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Henan Winner Vibrating Equipment Co., Ltd

Composite Amplitude Screen Performance Report at 2x230m2 Sinter Plant

By Hebei Jingye Group
2 workshop at 2nd Sinter Plant
Jul.13th, 2015 Monday

Hebei Jingye Group is the largest HRB (Hotrolled Ribbed Bars) producer in the world, and
is listed at 238 in China Top 500 enterprises, which is nominated for 9th times; and is also
nominated for 11th times in Hebei Top 100 enterprises. Under the situation of steel market
keep gloomier, Jingye group still adheres to the principle of Innovation, Energy
Conservation, Environmental friendly.

In 2011, our 2x230m2 sinter plant was completed and putted into production. They are
totally 3 producing lines in which running 2 lines with another 1 as backup. We formerly
used the Elliptical Screen of 3090 & 38108 as a cascaded connection for each producing
line. During the operation of screen, it frequently occurred bearing jammed because of too
high temperature of exciters, thus caused highly shutdown maintenance cost. In addition,
it needed 300 barrels (15kg/barrel) lubrication oil for maintenance each month, that cost
was over ①CNY 800,000 per year. Furthermore, it needed 6 workers to work more than
20 hours once replacement of screen decks, and brought great labor intensity to workers
for the hoist cannot be used. Another, the screening efficiency is only 85% that caused
more cost on returns.

In order to change this situation, we contacted with Henan Winner Vibrating Equipment
Co., Ltd., and decided to adopt their Composite Amplitude Vibrating Screen. Then 2
producing lines (4 sets of WFPS-2575) were put into producing in May, 2015. After one
month usage, the effect was obvious, as for the Composite Amplitude Screen is only with
screen decks on vibration, which sharply reduced the motor power from formerly 200kW
to 90kW per line. Thus the electric charge can be saved about ②CNY 990,000/Year per
line. In addition, as the composite amplitude screen adopts static sealing, the exhaust
volume for each equipments was reduced from 3 exhaust inlet to 2 inlets, and the
dedusting pipe was narrowed from Φ 1000mm to Φ 600mm & Φ 400mm, that is greatly
lowered the exhaust volume and saved certain energy.

Composite Amplitude vibrating screen is with less vibrating weight that is to cause a less
load for exciters, and it will increase the using life of bearings sharply; lubrication oil is
reduced from above 300 barrels to 40 barrels per month after renovation, it is to save ③
CNY app. 700,000 /Year.

Composite Amplitude vibrating screen is with a higher opening rate of screen decks, that
is a Double-layer Grizzly Bars deck; it increased the screening efficient to more than 90%,
which to reduce the cost of returning. Before renovation, our screen is with 10.5% of
overflow rate, after changed to Composite amplitude screen, its overflow rate is only 8%.
Our sinter capacity is 13500 tons per day, and the cost of sinter is CNY 82.36 /ton.
Henan Winner Vibrating Equipment Co., Ltd

a. That is to say, it can reduce the returns (+5mm) per day:

13500x(10.5%-8%)= app. 338 tons/ day;
It can save returning cost per year:
CNY 82.36 x 338(tons/day) x 340 (days)=app. ④ CNY 9,500,000/Year
b. It will reduce the transforming cost of returns; after renovation, our returns have been
reduced from 16.24% to 12.5%, and the cost of transforming is app. CNY 2/ton; Our
sinter capacity is 13000tons/day, so it will save the transforming cost of returns:
CNY 2 x 13000 (tons) x (16.24%-12.5%) x 360 (days) = app. ⑤ CNY 360,000/Year

Therefore changed to Composite Amplitude Screens, our 2 producing line can save the
cost per year:
2(line) x ¥990,000 (Power) + ¥700,000 (Lubrication) + ¥9,500,000 (Returns) +
¥360,000 (Transform) = app. CNY 12,540,000 / Year.