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Austin 1

Maggie Austin

Mrs. Crandall

AP Language-2nd

17 December 2019

Reflection Essay

Throughout my academic career, I have always enjoyed writing, finding it as one of my

strengths, repeatedly choosing to take the higher level language arts courses. AP Language has

only reassured my love for writing, flourished my interest, and developed my abilities as a writer

greatly. There are many things that I know now, that coming into this class back in August, I was

completely oblivious to; the power of rhetoric, the characteristics of a strong argument, the

importance of an educated, well-rounded vocabulary, and the impact these can have on one’s

work. AP Language has made me an aspiring writer and high-achieving AP student.

Rhetorical analysis, a very unfamiliar concept to me at the start of this class, is now

deeply ingrained within my brain. I have only ever known the standard “CEI” (claim, evidence,

and interpretation) writing structure, which though a good basis for an effective analysis, does

not interpret a piece nearly as thoroughly as done in the lens of rhetoric. Research and finding

dependent, valuable sources to support my work has never been a strongpoint of mine, but in this

class, specifically in preparation for writing the research paper, this was a crucial necessity. My

topic, being one that I struggled with acquiring personal experience and background, therefore

required a multitude of evidence from various accounts and sources that in turn, would remain

consistent in proving the adoption process’ need for change. In this assignment, my knowledge

in properly obtaining reliable sources and how to use rhetorical devices to my advantage was
Austin 2

greatly strengthened, empowering my writing abilities and confidence in proving something I am

passionate about.

As I continue throughout my academic career, I hope to remain fascinated and intrigued

by the realms of writing and all of it’s beauty as well as continue in taking those higher level

language arts courses. This class has proven to me how to go about getting things done in a

timely, yet efficient manner, the rewards of challenging myself and never being afraid to ask

questions, and furthered my interest in writing as a whole.