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BOP-CBS Annexure-K

Response by vendor
The Bank of Punjab - Technical Evaluation Questionnaire for Core Banking Solution Tick one box (ü)
Sub- Process Function
Function Function code Process Description percentage Passed Failed Scoring method
Technology 25% Qualifying score = 15%
A: Open/Fixed Platform 2% Total of A1 to A6
A1 Provision of Branch banking 0.33
A2 Database Independce 0.33
A3 N-Tier Architecture 0.33
A4 Has Proposed Application Solution Architecture Diagram been provided? 0.33
Thin Client Setup and support (Browser support for Internet Explorer, Fire Fox,
A5 Netscape etc) 0.33
Ability to access existing various databases (Cobol, SQL, Foxpro, DB2 and Oracle) and
A6 extract all master data and history for transferring to new system 0.33
B: Scalability-Modular architecture, ease of plugging new function 3% Total of B1 to B6
B1 Atomic Transactions - roll back of incomplete transaction 0.50
B2 Easy integration with third party softwares 0.50
B3 Support for multiple protocols for interfacing 0.50
B4 Support for Message Types 0.50
B5 Modular approach 0.50
B6 User friendly - can the system be used without training 0.50
C: Parameterization Levels 4% Total of C1 to C13
C1 Flexible product definition – no programming required 1.00
C2 Automated deduction as per schedule of charges 0.25
C3 Tier based multiple charges 0.25
C4 Tier based rebates 0.25
C5 Immediate application or accumulated charge processing 0.25
C6 Geographic table to allow different charge rates to different areas 0.25
C7 Capability to exempt individual account holders from all or specified fees 0.25
C8 Exception processing 0.25
C9 Variation of fees by product or account type 0.25
C10 Variation of fees by account type/interest category 0.25
C11 Variation of fees implemented at the account type/transaction event level 0.25
Product Parameters. System should be capable to manage new product & their Sub
C12 Products with parameterization, workflow base. 0.25
C13 Parameterization and Customization done for the Pakistan and available to BoP 0.25
D: System Documentation 2% Total of D1 to D2
D1 Technical Manual 0.67
D2 Operations Manuals 0.67
D3 User Manual 0.67
E: System Security 4% Total of E1 to E30
E1 Account Balance Integrity 0.13
E2 Account Number check digits 0.13
E3 Central Start of Day, End of Day operations 0.13
E4 Audit Trail Logs for Errors and notification 0.13
E5 Audit Trail Logs for Events occurrence 0.13
E6 Audit Trails of Financial Transactions 0.13
E7 Audit Trails of Non-Financial Transactions 0.13
E8 Audit Trails Enquiries 0.13
E9 Audit Trails Logs recording support on multiple machines 0.13
E10 Audit Trails Setting logs or notification priorities 0.13
E11 Audit Trails Support for archival of logs 0.13
E12 Backup, Restore and Disaster Recovery Procedures 0.13
E13 Permitted Time of Login 0.13
E14 User Locking and UnLocking 0.13
E15 Login on Calander Days Basis 0.13
E16 Auto Override of Functions 0.13
E17 Login Session Management 0.13
E18 Work Flow based Remote Authorization 0.13
E19 Password Encryption 0.13
E20 Debit / Credit Authorization Limits for different transaction types & Users 0.13
E21 Defined Procedure for Authorization and Exceptions 0.13
E22 Instant Encrypted Messaging between Authorizers 0.13
E23 Password Definition Policy 0.13
E24 Integration with Active Directory 0.13
E25 Use of bio-matric techniques for authorization 0.13
E26 SSO - Provide single session maintenance for user for all types of transactions 0.13
E27 Multiple Logins at Session level, Application level and Database level. 0.13
E28 Department and User wise transaction lists 0.13
E29 Instant Encrypted Massaging between Authorizers 0.13
Security features in case of change management, version control, uploading the
E30 patches, updates and new releases, ISO 27001/2, ISO 17799 etc 0.13
F: 3-Tier availability 2% Total of F1 to F4
F1 No Mandatory requirement for branch server 0.50
F2 Complete Bank Data Resides in Single Database 0.50
Single and Multiple end of Process (End of day, End of Month etc.) running available for
F3 branches or complete bank 0.50
F4 Single or Batch process functionality 0.50
G: Upgrade path-Regular supply of enhancemens and Vendor strength 5% Total of G1 to G30
Primary vendor
G1 Is ongoing support provided 0.10
G2 Provisions for “after hours” support 0.10
G3 Is "after hour" support free of charge 0.10
G4 Is the telephone support number toll free 0.10
G5 When calling, can a customer talk directly with a support person 0.10
G6 Is source code available for each application? 0.10
G7 Is there any Escrow arrangement of source code? 0.10
Primary Vendor strength globally SCORING CRITERIA

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BOP-CBS Annexure-K

0-5 years = 0.00

6-10 years = 0.10
G8 Years in business 0.20 More than 10 years = 0.20

Less than 5 Million Rs. = 0.00

5-10 Million Rs. = 0.10
11-50 Million Rs. = 0.15
G9 Annual Turnover 0.20 More than 50 Millions Rs. = 0.20

1 year = 0.10
2 years = 0.15
G10 Financial Audit Reports for last 3 years submission 0.20 3 years = 0.20

Up to 100 employees = 0.10

101 to 500 employees = 0.15
G11 Total number of employees 0.20 More than 500 employees = 0.20

Up to 50 employees = 0.10
51 to 100 employees = 0.15
G12 Total number of technical support personnel 0.20 More than 100 employees = 0.20

Up to 50 employees = 0.10
51 to 100 employees = 0.15
G13 Total number of marketing personnel 0.20 More than 100 employees = 0.20

Up to 10 employees = 0.10
11 to 50 employees = 0.15
G14 Number of resources to be deployed for BOP Implementation Project 0.20 More than 50 employees = 0.20

Up to 10 = 0.10
11 to 50 = 0.20
G15 Number of Installations 0.30 More than 50 = 0.30

Up to 100 branches = 0.10

101 to 500 branches = 0.20
G16 Size of largest customer with branches network 0.30 More than 500 branches 0.30
Local Partner in Pakistan
G17 Is ongoing support provided 0.10
G18 Provisions for “after hours” support 0.10
G19 Is "after hour" support free of charge 0.10
G20 Is the telephone support number toll free 0.10
G21 When calling, can a customer talk directly with a support person 0.10
Local Vendor strength in Pakistan SCORING CRITERIA

0-5 years = 0.00

6-10 years = 0.10
G22 Years in business 0.20 More than 10 years = 0.20

Less than 5 Million Rs. = 0.00

5-10 Million Rs. = 0.10
11-50 Million Rs. = 0.15
G23 Annual Turnover 0.20 More than 50 Millions Rs. = 0.20

1 year = 0.10
2 years = 0.15
G24 Financial Audit Reports for last 3 years submission 0.20 3 years = 0.20

Up to 100 employees = 0.10

101 to 500 employees = 0.15
G25 Total number of employees 0.20 More than 500 employees = 0.20

Up to 50 employees = 0.10
51 to 100 employees = 0.15
G26 Total number of technical support personnel 0.20 More than 100 employees = 0.20

Up to 50 employees = 0.10
51 to 100 employees = 0.15
G27 Total number of marketing personnel 0.20 More than 100 employees = 0.20

Up to 10 employees = 0.10
11 to 50 employees = 0.15
G28 Number of resources to be deployed for BOP Implementation Project 0.20 More than 50 employees = 0.20

Up to 10 = 0.10
11 to 50 = 0.15
G29 Number of Installations (Banking) in Pakistan 0.20 More than 50 = 0.20

Up to 100 branches = 0.10

101 to 500 branches = 0.15
G30 Size of largest customer with branches network 0.20 More than 500 branches 0.20
H: Capability for global compliance 2% Total of H1 to H8
H1 Customer Profitability calculation 0.25
H2 Provision of adding and removing fields on existing forms dynamically 0.25
H3 Adding a new form with more fields 0.25
H4 Performing financial and non-financial operations on custom added fields 0.25
H5 Using custom added fields with existing fields as calculation purpose 0.25

Security and Compliance features related to the security of the Software Systems and
the Architecture as per international Standards such as ISO27001/2, 17799 BSI, RSA,
H6 Bio Metrics etc 0.25
Software Development compliance with CMMI, UML, Standard Coding Structure,
H7 Object Oriented Programming 0.25
Compliance of messaging for ATMs, Electronic Banking, Triple DES for EMV, XFS etc.
H8 Messaging standard of ISO8583 compliance 0.25
I: APIs-readily available interfaces 1%
I1 Availability of APIs 1.00
User Functional Requirement Coverage 40% Qualifying score = 30%
J: GL Strength-multi curr,multi co.,multi br. COA tiers 4% Total of J1 to J27
J1 Accept exchange rate variations via on-line transaction input 0.15
J2 On-line enquiry of currency exchange rate history records 0.15
J3 Support inter-branch transfer 0.15
J4 Support inter-currency conversion 0.15
J5 Use of international standard for currency abbreviations 0.15
J6 Provide separate cashier totals for each teller by currency 0.15
J7 Maintain equivalent value of the balances expressed in the base currency 0.15
J8 N-tier Architecture 0.15

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BOP-CBS Annexure-K

J9 Provision to define report line for different types of transactions 0.15

J10 Subsidiary GL reporting to root levels 0.15
J11 Mechanism for mapping existing GL to new GL 0.15
J12 Multiple Types of GL accounts 0.15
J13 Voucher Entry and Authorization 0.15
J14 Balance Sheet Generation 0.15
J15 P&L Statement Generation 0.15
J16 Standard GL Reports Generation 0.15
J17 Monitoring of Accounts Receivables 0.15
J18 Monitoring of Accounts Payable 0.15
J19 Bank Reconciliation 0.15
J20 Division of Financial Year into multiple Periods 0.15
J21 Allows Allocation of Cost Centre over Profit Centres 0.15
J22 Allows Cost Centre-wise Accounting and Reporting 0.15
J23 Cost centre and profit centre accounting for management analysis 0.15
J24 Multiple accounting years can be accessed 0.15
J25 Branch-wise and division-wise accounting enabling effective and efficient control 0.15

J26 MIS comprehensively supports and guides the management's decision-making process 0.15
J27 Safeguard against redundancy of data entry 0.15
K: Retail Banking - Deposits, Funds Transfer, Clearing, Teller, Lockers 6% Total of K1 to K213
K1 Divident Warrant Management 0.03
K2 Traveller Cheqe Management 0.03
K3 Denomination Control 0.03
K4 Standing Instructions 0.03
K5 Signature Cards Scanning 0.03
K6 Authorization mechanism for Scanned Signature Cards for enhanced security 0.03
K7 Signature verification Display for Tellers / backoffice 0.03
Signature protection against copy / past (e.g. Print Screen or copy / past in MSPaint
K8 etc.) 0.03
K9 Mark Signature card as void 0.03
K10 Vault Opening 0.03
K11 Maintenance of up-to-date Cashier Positions 0.03
K12 Cashier Drawer Management 0.03
K13 Maintenance of Currency Denominations 0.03
Tracking of all cash activities (deposits/withdrawals) and their impact on individual
K14 cashier position and on Vault 0.03
K15 Vault Adjustment 0.03
K16 Auto reconciliation of cash in branch 0.03
K17 Auto reconciliation of cash with inter branch transactions 0.03
K18 Reconciliation of cash with external interfaces (ATM, POS etc.) 0.03

K19 In answer of above is 'Available', does system reconcile itself or a third tool required 0.03
K20 Inter Cashier Transfer 0.03
K21 Forced Cashier Drawer Closing 0.03
K22 Handling of Exchange of Notes 0.03
K23 Import / Export cash Advices 0.03
K24 Balance Related Definitions 0.03
K25 Max & Min Balance 0.03
K26 Max & Min Lending Limits 0.03
K27 Max & Min Balances for Accruals 0.03
K28 Minimum Balance Exemption Days 0.03
K29 Plan Based Capitalization on Instalment Due Date 0.03
K30 Product Capitalization on Frequencies 0.03
K31 Product Forced Capitalization 0.03
K32 Zakat processing as per Regulations 0.03
K33 2 level authorization on exemption of Zakat 0.03
K34 Account level parameters 0.03
K35 Account Level Product Overrides 0.03
K36 Interest Related Parameters 0.03
K37 Custom build express for profit calculations 0.03
K38 Floor and cap amounts settings on profit calculations 0.03
K39 Disbursement of profits with previous effective dates 0.03

K40 Application of multiple types of charges methods on single products simultaneously 0.03
K41 Calculation of profit rates on multiple rates 0.03
K42 Minimum Balance during the month 0.03
K43 Average Balance during the month 0.03
K44 Daily Basis 0.03
K45 Minimum Daily 0.03
K46 Tiers / Step / Kibor and Flat Rates 0.03
K47 Interest Re-Calculation 0.03
K48 GL Mapping Parameters 0.03
K49 Receivable Heads 0.03
K50 Income Heads 0.03
K51 Full deposit reconciliation 0.03
K52 On-line access 0.03
K53 Inward/Outward Remittances 0.03
K54 Single / Multiple PO/DD Issuance 0.03
K55 Online Instrument (PO /DD) Payment 0.03
K56 Payable at any branch concept 0.03
K57 Automatic Control Numbers 0.03
K58 Instrument printing 0.03
K59 Payment 0.03
K60 Stop Payment 0.03
K61 Release Payment 0.03
K62 Duplicate Issuance 0.03
K63 Cancellation 0.03
K64 Telex or Swift Data Feeding for Remittances 0.03
K65 Policy driven account numbers 0.03

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BOP-CBS Annexure-K

K66 Centralized / Decentralized account opening 0.03

K67 Accounts are assigned a universal customer relationship number 0.03
K68 Multiple care code tagging to an account 0.03
K69 Automatic tagging of dormant and inoperative accounts 0.03
K70 Multiple correspondence addresses 0.03
K71 Account statement generation 0.03
K72 Mail merger facility 0.03
K73 Letter of thanks generation facility for accounts opened during a given period 0.03
K74 Online availability of account statements for n-years 0.03
K75 Address label printing 0.03
K76 Transfer of Funds through standing Instructions 0.03
K77 Parameterized incidental charges deduction 0.03
K78 Nonperforming loan account handling 0.03
K79 Multiple cheque book issuance to accounts 0.03
Cheque stop payment and resumption instructions. Tracking of individual cheque leaves
K80 i.e. used, available, stop payments etc. 0.03
K81 Multiple blocking facilities available on accounts 0.03
K82 Drawing power calculation based on limits and securities 0.03
K83 User Definable Activity based Vouchers 0.03
K84 Centralised and decentralised 0.03
K85 Input from magnetic tape 0.03
K86 RTGS Support 0.03
K87 Float Management 0.03
K88 Special Clearing 0.03
K89 MultiCurrency Support 0.03
K90 Stopped cheque file 0.03
K91 Uncleared cheque file 0.03
Automatic service charges for services such as overdrafts, stop payments,
K92 dishonoured cheques, collection items and usage fees 0.03
K93 Bulk posting of large transaction volume 0.03
K94 Reports on daily, weekly, monthly or half-yearly basis 0.03
K95 Stop cheque by number, range 0.03
K96 Automatic chequebook order 0.03
K97 Daily 0.03
K98 Minimum monthly balance 0.03
K99 Minimum monthly balance with daily component 0.03
K100 Average balance 0.03
K101 Interest offset against loan product 0.03
K102 Deferred profit payment 0.03
K103 Fixed, variable and floating rates 0.03
K104 On-line balance and transaction history research 0.03
K105 Audit and management reports 0.03
K106 Linked account processing 0.03
K107 Integration with general ledger 0.03
K108 Utility Bills payment facilities 0.03
K109 Memo and message facilities 0.03
K110 Alternative account detail 0.03
K111 Stops, holds and messages 0.03
K112 On-line statements 0.03
K113 Real time ATM refresh 0.03
K114 Call / Term 0.03
K115 Loans and advances 0.03
K116 Due to / Due from accounts 0.03
K117 Contingent Accounts 0.03
K118 General ledger accounts 0.03
K119 All other kinds of bank defined products 0.03
K120 Information of primary / Secondary Customer 0.03
K121 Ability to customize/configure multiple transaction codes 0.03
K122 Online signature display on transaction window 0.03
K123 Cash receipts printing for deposits 0.03
K124 Supervision and authorization of all transactions (user definable workflow) 0.03
K125 Centralized & Decentralized Transaction codes 0.03
K126 Originating branch 0.03
K127 Responding branch 0.03
K128 Treasury 0.03
K129 Ability to set Debit / Credit Transaction limit 0.03
K130 Ability to set Debit / Credit Authorization limit 0.03
K131 Printing of advices (online, end of day or from history) 0.03
K132 Printing of Vouchers (online or at end of day) 0.03
K133 Parameterized setting of Workflow on vouchers or batch 0.03
K134 Parameterized display of account balances window to teller 0.03
K135 Parameterized forward and back value dated posting of transactions 0.03
K136 Foreign currency account revaluation on a user defined frequency 0.03
K137 Automatic WHT Calculation on all Withdrawal Transactions 0.03
K138 Multiple Tax Calculation Parameters and Reporing (Separate Tax Engine) 0.03
K139 Calculation of Cash Handling Charges 0.03
K140 W.H Tax calculation on Product Level Setting 0.03
K141 Early termination penalties 0.03
K142 Interest application at fixed periodic intervals or at maturity 0.03
K143 Interest Application on Inception Basis 0.03
K144 Automatic roll-over 0.03
K145 Maturity advice processing 0.03
K146 Maturity instruction processing 0.03
K147 Cash flow analysis and maturity schedule 0.03
K148 Automatic interest disbursement by cheque transfer, or re-invest 0.03
K149 On-line enquiry on product range and interest rates 0.03
K150 Back Dated Transactions and Rate Settlements 0.03
K151 Customer Reminders 0.03
K152 Maturity Based Profit Payment 0.03
K153 Configurable deal issuance tenor (1m, 3m,6m,1year up to n-year) 0.03

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BOP-CBS Annexure-K

K154 Product Rate 0.03

K155 Handling of Premium Rate 0.03
K156 Profit Payment Frequency-wise Loading Factors 0.03
K157 Linkage of Profit Rate with deposit Pool 0.03
K158 Back dated issuance 0.03
K159 On average rate 0.03
K160 On average penalty rate 0.03
K161 With penalty rate 0.03
K162 With saving rate 0.03
K163 Recalculation with different maturity period rate 0.03
K164 Maintenance Profit Payment History 0.03
K165 Monthly reconciliation of deals with effective profit rates 0.03
K166 Encashment 0.03
K167 Renewal with principle 0.03
K168 Rollover with principle and profit 0.03
K169 Lien Marking 0.03
K170 Deal Frozen and Deceased Marking 0.03
K171 Deal Cancellation 0.03
K172 Deal marked Lean can act as cash Collateral for Credits as well 0.03
K173 Encashment Advice 0.03
K174 Auto Rollover Advice 0.03
K175 Auto Profit Payment Advice 0.03
K176 Handling of Un-Claimed Deals/Deposits 0.03
K177 Cheque book Issuance 0.03
K178 Automated issuance charges 0.03
K179 Stop option for individual leaf & on cheque books 0.03
K180 flexible configuration of charges for stop cheque or cheque book 0.03
K181 Maintenance of Stock 0.03
K182 Cheque book Cancellation 0.03
K183 Release stopped cheques 0.03
K184 Handling all the possible activity on PDC. 0.03
K185 Recording of Post dated cheque 0.03
K186 Monitoring of cheque due date and status 0.03
K187 Logging of cheque transactions 0.03
K188 Handling of return cheque 0.03
K189 Handling large volume of data 0.03
Pulling of cheques due for presentation, reconciliation and validation of details such as
K190 dates, Emi, bank etc 0.03
K191 Batching of cheques by location/presentation centre. 0.03
K192 Bounced Checks and Post Presentation Processing 0.03
K193 N numbers of Lockers 0.03
K194 Locker Availability verification 0.03
K195 Locker Allocation to Customer 0.03
K196 Log the attendance of customer Locker Operate 0.03
K197 Locker Renewal Procedure 0.03
K198 Locker Surrender (through logging of key handing over and taking over ) 0.03
Financial and non financial logging (renewal charges, penalties or customer behaviour,
K199 appearance, suggestions etc.) 0.03
K200 Damaged Locker Log 0.03
K201 Repaired Locker Log 0.03
K202 Locker Dimension / Size Log 0.03
K203 Cash and cheque deposits 0.03
K204 Credits and debits 0.03
K205 Automated deposits and periodical payments 0.03
K206 Remittance instrument encashment/payment 0.03
K207 Transfer between accounts 0.03
K208 Interest debits and credits 0.03
K209 Various levels of account enquiries 0.03
K210 Customer information enquiries 0.03
K211 Personalise or issue chequebook 0.03
K212 Issue on-line account statement 0.03
K213 Broadcast messages 0.03
L: Trade Finance - Import, Export, L/G, Contracts, Refinance 3% Total of L1 to L197
L1 Service Level Agreements definition for Customers 0.02
L2 Transaction Monitoring at Management Level 0.02
L3 Defining Workload for users 0.02
L4 Transactions Reassigning 0.02
L5 Setting transactions priorities 0.02
L6 DashBoard for management 0.02
L7 Financial Supply Chain 0.02
L8 Swift TSU 0.02
L9 UCP 600 Compliance 0.02
L10 Swift Gold Ready Status 0.02
L11 Commission & all other charges can be defined partywise 0.02
L12 Factoring 0.02
L13 Islamic Trade System 0.02
L14 Auto printing of Covering Letter/LC Documents/SwiftMessages 0.02
L15 Customization of Printed Outputs 0.02
L16 Tracers 0.02
L17 Trickles 0.02
L18 Silent Confirmation 0.02
L19 Back to Back LC 0.02
L20 Handling of FOB values and EDS charges 0.02

L21 Auto deduction of FBP margins withholding tax and their posting in respective accounts 0.02
L22 Auto printing of negotiation schedules 0.02
L23 The maintenance of the stock for form E 0.02
Transfer of Form E to branches from Head Office & if allowed transfer from branch to
L24 branch 0.02

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BOP-CBS Annexure-K

L25 Issuance to the Customers for certification 0.02

L26 Certification of Form E for LC’s contracts & or Advance payment 0.02

L27 The provision to cater & receive the export bills for the Form E issued by other banks 0.02
L28 Cancellation before certification for blank form E in case of damage to the Form E 0.02
L29 Cancellation of Form E after certification 0.02
L30 Tracking of un-utilized certified Form E 0.02
L31 Details of Shipment documents/ Commercial Invoice information 0.02
L32 Multiple Invoices with single Form E 0.02
L33 A provision to check short shipments in Export 0.02
L34 Multiple From E with single LC / Contract 0.02
L35 Advance Payments with bill amount 0.02
L36 Auto deduction and handling of Net Loadable amount in collection 0.02
L37 Handling of open AP’s with multiple LC’s in single shipment 0.02
L38 Handling of Negotiation of multiple bills at once 0.02
L39 Bills lodged in collection can be purchased through this option 0.02
L40 Auto posting in FBP loan account 0.02
L41 Handling of FOB values and EDS charges 0.02

L42 Auto deduction of FBP margins withholding tax and their posting in respective accounts 0.02
L43 Auto printing of negotiation schedules 0.02
L44 Auto Reversal of collection liability vouchers 0.02
L45 Lodgements of multiple bills in single collection 0.02
L46 Auto handling of collection schedules 0.02
L47 Lodgeable amount after Advance Payments are negotiable 0.02
L48 Lodgement of Refinanced LCs Bills with Alerts 0.02
L49 Handling of Negotiation of multiple bills in single bill number 0.02
L50 Auto posting in FBP loan account 0.02
L51 Functionality to lodge one bill in collection and in negotiation 0.02
L52 Auto handling of collection and negotiation vouchers 0.02
L53 Net Lodgeable amount after Advance Payments are negotiable 0.02
L54 Handling of Negotiation of multiple bills at once 0.02
L55 Auto posting in FBP loan account 0.02
L56 Handling of FOB values and EDS charges 0.02

L57 Auto deduction of FBP margins withholding tax and their posting in respective accounts 0.02
L58 Auto printing of negotiation/collection schedules 0.02
L59 Handling of Exchange earning/Loss 0.02
L60 Realization of negotiated documents 0.02
L61 Settlement of Export Refinanced Bills with Alert to settle Refinance Principle 0.02
L62 Auto handling of reversal of loan and contra liability 0.02
L63 Settlement of bills lodged and reversal of contra liability 0.02
L64 Auto handling of EPRC certificates 0.02
L65 Handling of bills lodged in collection and Advance Payments with other banks 0.02
L66 Handling to receive PO/DD’s received from other banks against requests 0.02
L67 Auto deduction of charges demanded and received by other banks 0.02
L68 Information of collection bill lodged 0.02
L69 Auto handling of realization in full and partial under collection lodgements 0.02
L70 Auto deduction of EDS and TAX charges in case of multiple realizations 0.02
L71 Auto Reversal of collection liability vouchers 0.02
L72 Handling of Exchange earning/Loss 0.02
L73 Post/Preshipment Loans & their alerts at Export Lodgement & Realization 0.02
L74 Grants Received from SBP 0.02
L75 Management of Repayments to SBP 0.02
L76 Disbursement & Settlement of FE-25 loan for Export Financing 0.02
L77 Advising Bank’s information 0.02
L78 Advising Intimation 0.02
L79 Intimation made to customer, non customer, bank and branch 0.02
L80 Mode of Information 0.02
L81 Auto deduction of charges 0.02
L82 Amendment received in already advised LC’s/Contract 0.02
L83 Auto deduction of LC/Contract amendment charges 0.02
L84 Recording of nature of amendments 0.02
Auto popup of information recorded in LC/Contract advising to export LC/Contract detail
L85 window 0.02
L86 Conversion of FBP to FDBC (Negotiation to Collection) or Vice Versa 0.02
L87 Handling of FIRMU Cases 0.02
L88 LC Detail/Information 0.02
L89 Auto Consulting Import Policy for Banned HS Codes 0.02
L90 Checking Banned Countries for Trade 0.02
L91 Mix Mode LC Creation 0.02
L92 Multiple tenor/days 0.02
L93 Multi shipment modes 0.02
L94 Insurance 0.02
L95 Reimbursing bank 0.02
L96 Confirming bank 0.02
L97 Remitting bank 0.02
L98 Shipping document details 0.02
L99 Commodity details 0.02
L100 Terms and conditions 0.02
L101 Confirming bank detail 0.02
L102 Parametric definition for commission, SWIFT/Postages and other charges 0.02
L103 Margin by debiting multiple accounts 0.02
L104 Handling of multiple insurance companies limits/exposure 0.02
L105 Handling of client insurance limits 0.02
L106 Exposure of client limits with insurance companies 0.02

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BOP-CBS Annexure-K

Consortium based insurance policies/covers from multiple companies against one

L107 LC/Contract 0.02
L108 Multi advising bank 0.02
L109 Indenters/proforma invoice detail 0.02
L110 Multi beneficiary handling 0.02
L111 Approving authority has options to approve, hold or turn down application 0.02

L112 If approved the respective vouchers are posted automatically in all concerned accounts 0.02
L113 Shipment date, Expiry Date 0.02
L114 Addition or deletion of clauses 0.02
L115 Reduction/ enhancement in the LC Amount 0.02
L116 Reduction/ enhancement in margins 0.02

L117 Alert on Receiving documents for Expired LCs, Late Shipments, Tolerance check etc 0.02
L118 A provision to block further processing for Discrepant documents 0.02
L119 Shipping guarantee handling 0.02
L120 LC margins reversed automatically into the shipping guarantee margins 0.02
L121 Proforma invoices and Shipping documents details 0.02
L122 Documents received can be marked as clean or discrepant 0.02
L123 In case of clean documents, lodgement option available 0.02
L124 Option to attach shipping guarantee with received documents 0.02
L125 In case of discrepant documents, user cannot lodge unless accepted by customer 0.02
L126 Relevant LC documents received with option to input detail of LC’s 0.02
L127 Handling of Sight LC’s documents 0.02
L128 Reversal of outstanding LC Liability/Shipping Guarantee against the LC 0.02
L129 Reversal of outstanding LC / Shipping Guarantee Margins against the LC 0.02
L130 Input against Foreign bank and discrepant charges available 0.02
L131 Option to avail Advance Payment/ Forward cover 0.02
L132 Calculation of forward cover and lodge rates 0.02
L133 Calculation of net amount required to debit PAD Account 0.02
L134 If funds are available, PAD creation and settlement through account 0.02
L135 FE-25 loans for Import payments like PAD 0.02
L136 Cancellation of Forward Contract and Settlement 0.02
Option to settle PAD account partially along with automatic calculated mark-up/ late
L137 penalty charges 0.02
L138 Settlement of outstanding PAD’s 0.02
L139 Settlement of LC if no bill is outstanding 0.02

L140 If some portion of LC liability outstands, user may settle the LC by reversing the liability 0.02
L141 Usance LC’s & Contracts treatment 0.02
L142 Reversal of outstanding LC Liability/Shipping Guarantee against the LC 0.02
L143 Reversal of LC margins/ shipping guarantee margins 0.02
L144 Input against Foreign bank and discrepant charges available 0.02
L145 Option to avail Advance payment/ Forward cover 0.02
L146 Calculation of net amount required to debit acceptance lodgement account 0.02
L147 Handling of Pledge against Acceptances 0.02
L148 Liability of acceptance is reversed 0.02
L149 Automatic reversal of Margins of LC/Acceptance and shipping guarantee (if any) 0.02
L150 Acceptance commission calculated automatically as per user defined charges 0.02

L151 Option to debit the customer current account to pay bill amount calculated by system 0.02
Acceptances are paid if the funds are not available in customer account to pay the Bill
L152 amount 0.02
L153 System creates overdue loan account with auto voucher posting 0.02
L154 Mark-up/ Late payment charges calculation as per parametric definition 0.02
L155 Debiting of customer account to adjust outstanding liability 0.02
L156 Ability to partially settle loan 0.02
L157 Enables users to cancel outstanding LC’s after receiving cancellation charges 0.02
L158 Conversion of LC from Sigh to Usance 0.02
L159 Shifting of Liabilities 0.02
L160 Shifting of Margin 0.02
L161 Forward covers of clients can be attached with LC 0.02

L162 Advance payment made by importer to suppliers/exporters can be attached with LC 0.02
Forward booking/Advance payment is available in cross currency which is attachable to
L163 LC 0.02
L164 Can be utilized at the time of bill payment 0.02
L165 Handling of Pre shipment loans under EFS scheme 0.02
L166 Issuance of Bank Finance from own source 0.02
L167 Handling of SBP refinance 0.02
L168 Auto calculation of mark-up on both own source and SBP loans 0.02
L169 Handling of Pre shipment loans under EFS scheme 0.02
L170 Issuance of Bank Finance from own source 0.02
L171 Handling of SBP refinance 0.02
L172 Forced Capitalization 0.02
L173 Auto calculation of mark-up on both own source and SBP loans 0.02
L174 Auto calculation of limit on the basis of previous years performance 0.02
L175 Handling of Bank Finance from own source 0.02
L176 Handling of SBP refinance 0.02
L177 Forced Capitalization 0.02
L178 Auto calculation of mark-up on both own source and SBP loans 0.02
L179 Substituition 0.02
L180 Duty DrawBacks 0.02
L181 E-form Management (Issuance / Certification) 0.02
L182 E-form to Advance Payment Association 0.02
L183 FE-25 Loans Against Imports 0.02
L184 Long Term Financing Facilities 0.02
L185 Linking of E-form with negotiation and collections 0.02

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BOP-CBS Annexure-K

L186 A provision to Lodge Local Bills 0.02

L187 LG Issuance 0.02
L188 LG Amendment 0.02
L189 LG Commission Amortization 0.02
L190 LG Claim Handling 0.02
L191 LG Expiry 0.02
L192 LG Duplicate Issuane 0.02
L193 Special Redemption 0.02
L194 Margin Recovery 0.02
L195 LG Commission Recovery 0.02
L196 LG Redemption/Cancellation 0.02
L197 LG Reports 0.02
M: Credits - Corporate, Consumer, Commercial, Agri 3% Total of M1 to M137
M1 Consumer Loans 0.02
M2 Commercial loans 0.02
M3 Personal loans 0.02
M4 SME's 0.02
M5 Corporate Loans 0.02
M6 Agriculture 0.02
M7 Integration with the general ledger 0.02
M8 Configurable Workflow from Application till Disbursements 0.02
M9 Complete Limit Management for Customers 0.02
M10 Exposure Management Against Limits 0.02
M11 Asset Management of Financed Assets 0.02
M12 Maintenance of Configurable Facility Types 0.02
M13 Customer Assessment 0.02
M14 Scoring Model 0.02
M15 Re-pricing / Re-fixations 0.02
M16 Capturing CLP Details 0.02
M17 Online Verifications 0.02
M18 Online Approvals by Configurable Approving Committees 0.02
M19 Handling of Disbursements 0.02
M20 Automatic Recoveries 0.02
M21 Repayment Plan Maintenance 0.02
M22 Maintenance of Document Checklist at each stage 0.02
M23 On-line print of any user defined document 0.02
M24 Document Maintenance 0.02
M25 Automatic production of reminder letters 0.02
M26 Automatic Letter / Stationery Printing at each stage 0.02
M27 Configurable Schedule of Charges 0.02
M28 Charge Deduction at each stage 0.02
M29 Auto Accounting Treatment at each stage of Credit 0.02
M30 Amortization of Charges 0.02
M31 Loan Settlements 0.02
M32 NPL Handling as per SBP 0.02
M33 Handling of markup and principal status 0.02
M34 Marking of income in different status 0.02
M35 Marking of Asset as non-performing 0.02
M36 Auto / manual handling of loan status marking 0.02
M37 Auto marking of loan status 0.02
M38 Manual of subjective marking of loans as non-performing 0.02
M39 Loan Loss Provisioning 0.02
M40 Risk Management Parameters as per Basel II Standardized Approach 0.02
M41 Comprehensive management reports 0.02
M42 Syndicated Loans 0.02
M43 Internal and External Rating Management 0.02
M44 Auto Classification of Loan Status Markup 0.02
M45 Auto Classification of Loan Principal Based upon Collateral 0.02
M46 Auto Daily Retry for Overdue Loans 0.02
M47 Write off / Penalties Management 0.02
M48 Configurable Accounting Periods 0.02
M49 Configurable Accounting Entries 0.02
M50 Maintenance of lending budgets based on regional limits 0.02
Full profiling of the delegation and authority levels necessary to approve, e.g. loan to
M51 valuation as well as dollar amount for each product 0.02
Automation of the institution’s lending policy by inclusion of the policy guidelines within
M52 tables in the system which are monitored during loan processing 0.02
M53 Preparation of loan documentation, automatic letters and reminders notices 0.02

M54 Capabilities to parameterise acceptable solicitors, values, and insurance companies 0.02
Electronic switching of loan applications to a higher authority level for the completion of
M55 the loan process 0.02
M56 On-line account status enquiries available to all security cleared users on network 0.02
User-defined reversals, which can be applied to all stages of the loan, process except
account creation. The reversal of an action will cause the loan to revert to the previous
M57 stage 0.02
M58 Transaction validation 0.02

The teller/terminal operator can interrupt the loan processing sequence and execute a
M59 transaction or series of transactions that are not controlled by the tracking facility. 0.02
M60 Complete audit trail showing when, where and who for each action 0.02
M61 Outright Purchase 0.02
M62 Annuity and Repayments Contracts 0.02
M63 Construction 0.02
M64 Land + Construction 0.02
M65 Renovation 0.02
M66 Asset Transfer (BTF) 0.02

452475499.xlsx 8 of 12
BOP-CBS Annexure-K

M67 Provision of capturing Mortgage Asset details 0.02

M68 Provision of maintaining moratorium period in repayment plans 0.02
M69 Price of financier’s share being purchased 0.02
M70 Rent on financier’s share outstanding 0.02
M71 Maintenance of asset and life insurance 0.02
M72 Maintenance of list of Insurance Companies 0.02
M73 Maintenance of Locations [Positive and Negative Areas and Locations of Property] 0.02
M74 Offer Letter 0.02
M75 Acceptance Letter 0.02
M76 Sanctioned Letter 0.02
M77 Time and Principal Band Interest Rates 0.02
M78 Repayment Priority Settings (9 Levels Settings) 0.02
M79 Past Due Loans Management 0.02
M80 up-to-date information regarding interest receivable on daily basis 0.02
M81 Limit Handling for Corporate / SME / Commercial Customer 0.02
M82 Group Level 0.02
M83 Customer / Company Level 0.02
M84 Funded / Non Funded 0.02
M85 Product Level 0.02
M86 Country or Group Level Country Limits 0.02
M87 Industry Based Limits Monitoring 0.02
M88 Online Approvals for Customer Limits 0.02
M89 Configurable Alerts / messaging for Limit management users 0.02
M90 Limit Blocking / Partial Blocking 0.02
M91 Limit Activation / Deactivation 0.02
M92 Limit Cancellation 0.02
M93 Temporary OTT Handling 0.02
M94 Limit Clubbing ( for Funded/Funded , Funded /NonFund , NF/NF) 0.02
M95 Limit Audit Trail 0.02
M96 Comprehensive Version maintenance of Limit Structure for every client 0.02
M97 Currency Based Expoeure Calculation 0.02
M98 Time Band for Limit Management 0.02
M99 Percentage and Time Based Limit Setting 0.02
M100 Assignment of limits to Groups and restriction of limits 0.02
M101 Integration with Colleteral 0.02
M102 Revaluation of Limits 0.02
M103 Auto or Conditional Expiry of Limits 0.02
M104 Auto Increase and Decrease of Limit at User Defined Frequency 0.02
M105 Funded / Non Funded 0.02
M106 Product Level 0.02
M107 Industry / Sector level 0.02
M108 Funded / Non Funded 0.02
M109 Product Level 0.02
M110 Industry / Sector level 0.02
M111 Funded / Non Funded 0.02
M112 Product Level 0.02
M113 Industry / Sector level 0.02
M114 Customer-wise Collateral Maintenance 0.02
M115 Single / Package Collaterals 0.02
M116 Single loan to many collaterals relationships 0.02
M117 Many collaterals to single loan relationship 0.02
M118 Creation of collaterals pools 0.02
M119 Lien marking on collaterals 0.02
M120 Taking deposit as collateral 0.02
M121 Tangible / Intangible 0.02
M122 Mortgage (Commercial , Residential , Agriculture etc) 0.02
M123 Pledge 0.02
M124 Pari pasu 0.02
M125 Lien 0.02
M126 Hypo 0.02
M127 Maintenance Margins / Hair Cuts 0.02
M128 Linkage of Margin percentage with Security Types 0.02
M129 Collateral Revaluation 0.02
M130 Collateral Replacements 0.02
M131 Management of Colleteral on Secured and Unscecured Limits 0.02
M132 Open Disbursements 0.02
M133 Monthly Bill Generation on different frequencies (Monthly , Quarterly etc) 0.02
M134 Monthly Payment History maintenance 0.02
M135 Application of two rates High/Normal on the same loan in case of overdue 0.02
M136 Configurable Payment Knock off Hierarchies 0.02
M137 Up-to-date information regarding interest receivable on daily basis 0.02
N: MIS capabilities 4% Total of N1 to N49
N1 Report writer by software vendor or Database provider 0.08
N2 Permission to apply queries 0.08
N3 Runtime report generation without writing queries 0.08
N4 Export report in multiple formats if applicable (format list required) 0.08
N5 Configuration for design and printing facility 0.08
N6 Applying business 0.08
N7 Source of History based reports (MIS or core application database) 0.08
N8 List of history based reports system generates 0.08
N9 In case history not available any alternate source 0.08
N10 Historical Data Archival 0.08
N11 A single report will hold different meanings for different stakeholders 0.08
N12 Menu Driven, User Friendly, Multi User Application 0.08
N13 Data Extraction Automated / Manual 0.08

452475499.xlsx 9 of 12
BOP-CBS Annexure-K

N14 Automatic / Schedule Report Processing 0.08

N15 Automatic saving and emailing 0.08
N16 Report Setup 0.08
Report Line Definition ( such as - Analysis based, Data based on different reports , Data
N17 based on same report , Customized data , Product based data) 0.08
Report Column Definition (i.e. Total , Average , Multiply , Percentage , Percentage row
N18 wise, Any specific formula 0.08
Customer Analysis ( such as - Industry, Sector, Group , Business Group , Sales groups,
N19 Relationship Officer Group, Any pre defined Group 0.08
N20 Adjustment Entries for any GL based reports 0.08
N21 Manual Entries for any GL based reports 0.08
N22 Variety of Outputs (such as Excel, XML, PDF) 0.08
N23 Scalability 0.08
N24 Performance 0.08
N25 Save Time and money 0.08
A few of the many report templates available in AutoMIS are listed in the categories
N26 below: 0.08
N27 Monthly Financial Statement 0.08
N28 Monthly Statement of Liabilities and Assets 0.08
N29 Cost and Yield Report 0.08
N30 Consolidated Balance Sheet 0.08
N31 Consolidated Income Statement 0.08
N32 Profit and Loss for the Month 0.08
N33 Weekly Statement of Accounts 0.08
N34 Monthly Average Balance Sheet 0.08
N35 Assets and Liability matching report 0.08
N36 Report based on Ratio Analysis 0.08
N37 Transaction based report analysis 0.08
N38 Performance Reports 0.08
N39 Top N Analysis Reports ( Advances / Deposit ) 0.08
N40 Size Wise Reports ( Advances / Deposit ) 0.08
N41 Inter Branch Profit Calculation Report 0.08
N42 Business progress report (sales leads, deposit growth etc.) 0.08
N43 Cost of Fund Report 0.08
N44 Profit & Loss FX Transaction Report 0.08
N45 Balance Sheet / Income Statement 0.08
N46 User defined Reports Based on General Ledger / Customized Data based Reports 0.08
N47 Category of Deposit Holder 0.08
N48 Weekly Statement of Position 0.08
N49 Deposit Classification Size Wise 0.08
O: Delivery Channels - ATM, eBanking, Mobile Banking, POS 3%
O1 External delivery channel support for 24/7 banking 3.00
O2 Branchless Banking 0.00 Optional
P: Compliance - Regulatory and Internal 3% Total of P1 to P8
P1 System Generated Reporting Chart of Accounts 0.38
P2 Automated penalties charged as per SBP 0.38
P3 Centralized audit log facility 0.38
P4 Maintaining of complete log on central server 0.38
P5 Does system maintain any log on client side in the form of cookies etc. 0.38
P6 Audit trail and log reporting 0.38
P7 Queries application on logs. 0.38
P8 Nostro Reconciliation 0.38
Q: Perceived Customization Need 2%
Q1 Application is ready for implementation in Pakistan without customization 2.00
R: User Access Controls 3% Total of R1 to R8
R1 Sequential and Parallel Workflow Management 0.38
R2 Sign-on/sign-off at user level 0.38
R3 User capability level and group level recognised after sign-on 0.38
R4 Institution-defined length of user password 0.38
R5 Password must match exact entry of characters 0.38
R6 Password changed on institution defined period 0.38
R7 Password encryption 0.38
R8 Branch location checked 0.38
S: SWIFT 3% Total of S1 to S7
Auto generation of SWIFT messages on all relevant Trade, Remittance and Treasury
S1 transactions 0.43
S2 Can work both as standalone system and in integration with other modules 0.43
S3 A provision to update internal BIC directory 0.43
S4 Encryption to secure the SWIFT Message transmission in order to avoid forgery 0.43
S5 Transmission and Acknowledgment 0.43

S6 Frequently used SWIFT templates can be saved and retrieved later in order to save time 0.43
SWIFT Message Authorization/Approval according to Job description of Departmental
S7 Professional 0.43
T: Branch Automation 3% Total of T1 to T31
T1 Real time online transactions 0.10

T2 Automated posting of journals and updating of consolidation accounts – no JV’s allowed 0.10
T3 Audit Trail and error handling 0.10
T4 Auto Log for Errors and notification 0.10
T5 Logs for Events occurrence 0.10
T6 Logs for Financial Transactions 0.10
T7 Logs for Non-Financial Transactions 0.10
T8 Logs for Enquiries 0.10
T9 Logs recording support on multiple machines 0.10
T10 Setting logs or notification priorities 0.10

452475499.xlsx 10 of 12
BOP-CBS Annexure-K

T11 Support for archival of logs 0.10

T12 On-line processing and reporting 0.10
T13 Maintenance of Currency Holidays and Calander 0.10
T14 GUI presentation under Windows 0.10
T15 Dynamic screen development without programmer intervention 0.10
T16 Parameter defined pull down selection sets 0.10
T17 User defined menu sets and quick bar operations 0.10
T18 Local field validation 0.10
T19 Automatic Reconciliation 0.10
T20 Exceptional transactional alert based triggers 0.10
T21 Dynamic parameterization and product configuration 0.10
T22 Keyboard and mouse operation - usage of hot keys 0.10
T23 Local and remote signature verification 0.10
T24 Interactive and static batching facilities 0.10
T25 Single or batch compilation 0.10

This feature necessitates authorization for all exceptional transactions such as

T26 overdrafts, dormant accounts, forced capitalization, account closing, stop payments, etc 0.10
T27 Authorization - On workflow basis as defined 0.10
T28 Authorization - On transactions Nature wise (debit / Credits) 0.10
T29 Authorization - On transaction amount wise 0.10
T30 Workflow based Remote Authorization 0.10
T31 Instant Messaging for Authorization 0.10
U: Business Relation Management 3% total of U1 to U46
U1 One window customer operations 0.07
U2 Single view of complete exposure for customer 0.07
U3 Exposure - Funded 0.07
U4 Exposure - Non-Funded 0.07
U5 Credit Portfolio 0.07
U6 Commitments 0.07
U7 Deposits 0.07
U8 Relationship details 0.07
U9 Relationship Personal details 0.07
U10 Multiple Addresses (purpose wise) 0.07
U11 Contact Person (in case of Company) 0.07
U12 Relationship grouping Hierarchy wise 0.07
U13 Bank Contact details (purpose wise) 0.07
U14 Stakeholders details 0.07
U15 User Definable Relationship Analysis Codes 0.07
U16 Client Business Commitment details 0.07
U17 Limits definition for funded / non-funded exposure 0.07
U18 Handling of interchangeable and sub-limits 0.07
U19 Handling of limits on currency based 0.07
U20 Handling of rotating and one time limits 0.07
U21 Auto exposure calculation 0.07
U22 Time Banned Limits 0.07
U23 Maintenance of limits for Groups 0.07
U24 Maintenance of limits for Industry 0.07
U25 Maintenance of limits for Currency 0.07
U26 Maintenance of limits for Regions 0.07
U27 Revaluation of Limits 0.07
U28 History of Limits exposure and version maintenance 0.07
U29 Maintainence of Limits on the basis of customer, product, currency, country etc. 0.07
U30 Domestic and cross border risk profiles 0.07
U31 Industry classification codes 0.07
U32 Time-band definitions 0.07
U33 Relationship management definitions 0.07
U34 Identification details and check-pointing 0.07
U35 Integrated marketing facilities - campaign management 0.07
U36 Recording of external accounts 0.07
U37 Limits managements for insurance companies 0.07
U38 Amortizations of insurance 0.07
U39 Integration of insurances with amortization plans 0.07
U40 Repayment monitoring of insurances 0.07
U41 Auto Calculation of depreciation on insurances 0.07
U42 Isographic and demographic data 0.07
U43 Customer and non customer definitions 0.07
U44 Profitability/risk exposure details profiled by customer or customer group 0.07
Information on household associations- families, partnerships, subsidiaries, clubs and
U45 associations, etc 0.07
U46 Full profiles for interest relief accounts 0.07
Support 25% Qualifying score = 15%
V: Training 15% Total of V1 to V5
Training for Systems & Procedures & IT Departments for maintenance of System
V1 Parameters 3.00
V2 Train one set of staff for first phase of implementation 3.00
Training for Bank's Systems Support staff on: 3 levels of Systems support
V3 Administrators, End users & Management Training 3.00
V4 Training for Bank's Systems Support staff on: Interfacing of other Modules 3.00
V5 Training for Bank's Systems Support staff on: Ad Hoc Reporting 3.00
W: Implementation Period/Responsibility distribution bet. Vendor & BOP 10% Total of W1 to W3
Ability to access existing various databases (Cobol, SQL, Foxpro, DB2 and Oracle) and
W1 extract all master data and history for transferring to new system 3.33
W2 Ability to convert branch by branch 3.33
Availability of scripts to perform several conversion-test cycles before actually going live
W3 with new system 3.33

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BOP-CBS Annexure-K

Proof of Concept 10% Qualifying score = 7%

X: Proof of Concept 10%

Note: The responses marked available in RFP technical evaluation will be randomly
verified by evaluators as “Proof of Concept” during demo of the application. If bidder
fails to demonstrate functionality asked by the evaluator during demothe bidder will be
X1 disqualified. Bidders are, therefore, required to bring their system with demo data. 10.00

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