research proposal
 Secondary research
 Data Analysis
 Report Writing
 Presentation
 Project report
 Submission of final draft
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Week 1

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Week 1

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Week 4
Research proposal

Data Analysis

Report Writing


Project report

Submission of
final draft

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