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- to receive the truth of your



LIFE… VI. Prayer to the Celebrants:

Denmar to Jocelyn: Show

I. Processional of the birthday celebrants with Lord, your gift of kindness and
escorts and candles. beauty to Ma’am Jocelyn that she
Sir Jade Jimarie may realize your presence in the
Ma’am Emie Lito children who needs her
Ma’am Jocelyn Denmar attention and love.
Ma’am Nitz Aurchen
Ma’am Jennifer Aman Lito to Emie: Lord God and
Fr. Lito Mikmik Creator, bless ma’am Emie a
thousand days like this gift-day,
II. Let us feel the presence of God, + In the so brightly wrapped in your love.
name of the Father… Give her, O my Creator a
III. Leader: Welcome to our celebration beginner’s mind to continuously
of Life! Let us thank and praise our God offer her life to you.
who is the source of life, of blessings, of
strength and of growth. Let us pray for our Aurchen to Ma’am Nitz:
birthday celebrants for the month of January, Grace Ma’am Nitz
Sir Jade, Ma’am Emie , Ma’am Jocelyn, with your insight as she use
Ma’am Nitz, Ma’am Jennifer, Fr. Dodong,
this time to explore new
Fr. Lito, Mukmuk and Mikmik that they
ways to live today.
may grow in Wisdom, in Good Health, and
in Grace of God , and be a blessing to the
Aman to Jennifer: May
people whom they served and loved.
IV. Song- WHEN SOMONE WE LOVE the God of abundance bless
V. Litany of Praise: Ma’am Jennifer with good harvest
Jocelyn: We give you praise, God of our Life, of the fruits of kindness and love
- for the power of love, the discovery of with infinite patience and desire
friends, the truth of beauty from You.
Ma’am Nitz: for the wonder of growth, the
kindling of fidelity, the taste of Jimarie to Jade: God our Creator,
transformation bless Sir Jade with life full of
Jade: for the miracle of life, the seed of our friends around him who makes
soul, the gift of becoming him appreciate your presence in
Jennifer: for the taste of little dying which have the people around him.
strengthened us for the days ahead
Emie: for the mystery of journey, the Sr. Andrea to Fr. Lito and Fr.
bends of the road, the pauses that Dodong: Lord of Life, bless Fr.
refresh Lito and Fr. Dodong with good
for the faith that lies deep
Fr. Lito: health as they continue to serve your
enough to permeate people at all times without any
discouragement and anxiety. We hesitation and keep them always safe
give you thanks, God of our in their journey through life.
Life,for your strength on which
we can lean and your grace by
which we can grow, VII. Closing Song: Spirit of New Life
for believing that you will care #732
VIII. In the name of the Father…
for us in our vulnerability
ALL: We beg assistance, God of our Life,
IX. Birthday Song:
- to accept that all of life is only on loan to
- to hold all of life in open hands
- to treasure all that is gift and blessing HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!
- to allow your love to embrace us on the
empty and lonely days


When someone we love so carefully grows

When courage and struggle to let love be their
We sing yes, we dance and share our delights
To witness such beauty and strength oh so right

We love you dear sister/ brother and we treasure
your life;
We tenderly hold you in the palm of our hands

The joy that you’ve found is gift for us all

It grows like the velvet of crystal moon night
Over years the choices you’ve made have clothed
You with freedom to nurture to heal (Chorus)

And as we move to horizon of life

We hope for each other, drink deeply of life
To know and to love, to choose and to share;
This is the garden where happiness dwells


Persons are gifts from God to me

That come all wrapped so differently,
Some so loosely, others so tightly
But wrappings are not the gifts.

I am a gift of God to me
Do I accept the gift I see
I am a person and for this reason
A wonderful gift of love

Am I a gift to others too

Willingly given to you and you
We are all persons we are all gifts
So lets have a grand exchange of gifts.