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multiCELL Type 8619 for Water Quality Monitoring of Waste Water

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Application Description
Water Quality Monitoring of two remote waste water treatment plants

The customer application involved monitoring the water quality of two remote waste water treatment
plants in Swaziland. The process involves removing contaminants from wastewater, primarily from
household sewage, by physical, chemical, and biological means to produce environmentally safe
treated wastewater. Each plant is monitored at the inlet, first, intermediate and outlet stage of
treatment. The required measurements at each of these four stages include pH, conductivity, free and
total chlorine, flow and disolved oxygen.

Customer Challenges & Value Drivers

Lack of infrastructure and strict government regulations

The two plants are located in remote areas. To measure the water quality engineers have to drive to
each plant, take samples of the water, analyse it in the laboritories and capture the data manually. This
is time consuming and in many cases the data was not captured correctly. Furthermore, government
regulations require online monitoring and recording of water quality parameters at the outlet. The lack
of infrastructure in terms of power, network, or cabling means additional challenges. The only available
point of power is in the respective control rooms – between 50 to 200 m away from each measurement
stage. There are also no existing sampling points at any of the stages.

Bürkert Solution
Turn-key solution based on multiCELL

Bürkert offered a turn-key solution. The design includes a local SCADA and HMI in the control room as
well as control enclosures and instrumentation at each measuring stage. The control enclosures
include a panel-mount multiCELL, solar controllers and other required third party electronics. To
overcome the lack of infrastructure, solar systems and telemetry are used. Some analytical equipment
requires that samples are drawn from the measured water. Since there are no existing sampling points,
a custom submersible pump solution was also designed and installed. The central SCADA system was
programmed to record all measured data, display it locally on the HMI and email a daily and weekly
report to the engineer. Due to customer’s gaps in technical knowledge, Bürkert also offered a one year
on-site maintenance and training package. Bürkert competed with E&H, but we finally won this project
because we were able to meet the customer’s challenges and provide a full turn-key solution.

Customer Value Propositions:

 Eliminate manual work
 Full turn-key solution
 Overcome several pains due to
infrastructure and knowledge

Andre Nel, BC-ZA

Phone: +27 13 741 2995,
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