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2010 Corporate Fact Sheet

Corporate Headquarters Key Attributes

500 Frank W. Burr Blvd. ■ “Client-first” culture of customer satisfaction, resulting
Teaneck, NJ 07666 in unique Cognizant customer experience
Tel: +1 201 801 0233 ■ Distinct identity: Born-global corporation, multicultural
Fax: +1 201 801 0243 workforce and management, entrepreneurial
Toll free: +1 888 937 3277 leadership & culture
Email: ■ Dedicated to building deep, sustainable and long-term
Website: client relationships based on collaboration, custom-
ization and quality
Market Position & Mission
■ Access to the best global IT resources and skills result-
Cognizant is a leading provider of information technology,
ing in intellectual arbitrage advantage for our clients
consulting, IT infrastructure and business process out-
sourcing services. Cognizant’s single-minded mission is ■ Financial re-investment strategy enabling optimal
to dedicate our business process and technology innova- balance and value for onsite/offshore model
tion know-how, deep industry expertise and worldwide ■ Widely recognized for superior transition and
resources to working together with clients knowledge transfer processes and close cultural
to make their businesses stronger. fit with clients
■ Integrated services approach and flexible business
Value Proposition practices
As a customer-centric, relationship-driven partner, we
■ Industry/domain depth and expertise, with a
are redefining the way companies experience and benefit
verticalized go-to-market approach
from global services. Our unique delivery model is in-
fused with a distinct culture of high customer satisfac-
tion. Cognizant delivers a trusted partnership, cost re-
Founded in 1994 as a captive arm of Dun & Bradstreet
ductions and business results.
Traded on NASDAQ since 1998
Cultural Value Drivers Stock symbol: NASDAQ: CTSH
Open, Transparent, Driven, Empowered, Opportunity- Member since 2004: NASDAQ-100 Index
filled, Flexible, Collaborative. Member since 2006: S&P 500 Index

Differentiation Factors Financials

■ 16 years of experience fusing the Two-in-a-BoxTM Fiscal year '10 ends December 31, 2010
client relationship model with a seamless global Estimated revenues for 2010: $$4.55 billion
delivery experience 2009 revenues: $3.279 billion (up 16.4% YoY)
■ Multifaceted client partnership architecture yielding Diluted EPS '09 (GAAP): $1.78
high customer value and continuous alignment with Net income '09 (GAAP): $535 million
client teams Operating margin '09 (GAAP): 18.9%
■ Commitment to measuring the full value of outsourcing
with Cognizant’s Return on OutsourcingTM proprietary Revenue Mix
methodology (ROO)1 based on a proven record of North America: 77.7%, Europe: 18.9%, RoW: 3.4%
© Copyright 2010, Cognizant. All rights reserved.

delivering results Financial Services: 42.8%, Healthcare: 24.9%,

■ Financial success and sound management record Manufacturing, Retail & Logistics: 18.9%,
resulting in continuous innovation, new services Communications, Information, Media & Entertainment
and higher value creation and Technology: 13.4%

■ Service delivery enabled by Cognizant 2.0, a proprietary

Web 2.0-based platform that enables knowledge shar-
ing and collaboration across global teams to benefit
every customer engagement.

Q3 2010 1
Executive Officers Geographic Reach
■ Lakshmi Narayanan, Vice Chairman Over 25 regional sales and client relationship offices in: Atlanta,
■ Francisco D’Souza, President and Chief Executive Officer Boston, Chicago, Dallas, Minneapolis, Phoenix, Los Angeles,
■ Gordon J. Coburn, Chief Financial and Operating Officer, Norwalk, San Ramon, Teaneck (U.S.); Toronto (Canada); London
Secretary and Treasurer (UK); Frankfurt (Germany); Paris (France); Zurich, Geneva
■ Ramakrishnan Chandrasekaran, President and (Switzerland); Amsterdam (The Netherlands); Hong Kong,
Managing Director, Global Delivery Shanghai (China); Tokyo (Japan); Melbourne, Sydney (Australia);
■ Rajeev Mehta, Chief Operating Officer, Global Client Services Singapore (Singapore); Bangkok (Thailand); Kuala Lumpur
(Malaysia); Buenos Aires (Argentina); Dubai (UAE); Manila (Philippines)
Board of Directors
■ John E. Klein, Chairman of the Board, Cognizant and President Industries Served
and Chief Executive Officer, Polarex, Inc. Client-centric go-to-market approach organized by industry verti-
■ Lakshmi Narayanan, Vice Chairman, Cognizant cals: Banking & Financial Services; Communications; Consumer
■ Robert W. Howe, Chairman, ADS Financial Services Solutions Goods; Energy & Utilities; Healthcare; Travel & Hospitality; Informa-
■ Robert E. Weissman, Chairman, Shelburne Investments tion, Media & Entertainment; Insurance; Life Sciences; Retail; Man-
■ Thomas M. Wendel, former Chief Executive Officer, ufacturing & Logistics; Technology
Bridge Information Systems
■ Francisco D’Souza, President and CEO, Cognizant Major Service Offerings
■ John Fox, former Vice Chairman, Deloitte & Touche ■ Project-based application services
■ Maureen Breakiron-Evans, former Chief Financial Officer, ■ Business and technology consulting
Towers Perrin ■ Complex systems integration
■ Application outsourcing
Growth Record ('08 to '09) ■ Business process outsourcing
Revenues: +16.4%; Net income: + 24% (GAAP) ■ IT infrastructure outsourcing
■ Analytics, Business Intelligence, CRM, Data Warehousing and
Customer Satisfaction Record Supply Chain Management, Engineering Management Solutions,
96% of clients rate overall Cognizant customer experience as
ERP, Testing Solutions
"Much Better/Better" and "About the same" compared with similar
service providers (2008)2 Key Alliances or Partnerships3
SAP®, Oracle, Microsoft, Siebel, Informatica, Invensys Operations
Management,, Pegasystems, IBM (SOA), SAS,
697 active clients, 46 of Fortune 100
Sybase, T-Systems
27 of the top 30 global pharmaceutical companies
8 of the top 10 U.S. healthcare plans Recent Awards & Recognition
7 of the top 10 global telecom service providers & equipment vendors ■ Cognizant Tops EquaTerra's Performance and Client
7 of the top 30 global retailers Satisfaction Rankings in Europe (August 2010)
2 of the top 4 global distribution system companies ■ Cognizant Ranks among Top Performers in Bloomberg
3 leading U.S. airlines BusinessWeek 50 (June 2010)
3 of the world’s top restaurant chains ■ Cognizant Ranks among Bloomberg BusinessWeek's Tech 100
9 out of the top 15 North American financial institutions (June 2010)
4 out of the top 5 UK financial institutions ■ Cognizant ranked among Forbes Fastest growing 25 Tech
8 of the top life, property & casualty insurers Companies (April 2010)
3 of the top 10 manufacturing & logistics companies ■ Named to Fortune magazine’s World’s Most Admired Companies
4 of the top 10 information services companies worldwide (March 2010)
4 of the top 10 global media companies ■ Named as best IR company in computer services & IT consulting
5 of the top 7 online companies category by Institutional Investor (February 2010)
© Copyright 2010, Cognizant. All rights reserved.

6 of the major U.S. movie studios

Investment Analysts Coverage
Employees Barclays Capital, Citigroup, Cowen & Co., Credit Suisse, Deutsche
Approximately 95,600 associates Bank Securities, Gilford Securities, Global Equities Research, Gold-
man Sachs, HFP Capital Markets, Janney Montgomery Scott, Jef-
Global Delivery Ecosystem (GDE) feries & Co., J.P. Morgan, Kaufman Brothers, Morgan Stanley, No-
■ 24x7 global delivery availability mura Securities, Oppenheimer & Company, Pacific Crest Securities,
■ More than 12,000 outsourcing projects delivered in 40 countries Piper Jaffray, Robert W. Baird & Company, Sanford Bernstein, Stifel
■ Over 50 development centers in 15 cities and in 5 countries Nicolaus & Company, Susquehanna Financial Group, UBS, Wells
around the world: Fargo, William Blair & Company
■ Budapest (Hungary), Buenos Aires (Argentina), 1 A commissioned tool prepared by Forrester Consulting, leveraging the TEI
methodology, on behalf of Cognizant
Canary Wharf (UK), Manila (Philippines), Shanghai (China),
2 Based on independent survey conducted in 2008 with 1585 responses
Toronto (Canada); Chennai, Coimbatore, Kolkata, Bangalore,
3 Cognizant also has several other domain and industry-specific alliances
Hyderabad, Pune, Mumbai, New Delhi, Cochin (India);
Bentonville, Boston, Bridgewater, Phoenix (U.S.)

2 Q3 2010