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December 16, 2019

President Kennedy and Chair Gallegos,

As you know, it has come to our attention that someone involved in the recent University of Colorado
President search has disclosed a list of candidates who applied for the presidency. Such an action is
inconsistent with the expectation of confidentiality that the University of Colorado promised to
candidates until the time they agreed to be named as a finalist and make their applications public.

The University of Colorado appointed a search committee that performed its work well and
recommended that the Board of Regents interview the candidates whom it believed could effectively
lead the University of Colorado. The Board of Regents was tasked with interviewing those candidates,
which it did in good faith, and determining whom the regents would declare as a finalist. Mark Kennedy
ultimately emerged from that search process, was named as a public finalist, was confirmed by the
regents, and is serving the University of Colorado as its president.

The breach of confidentiality that occurred may have negative consequences for the university and
make it more difficult to recruit in future searches. We committed to respect the confidentiality of the
process and of the individual candidates so that the University could attract the top talent expected to
run a flagship state university system.

Whoever provided this information to the media without the university's authorization has harmed
the university and undermined the integrity of the search process. We are requesting a formal
investigation to determine how this breach occurred and to advise us on how to protect confidentiality
in future searches. Because Pat O'Rourke was part of the search process and would necessarily need to
be a witness in the investigation, we believe any investigation should be conducted under privilege by
an independent law firm and that the results be reported to President Kennedy and the Board of


Heidi Ganahl, At-Large Regent and Co-Chair of the President Search Committee
Sue Sharkey, Regent CD4
John Carson, Regent CD6
Chance Hill, Regent CD5

cc: Irene Griego, Lesley Smith, Linda Shoemaker, Jack Kroll