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Government Coaching for JEE – Mains

Unit Test-15
Subject: Physics, Chemistry & Maths Time:60min
1) The Test booklet consists of 45 questions
2) Each question carries 4 marks for correct response
3) For each incorrect response one mark will be detected
4) The maximum marks are 180
5) The test is for 60 minutes duration

Choose the best answer 45x4=180

PART A- Physics
Q.No. 1 to 15
1. A ring of radius R carries a charge Q, uniformly distributed along its circumference. What is the ratio of
the electric field strength at a distance R to that at a distance along the axis ?

√ √ √ √
a. b. c. d.
√ √
2. The flux of the electric field = (24 +30 + 28 ) NC-1 through an area of 20 m2 on the YZ plane is
a. 480 Nm2C-1 b. 600 Nm2C-1 c. 560 Nm2C-1 d. 1640 Nm2C-1
3. A Charge Q is placed at the centre of the line joining two point charges +q and +q as shown in the figure

What is the ratio for the system to be in equilibrium ?

a. 4 b. c. -4 d. -
4. A charge 10 is placed at the centre of a hemisphere of radius R= 10 cm as shown in the figure. The
electric flux through the hemisphere is

a. 20 × 105 Nm2C-1 b. 10 × 105 Nm2C-1 c. 6 × 105 Nm2C-1 d. 2 × 105 Nm2C-1

5. An electron initially at rest falls a distance of 1.5 cm in a uniform electric field of magnitude 2 × 104 NC-1.
The time taken by the electron to fall this distance is
a. 1.3 × 102 s b. 2.1 × 10-12 s c. 1.6 × 10-10 s d. 2.9 × 10-9 s
6. A conducting sphere of radius 10 cm has an unknown charge. If the electric field at a distance 20 cm from
the centre of the sphere is 1.2 × 103 NC -1 and points radially inwards. The net charge on the sphere is
a. -4.5 × 10-9 C b. 4.5 × 109 C c. -5.3 × 10-9 C d. 5.3 × 109 C
7. An oil drop of 10 excess electrons is held stationary under a constant electric field of 3.65 × 104 NC-1 in
Millikan’s old . drop experiment the density of Oil is 1.26 g cm-3. Radices of the oil drop is (g=9.8 ms-2, e=
1.6x10-19 c)
a) 1x10-6 m b) 4.8x10-5 m c) 4.8x10-18 m d) 1.13x10-18 m
8. Under the action of a given coulomb force the acceleration of an electron is 2.5x1022 ms-2. Then the
magnitude of the acceleration of a proton under the action of same force is nearly
a) 1.6x10-9 ms-2 b) 9.1x10-31 ms-2 c) 1.4x10-19 ms-2 d) 1.6x10-27 ms-2
9 A rod of length 2.4 m and radius 4.6 mm carries a negative charge of 4.2x10-7c Spread uniformly over its
surface. The electric field near the mid point of the rod on its surface is
a) -8.6 × 105 NC-1 b) 8.6 × 104 NC-1 c) -6.8 × 105 NC-1 d) 6.8 × 104 NC-1
10 If an object of mass 1 kg contains 4x1020 atoms. If one electron is removed from every atom of the solid, the
charge gained by the solid in 1 g is
a) 2.8 C b) 6.4x10-2 C c) 3.6x10-3 C d) 9.2x10-4 C
11. In a field free region, two electrons are released to move on a line towards each other with velocities 106ms-
. The distance of their Closest approach will be nearer to
a) 1.28x10-10 m b) 1.92x10-10 m c) 2.56x10-10 m d) 3.84x10-10 m
12. A uniform electric field E=2x103 NC-1 is acting along the positive X-axis. The flux of this field through a
square of 10 cm side whose plane is Paralled to the YZ plane is
a) 20 Nm2C-1 b) 30 Nm2C-1 c) 10 Nm2C-1 d) 40 Nm2C-1

13. A uniformly Charged conducting sphere of 4.4 m diameter has a surface charge densty of 60 cm-2 the
Charge on the sphere is
a) 7.3x10-3 C b) 3.7x10-6 C c) 7.3x10-6 C d)3.7x10-3 C
14. A this semi – circular ring of radius r has a positive charge q distributed uniformly over it. The net electric
field at the centre O is

a) ∈ b) ∈ c) - ∈ d) - ∈
15. A coin is made up of Al and weighs 0.75 g. It has a square shape and its diagonal measures 17 mm. It is
electrically neutral and contains equal amounts of positive and negative charges. The magnitude of these
Charges is (atomic mass of Al = 26.98g)
a) 3.47x104 C b) 3.47x102 C c) 1.67x1020 C d) 1.67x1022 C
PART B – Chemistry
Q.No. 16 to 30
16. Which of the following is the atomic number of a metal ?
a) 32 b) 34 c) 36 d) 38
17. Which of the following is a favorable factor for cation formation?
a) High electron affinity b) High electro s negativity
c) Small atomic size d) Low ionization potential
18. Which of the following Statements is true about effective nuclear charge?
a) Zeff decreases from top to bottom b) Zeff increases from top to bottom
c) Zeff increases as we move from left to right in periodic table
d) Zeff = Z × (here is Screening constant)
19. Let ionization potential of K + is 2.4 eV. The electron affinity of K + will be
a) 1.2 eV b) 2.4 eV c) 4.2 eV d) 8.4 eV
20. Match the following
Column -I Column -II
(A) Element With highest electro negativity (1) I2
(B) Element with highest electron affinity (2) Br2
(C) Liquid non metal (3) Cl2
(D) Metallic solid (4) F2
The correct matching is
(a) 3 2 1 4
(b) 4 3 2 1
(c) 2 3 4 1
(d) 1 2 3 4
21. Which of the following hydrogen bonds is the strongest
a) F-H……..F b) O-H…….O c) O-H…….F d) O-H…….N
22. Which one of the following molecules contains both ionic and covalent bonds?
a) CH2 Cl2 b) K2 SO4 c) Be Cl2 d) SO2
23. Which type of bond is not present in HNO2 molecule ?
a) Covalent b) Co-ordinate
c) Ionic d) Ionic as well as Co-ordinate
24. The correct sequence of increasing covalent character is represented by
a) Li Cl < Na Cl < Be Cl2 b) Be Cl2 < Li Cl < Na Cl
c) Na Cl < Li Cl < Be Cl2 d) Be Cl2 < Na Cl < Li Cl
25. (A) The electronic structure of O3 is

(R structure is not allowed because octet around O cannot be expanded

(a) A and R both are correct and R is the correct explanation of A
(b) A and R both are correct and R is the not correct explanation of A
(c) A is true but R is false
(d) A and R both are false
26. If the electronic configuration of an element is 1s2 2s2 2p6 3s2 3p6 3d2 4s2 the four
electrons involved in the chemical bond formation will be
a) 3p6 b) 3p6 4s2 c) 3p6 3d2 d) 3d2 4s2
27. The sequence of ionic mobility in aqueous solution is
a) Rb+ > K+ > Cs+ > Na+ b) Na+ > K+ > Rb+ > Cs+
c) K+ > Na+ > Rb+ > Cs+ d) Cs+ > Rb+ > K+ > Na+
28. Which one of the following molecules will form a line as polymeric structure due to hydrogen
a) NH3 b) H2 O c) H Cl d)HF
29. Select correct Statement
a) When a covalent bond is formed, transfer of electrons takes place.
b)Pure H2 O does not contain any ion.
c) A bond is formed when attractive forces over come repulsive forces.
d) HF is less poles than H Br.
30. CH3-CH2 C≡N
M(CO)3 C≡N contains and bonds respectively as ?
a) 19, 10 b) 19, 11 c) 17, 11 d) 17, 10
PART C – Maths
Q.No. 31 to 45
31. The acute angle between the lines such that the direction cosines l, m, n of each of
them satisfy the equations l+m+n =0 and l2+m2-n2 =0 is
a) 15° b) 30° c) 60° d) 45°
32. The image of the line = = in the plane 2x-y+z+3=0 is the line

a) = = b) = =

c) = = d) = =
33. Let ABC be a triangle with vertices at points A(2, 3, 5) B( -1, 3, 2) and C( , 5 , ) in three
dimensional Space. If the median through A is equally inclined with the axes then ( , )
in equal to
a) (10, 7) b) (7, 5) c) (7, 10) d) (5, 7)
34. Equation of the plane which passes through the point of intersection of the lines

= = and = = and has largest distance from the origin is

a) 7x+2y+4z=54 b) 3x+4y+5z=49 c) 4x+3y+5z=50 d) 5x+4y+3z=57

35. A variable plane passes through a fixed point ( 1, -2, 3) and meets the coordinate axes at
point A, B, C then the point of intersection of the planes through A, B, C parallel to
coordinate planes lies on

a) xy - yz + zx = 6 b) yz –2zx +3xy = xyz

c) xy-2yz+3zx = 3xyz d) xy- yz - zx = 6

36. A line passes through two points A(2, -3-1) and B ( 8, -1, +2), then coordinates of a
Point on the line nearer to the origin at a distance 14 units from A are
a) (14, 1, 5) b) (-10, -7, -7) c) (10, 7, 7) d) (-14, -1,-5)
37. A mirror image of the point (3-2, 1) in the plane 3x-y+4z=2 is
a) (0, 1, -3) b) (-1, 0, -3) c) (0, -1, -3) d) (0, -1, 3)
38. The volume of a tetrahedron included by the plane 3x+4y-5z-60=0 and the Co-
ordinate planes in cubic units is
a) 60 b) 600 c) 720 d) none of these
39. The radius of the circle in which the x2+y2+z2+2x-2y-4z-19=0 is cut by the plane
x+2y+2z+7=0 is
a) 2 b) 3 c) 4 d) 1
40. Distance between the parallel planes 2x+y+2z=8 and 4x+2y+4z+5=0 is
5 7 9 3
a) b) c) d)

41. If the lines = = and = = are coplanar, the k can have

a) exactly three values b) any value

b) exactly one value d) exactly two values
42. YZ – plane divides the line joining the point (3, 5, -7) and (-2, 1, 8) in the ratio
a) 1 : 2 b) 2 : 3 c) 3 : 2 d) 2 : 1
43. Equation of a plane which passes through the line x+py+q = rz+s and makes equal
intercepts on Y and Z axes is x+py+q+ (rz+s) = o where is equal to
a) b) c) d)

44. The Shortest distance between the lines x+a = 2y = -12z and x= y+2a = 6z-6a is
a) a b) 2a c) 4a d) 6a
45. The angle between two diagonals of cube in
a) 30° b)45° c) cos-1(√ ) d) cos-1( )
Government Coaching for JEE – Mains
Unit Test-15
Subject: Physics, Chemistry & Maths
Answer Key

1.c 2.a 3.d 4.c 5.d

6.c 7.a 8.c 9.c 10.b

11.c 12.a 13.d 14.d 15.a

16.d 17.d 18.c 19.b 20.b

21.a 22.b 23.d 24.c 25.a

26.d 27.d 28.d 29.c 30.b

31.c 32.a 33.c 34.c 35.b

36.b 37.c 38.b 39.b 40.b

41.d 42.c 43.b 44.b 45.d

Government JEE Unit Test-15
Subject: Physics, Chemistry and Maths

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