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Subject Matter: Human Organ System

Topic: Digestive System

Timeframe: 30 minutes

I. Objective

At the end of the discussion students will be able to:

1. Trace digestion of food.

2. Give importance to the organ of your Digestive System.
3. Explain how Digestive System work.

II. Learning Competencies

Explain how the organs of each organ system work together S6LT- IIa-b-1.

III. Content
Digestive System is made up of groups of organs that work together to digest food so it
can be used by the body.
Parts of the Digestive System
1. Mouth
2. Esophagus
3. Stomach
4. Small Intestine
5. Large Intestine
6. Anus

IV. Learning Resources

A. Reference
Adduru, Myrna Q. Pd.D. “Cyber Science 6”. Manila: REX Bookstore Inc., pp. 75-77.
B. Other Learning Resources
1. Food ( Banana / Biscuit)
2. Visual Aid
3. Chalk and Chalkboard
4. Digestive System Illustration
5. Printed Copy for students.

V. Procedure
Teacher’s Activity Student’s Activity
A. Engage
Ask representative in the class The student will lead the prayer.
to lead the prayer.
Good Afternoon Class. Good Afternoon Ma’am.
Are you sleepy or bored students? Yes, teacher.
Get up kids cause we’re going to
sing and dance.
I will do it first then you all
follow after me. Ok, teacher
Banana Song
I peel banana, peel – peel banana.
I cut banana, cut – cut banana.
I eat banana, eat – eat banana.
I digest banana, digest banana.
I out banana, out – out banana.
What is the song all about? It is about banana / digesting of food.
B. Explore
I will distribute some food here
and you’ll observe what happen to
the food when you eat it.
What happen to the food when you
chew it? The food cut into pieces when I chew it.
What did you taste? It taste sweet
Does the food soften? Yes, teacher
Where do you think the food goes? To my stomach
What happen to the food when you
eat it? The food digest into my stomach.
C. Explain
Are you excited to know where
the food we eat goes and what will
happen to it? Yes, teacher.
But before that you should find
first a partner to discuss your ideas
with about this printed copy that I
will distribute.
Teacher distribute a printed
copy of an article and give time for
the student to read and discuss it.
Show picture of Digestive System.
Today we will be learning about
one specific topic that help our body
work. After that I’ll ask question so
be attentive in the discussion. Ok, teacher.
The Digestive System is made
up of groups of organs that work
together to digest food so it can be
used by the body. It consists of the
mouth, esophagus, stomach, small
intestine, large intestine and the
accessory organs which include the
salivary glands, gallbladder, liver,
and pancreas.
What do you find inside your
mouth? My teeth and tongue
What does our teeth do to
the food we eat? It cut the foods we eat.
Our mouth is where the
digestion begin. Your teeth cut the
food into small pieces. While your
tongue push the food into the
esophagus when swallowing.
Aside from the food is cut into
pieces when chewing, what else
happen? The food also softened.
That’s right.
That’s because the saliva
soften and moisten the food. Saliva
contains an enzyme that digest
According to the article you
read. From the mouth where does
the food goes? To the esophagus.
The Esophagus is a long,
straight, muscular tube that
connects the mouth to the stomach.
It squeezes and pushes the food
down to the stomach through the
contraction and relaxation
movement of the muscles. This
squeezing movement of muscles is
called peristalsis. This muscle
movement is under the control of
the nervous system, particularly
spinal column.
How do your muscles help the If our muscle is strong many amount of
digestive system? food can put in it.
That’s right.
From the esophagus where
does the food goes next? To the stomach
Stomach squeezes the food
and mixes it with gastric juices that
help in breaking down protein and
destroy microorganism in the food.
Where does digested food
goes? It goes to the small intestine.
From the stomach this soup
mixture goes into the small
intestine. But before the soup
mixture reaches to the small
intestine, it is mixed with the fluids
from the liver and pancreas.
The liver releases Bile which is
stored in the gallbladder.
How does Bile help in digesting
the foods? It digest fats.
How about the pancreatic juices
that the pancreas releases, how
does it help in the digestion? It digest carbohydrates, fats, and proteins.
The digested juices in the small
intestine change the food into thin
soluble substances that can pass
through the villi. From the villi, the
digested food goes to the body. The
distribution of food is in the
coordination with circulatory
system which take care of
transporting the nutrient together
with the oxygen to all the cells of
the body.
Where does the undigested food
goes? To the large intestine.
When the walls of large intestine
absorb the water, what leaves in the
large intestine? The solid waste.
What is this solid waste? Feces.
Where does this solid waste It goes first to the rectum and it is
goes? eliminated in the anus.
What do we call the process of
the elimination of solid waste? Defecation or Bowel Movement
D. Elaborate
The student will answer the
Activity that the teacher will give.
I. What are the parts of the Digestive
System? Write the correct word in the
The Digestive System consists of
different organs that work together,
changing food into soluble substances that
can be used by the body cells.
_______ - where food is cut and broken
down into smaller pieces by the teeth,
softened by the saliva from the salivary
glands, and pushed down into the
esophagus by the tongue.
_______ - where food is digested through
the aid of gastric juices and peristalsis until
it become a thick, soupy mixture.
_______ - where undigested food stays
and is eliminated through the anus.
_______ - where final digestion takes
place through the digestive juices from the
liver and pancreas until it becomes a thin
soluble substance that passes through the
______ - where food travels through the
peristalsis going to the stomach.
Accessory organs include salivary
glands, ________, gallbladder, and ______
which secrete digestive juices.
II. Therefore, how important is each part
of the Digestive System?
E. Evaluate
Answer briefly.
1. What happen to the digested food in
the small intestine?
2. What happen to undigested food?
3. How does the Digestive System work
with the other systems?
4. Why do we need food?

VI. Assignment:
How can you keep your Digestive System healthy?

Prepared by:
Jessah Mae E. Begino BEED

Submitted to:
Mr. Jonathan Julito
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