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Contract No. : SO-ICP-CBE-S- Date :






Sub.: Work Order for Painting works- Rakindo Kovai Hills

With reference to your quotation and discussions held with you, we, Rakindo Kovai Township Ltd.,
(hereinafter referred to as “Client”), are pleased to place with ____________________________
(hereinafter referred to as “Contractor”), our Work Order for the Painting works at our above mentioned

The terms and conditions governing this Work Order shall be as follows :

1) Scope of Services

Contractor shall carryout the painting works as per the drawing/instruction given by Client and
specification mentioned in respective Bills of quantities given below.

2) Authorisations, Trade Licenses and Permits

Contractor shall have the requisite trade and labour licenses and/or authorizations for carrying out
subject construction works, and shall indemnify Client from any liens or claims as a result of any
non-compliance or breach in this regard.

3) Confidentiality and Publicity

Contractor shall treat as confidential and proprietary any information, whether verbal or written of
any description (including any information, documents, or data) of Client.

Contractor shall not share any of the above said information, documents, or data with any third
party without the express written consent of Client, except for the performance of its obligations
under this Work Order.

4) Basis / Validity of Unit Rates

4.1 As a complete and full compensation for carrying out the total Scope of Works by the
Contractor under this Work Order, Client will pay the Contractor only for the actual
quantities work executed and approved by Client representative, based on the firm and
fixed Unit Rate mentioned below. However, based on tentative quantity and corresponding
Unit Rate hereto, the Estimated Work Order Value is Rs.105400(inclusive of taxes)
(Rupees One lakh Five thousand Four hundred only).

Bills of Quantities Description of work unit Rate Qty Amount

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1 Kottayam (white wash) sq ft 1.50 1000 1500
2 Exterior wall primer sq ft 2.50 1000 2500
3 Exterior ace paint (emulsion) sq ft 2.75 1200 3300
4 Apex paint for exterior sq ft 3.50 2500 8750
5 oil bound distemper sq ft 2.00 1000 2000
6 Plastic emulsion paint sq ft 3.50 1000 3500
7 Enamel paint satin finish sq ft 4.00 4500 18000
8 POP full putty sq ft 5.50 2000 11000
9 Exterior wall putty sq ft 12.00 1000 12000
10 wall premier inner sq ft 2.00 800 1600
11 Wood - putty, primer, enamel sq ft 11.00 1000 11000
MS Grills
12 finishing sq ft 9.00 400 3600
13 Roofing tiles sq ft 4.50 1200 5400
14 Exterior snow cem sq ft 1.25 5000 6250

supply of -
painter nos 300.00 50 15000


4.2 The above Unit rates are inclusive of Service Tax and any other taxes/levies that may be

4.3 The Unit Rates indicated above shall not be subject to any change due to any increase or
decrease in Bills of quantities. or due to any other extraneous reasons.

4.4 The Warranty for the Painting works as provided by the Manufacturer to be provided by
the Contractor.

4.5 The Painting to be carried out as instructed/advised by the Manufacturer.

4.6 The Brand and Colour of the Paint to be approved by the Client before executing the

5) Terms of Payment and Invoicing

5.1 10 % of the Work Order value is payable as advance within seven (7) days from receipt of
an invoice for the equivalent amount.

5.2 Balance amount payable as per the work progress within 15 days from the date of receipt
of an invoice from Contractor.

5.3 As a condition precedent to receipt of the final payment, Contractor shall submit a Liens
and Claims Release Letter as per the Format attached herewith (as Annexure-1).

5.4 Retention of 5% will be with Held in all the bills and same shall be released after 6months
from the date of completion.

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6) Time Schedule

Contractor shall complete total scope works within 20 days from the date of this Work Order.

7) Extraneous Factors

Contractor shall be aware of the local conditions prevailing at the vicinity of the Site. Contractor
shall make due provisions in terms of cost and time to deal with any eventualities that may impact
the performance of obligations by Contractor under this Work Order.

8) Termination

Client may anytime, without assigning any reason, terminate this Work Order. In such an event
Contractor shall stop further works and shall return all information and documents to Client.

However, Client will reimburse for the costs incurred by the Contractor for the performance of its
obligations under this Work Order, until the point termination. Contractor shall provide reasonable
evidence of costs incurred to avail the reimbursement from Client in this regard.

6) Consequential Damages

Neither party shall be responsible to the other for any indirect or consequential loss or damages,
howsoever arising during the execution of the Works.

Please sign and return one original of this Work Order to us, signifying your acceptance and
understanding of the above terms and conditions.

Yours faithfully, Agreed & Accepted

For Rakindo Kovai Township Ltd. For ____________

____________________ ____________________

Enclosures to the Work Order

Annexure 1 : Liens and Claims Release Certificate

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[on Contractor’s letterhead]


Rakindo Kovai Township Ltd.,

No 1, Subbaraya Avenue,
C P Ramasamy Road, Alwarpet,
Chennai-600 018


Subj. : Work Order No.________________ dated ______________

Work Order for Painting works

We, for and in consideration of our receipt of the sum of Rs. …………… (in words) from you, representing
the final progress payment, extra works and any other payment due to us under the Work Order, including
all supplements thereto, hereby release and forever discharge you from all claims and demands
whatsoever in any manner arising out of, or related to, labor performed or materials and equipment
furnished by us under the Work Order.

In consideration of, and for the purpose of inducing you to make the aforesaid final payment, we hereby
warrant that we shall indemnify and hold harmless you from all demands, liens, and claims of any nature
in any manner arising from or related to this Work Order.

We understand that the foregoing shall not relieve us of our obligations under the provisions of this Work
Order, which by their nature survive the completion of work under the Work Order including, without
limitation, warranties, guarantees, and indemnities.

In Witness whereof, we have caused this instrument to be executed by our duly authorized officer this
_____ day of ……….. 2009.

For & On behalf of (Name of Contractor)

By : ……………………….

Title : ……………………….

Date : ……………………….

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