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Rubric for Article Review

Task Description: (Teacher may explain specific assignment in this space.)

Criteria weight Exemplary Effective Minimal Unsatisfactory

 In depth and well  Content is adequately  Content is minimally  Content is not

organized content organized and organized organized
 Meets length comprehensive  Length requirement  Length requirement
Content of 50 requirement with  Length requirement is is not met; minimal is not met; poor
Review % quality content met with adequate content content
 Excellent content  Basic summary  Incomplete summary
summary  Adequate summary  Evidence of
 Relevant to assigned  Relevant to assigned  Minimal relevance to  Not relevant to
subject matter and subject matter assigned subject assigned subject
Appropria 25 peer interest  Article content meets matter matter
te Topic %  Article content expectations  Article content fails  Fails to meet content
exceeds to meet all requirements
requirements requirements
 Article has great  Article has some  Article has little  Article has no
significance significance significance significance
 Student summary  Student summary  Summary meets  Summary does not
Significan exceeds average meets project minimal expectations meet minimal
ce to 15 peer perspective and expectations  Little understanding expectations
Class / % understanding  Some understanding of article’s relevance  No understanding of
Relativity  Student displays of article’s relevance to topic article’s relevance
understanding of to topic
to Class
article’s relevance to
Article 10  Article printed/copied  Article printed/copied  Article attached to  No article
Submissio % and effectively and displayed on 8 ½ summary
displayed on 8½ x 11 x 1 paper  Partial
n paper  Display of article documentation of
 Display of article includes correct article

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includes correct citation

Assignment Score ______________ + Beyonder/Bonus ______________ = Final Score


Copyright © Texas Education Agency, 2006. All rights reserved.