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Pokemon Light Platinum (Lauren Region Walkthrough)

Hello there, my name is Allen Chingonzoh and this is a little walkthrough I decided
to do for Pokemon Light Platinum, created by Wesley FG, after playing through the
Zhery region portion and noticing that the walkthrough available doesn't cover the
other region, Lauren. So I went in blind and here is the grand chronicle of my time
in the second half of this game. Enjoy!

We pick up where the other walkthrough left off - us being dropped off just outside
Suner Town in the Lauren region.

SUNER TOWN - "A Place full of Sunlight, with very beautiful Beaches."

Places of Interest
Yellow's House

In the middle of town we meet Prof. Ellie. She's waiting for another character -
her nephew Yellow, who has also started his journey through this region. Meet the
new Rival everybody :) is he going to be bothering us with only 2 Pokemon in his
team like the previous rivals? Prof. Ellie tells us that her lab is in another town
called Carmine Town. Then she and Yellow leave.

It's a small town, not much. In the house on the left, speak to the blonde woman to
receive Mystic Water.

Yellow's house is the north one. His mom Dara is home, proud of her son.

Leave town via the north exit.


Pokemon Found
Poochyena, Shinx, Wurmple, Luxio, Tranquill

On the left from the Protein man is a Super Potion. That item on the ledge above
him is an Ultra Ball. Continue north.

Lass Raquel Prize: P672

(Lv40 Eevee, Lv42 Pidgeot, Nidoqueen, Lv41 Purugly)

Youngster Pedro Prize: P672

(Lv40 Pikachu, Lv41 Bibarel, Ninetales, Lv42 Kricketune)

Bug Catcher Jorge Prize: P688

(Lv41 Butterfree, Scolipede, Lv43 Scyther, Pinsir Lv42 Vespiquen)

From Jorge, to the right and below the ledge is TM32 (Double Team).

Youngster Gabriel Prize: P672

(Lv40 Drifloon, Lv42 Staraptor, Exeggutor)

North from him is a Cleanse Tag and just a little further is our destination.

CARMIN TOWN - "A City full of Pleasant Aromas."

Places of Interest
Prof. Ellie's Research Lab


Potion P300
Antidote P100
Parlyz Heal P200
Awakening P250

Head over to the Lab. We meet up with Prof. Ellie, Yellow and new character Pearl,
Ellie's niece. Another Rival. We are then allowed to pick a Starter Pokemon given
that we're in a new region and all:
Snivy, Tepig and Oshawott. Going to the right leads to the backyard, where you'll
see some Pokemon out and about.

If you try to exit town via the west, you're stopped by the man standing outside
the Lab, going on about we should avoid dangerous routes like that one.
east we go.


Pokemon Found
Swellow, Shroomish, Glameow, Tranquill, Buneary

According to the sign post we find, further east is Flamerny City.

Beauty Katya (Lv44 Ivysaur) Prize: P3520

Camper Paulo (Lv44 Marowak) Prize: P704

To the right from him is a Super Potion. Standing above on a ledge is Pearl. Circle
round to speak with her.

Lass Catarina (Lv43 Hypno) Prize: P688

There's a Luxury Ball a few steps north from her. Carry on to meet Pearl. She's
looking for strong Pokemon...but she's cool battling us with what she currently


PokeTrainer Pearl (Lv63 Arcanine, Lv65 Sceptile) Prize: P1300

So ends our progress along this portion of Route 507. We go back to town and
finally move west.


Pokemon Found
Tranquill, Glameow, Chatot, Swellow

According to the sign post, further west is Rocavely City. No ledge blocking our
way this time :)

Youngster Gabriel (Lv45 Muk) Prize: P720

The item near him is a Revive.

Blackbelt Jonas (Lv46 Poliwrath) Prize: [sorry, forgot to note]

South from him is TM21 (Frustration).

PokeRanger Sara (Lv45 Pachirisu) Prize: P2160

As we head up the steps, guess who we bump into - Silver! That makes Rival #3 here?
My favourite rival out of all the rivals from the official games. Had the best
Encounter theme and maybe best (Rival) Battle theme also..? He's here and this is
probably the first of many battles we'll have against him.


PokeTrainer Silver (Lv65 Typhlosion, Meganium, Feraligatr) Prize: P1300

After he leaves, get that Ultra Ball and continue west.

Bug Catcher Cristian (Lv46 Ariados) Prize: P736

That is a Super Potion near him. Only a few steps and we step into town.

ROCAVELY CITY - "The City of Stone & Warm Weather."


Places of Interest
Rocavely City Mineral Refinery


Ultra Ball P1200
Hyper Potion P1200
Max Potion P2500
Full Heal P600
Revive P1500
Max Repel P700
X Attack P500
X Defend P550
Shadow Mail P50

Mining town. Let's look around. In the house next door to the PokeCenter, speak to
the Miner to get TM49 (Rock Slide). Having played the game this far I have to say
that I wish some of the TMs weren't changed, because it has meant that those moves
which certain Pokemon could learn can't be learned in this game e.g. Ice Smash
(Brick Break) and Glide (Aerial Ace). Will this continue with Rock Slide?
In the house to the south, near the Miner and his Aron, speak to the Hiker to get
Metal Powder. The theme of rocking into a Gym city and not finding the Gym Leader
at their Gym continues in this new region - blocking this Gym is a Miner who tells
us that Rochelle is at the Rocavely Mines, west of town.

North of town is the entrance into Mt. Lauren.

Nothing going on at the Refinery, yet.

At the Rocavely Mines site, speak to the Miner to the left of the crane to get the
Predator Fossil (Aerodactyl). In the area below we'll find Rochelle busy at work.
When she's done she'll go to the Refinery. There's a Spiral Fossil (Omanyte) to the
left from her.

At the Refinery, talk to Rochelle again so we can remind her to get back to the
Gym. We get a Yes/No question, say No to make her leave.



...which looks exactly like the one in Groment City. Huh. Oh, maybe
they're...Sister Gyms..?

Miner Stevan (Lv47 Marowak) Prize: P564

Miner Sergio (Lv48 Rhydon) Prize: P576

Miner Jorge (Lv48 Steelix) Prize: P576


Leader Rochelle (Lv64 Armaldo, Bastiodon, Aerodactyl)

Prizes: P1280 + Mineral Badge (Use of TM39 Rock Climb) + TM39

There have been some amazing HMs introduced to us in the Pokemon games over the
years, which make for great battle moves like Surf, Rock Smash, Strength, Fly, Dive
and Waterfall...maybe Cut on a good day. As for the others...they could've been Key
Items that players get in the games instead and perform the same functions. I'm
looking at you Flash and Rock Climb /==./ unfortunate how TMs are not reusable in
this game and here we get a major TM. What happened, creator?

Well, so now the mystery of those spots where Rock Climb is needed has been solved.
Onwards into Mt. Lauren. Bring a Pokemon that has learned Rock Climb.


1st Area

Pokemon Found
Aron, Lairon, Onix

Hiker Taylor (Lv48 Golem) Prize: P1920

Just above from him is a Super Potion. Continue.

Blackbelt Patrick (Lv47 Machamp) Prize: P1504

Just above from him is one Scope Lens and the entrance to the next area.

2nd Area

Pokemon Found
Onix, Geodude, Graveler, Machoke

Hiker Tom (Lv48 Rhydon) Prize: P1920

Next to him is a Super Potion. Still heading north.

Lass Jaqueline (Lv48 Bellossom) Prize: P768

We'll find a Hiker to the right from her, speak to him to get a Shell Fossil
(Kabuto). Up the steps to find the exit and a Thunderstone to the left. We'll be
going back outside, still on the mountain. Scale up the rocks and continue. Another
entrance is up ahead.

3rd Area

Pokemon Found
Aron, Graveler, Onix

Grab that Ultra Ball before meeting Carolina.

Lass Carolina (Lv47 Gastrodon) Prize: P752

Hiker Armando (Lv48 Onix) Prize: P1920

Near the Youngster above from Armando is TM23 (Iron Tail) and the exit up ahead.

Still on the mountain. Near the blonde woman who tells us about the next city,
Skyner City, is an Ultra Ball. North from her is an entrance back into the
mountain...but standing by the entrance is Yellow. Cue theme. Battle #1.


PokeTrainer Yellow (Lv65 Luxray, Lv67 Blaziken) Prize: P1340

Curious about how he got here with only 2 Pokemon...maybe Blaziken can learn Rock
Climb. Off he goes and in we go.

SKYNER CITY - "A Beautiful City built on a Mountain top."


Places of Interest
Ultra Ball P1200
Hyper Potion P1200
Max Potion P2500
Full Heal P600
Revive P1500
Max Repel P700
X Attack P500
X Defend P550
Shadow Mail P50

I imagine the view up here must be majestic :) we are in the city of Flying-type
Pokemon. When you're ready, let's hit the Gym.



In this Gym there are those arrow slide panels that everyone knows and loves :)
simple to navigate through. Wait...are those SPIKES down below?? Explains why the
Gym Trainers are already on their Pokemon haha those spikes remind me of a castle
stage from one of the GBA Mario RPGs. Superstar Saga perhaps? Or the one featuring
Baby Mario & Luigi?

Flyer Stefany (Lv49 Skarmory) Prize: P1960

From her, slide left.

Flyer Lyedson (Lv49 Altaria) Prize: P1960

Slide up.

Flyer Vanessa (Lv47 Skarmory) Prize: P1880

To fight the last Gym Trainer you have to slide all the way up, taking you to the
area where Gym Leader Rebecca is, and then sliding back down.

Flyer John (Lv49 Altaria) Prize: P1960

Then you'll have to make your way back to Rebecca. Sacrifices, eh?


Leader Rebecca (Lv64 Staraptor, Lv65 Honchkrow, Lv66 Salamence)

Prizes: P1320 + Sky Badge (Use of TM40 Glide) + TM40 + Pilot License

A Pilot License? If any of you reading this played a little game from back in the
day called Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas...remember them flying missions that we
had to do in order to get the license? Good times :) NOT. Anyway, in this game the
license allows us to ride Flying-type Pokemon anywhere. Not bad. Rebecca talks
about Glide a.k.a Aerial Ace in another life like its Fly, even though Fly works
just fine even in this region. But using the Pilot License is unique and fun, the
Pokemon you ride is Skarmory (I don't have it in my traveling party at the moment,
so I assume it is the default Pokemon).

We're done here. Exit is to the east. Time to make use of that license. Bring along
a Pokemon that learned to Glide.

Pokemon Found
Staravia, Swablu

Use the Pilot License and make your way to the edge of the path. The game will ask
you to use Glide and one of your Pokemon will use Glide and up into the air we go!
Flying among the clouds like we're friggin 5 Star pilots :) this is neat. Carry on

Flyer Sabrina (Lv48 Skarmory) Prize: P1920

Flyer Jose (Lv50 Altaria) Prize: P2000

Just to the north from him, on a cloud, is a pair of Blackglasses.

Flyer Mika (Lv50 Skarmory) Prize: P2000

Flyer Hiago (Lv50 Altaria) Prize: P2000

Eventually we reach the edge of the other side. Follow the path south, pick up that
Nest Ball you'll find in the corner to the left and then continue east. According
to the sign post we see, next stop is Lendyn Town.

That item near the Bug Catcher is a Super Potion. A few steps from there is...

LENDYN TOWN - "A Calm & Tranquil Village."


Places of Interest

In the first house we reach on our way into town, speak to the woman inside to get
a Rotom.

There are 2 other ways to leave town, north and east. North leads to Route 511...


Pokemon Found
Luxio, Kecleon, Vullaby, Swellow, Breloom

According to the sign post, further north is Noormeak City.

Hiker Maikon (Lv49 Golem) Prize: P1960

Just up ahead from Maikon, in the left corner is a Full Restore.

PokeRanger Melissa Prize: P2448

(Lv49 Lopunny, Lv51 Starmie, Lv50 Electabuzz, Purugly)

A deadend up ahead in the form of ledges. But you do find an Ultra Ball though
haha, consolation prize?
...and then east is blocked by a trio of goons - Team Steam variety goons. These
clowns again? When you approach them, one says they should hurry to a place called
Kosaka City, which beyond a lake that's ahead, or else God of War/Team Steam Leader
Kratos will be angry with them. Can't say I blame them for hurrying. They leave,
giving us access to Route 505.

Route 505

Pokemon Found
Grumpig, Spoink, Tranquill, Pidgeotto

That item you see right away is a Super Potion. Follow the path for a few steps
before reaching the shore of the lake mentioned by that Team Steam grunt - Sunsun

Pokemon Found
Tentacool, Goldeen, Seaking, Tentacruel

Swimmer Juan Prize: P416

(Lv50 Wailmer, Lv51 Mandibuzz, Starmie, Lv52 Wailord)

Swimmer Paula (Lv52 Blastoise) Prize: P416

Swimmer Bruno (Lv51 Wailmer) Prize: P408

To the south from Bruno is TM19 (Giga Drain).

Swimmer Gabrielle (Lv52 Tentacruel) Prize: P416

Surf on east and reach the other side.

KOSAKA CITY - "A City built on the Ruins of Ancient Temples."


Places of Interest
Sky Tower


Great Ball P600
Ultra Ball P1200
Super Potion P700
Hyper Potion P1200
Antidote P100
Parlyz Heal P200
Awakening P250
Revive P1500
Super Repel P500
Wood Mail P50

The city of Fighting-type Pokemon. Let's have a look around.

In the first house reached on the way in, speak to the Blackbelt guy to get a

In the house next door to the PokeCenter, there's a Blackbelt guy there looking to
trade his Machoke for a Medicham.

Can't enter the Sky Tower yet, there's a guard blocking the entrance. But no nobody
is blocking the Gym entrance so why don't we go there? Well, just as we try to walk
in, out walks the Gym Leader Lucy who just so happens to be on her way to the Sky
Tower because some crazy people in white are there and she has to go stop them.
What a coincidence, we were just there. Another Gym challenge delayed.


Given that there are statues of Giratina in the lobby of the tower, no surprise
Team Steam is here causing trouble. They sure do love their legends :) can't take
that away from them - persistence.

1st Floor

Team Steam Grunt (Lv48 Dusclops x2) Prize: P960

Team Steam Grunt (Lv49 Garchomp, Roselia) Prize: P980

Team Steam Grunt (Lv49 Dusclops, Lv50 Dusclops) Prize: P1000

We find Lucy here..."training" so she can take on the grunts. I say "training"
because she's just running back and forth in the same place. Unbelievable. And
she's the Gym Leader here? Come on Lucy.

Team Steam Grunt (Lv48 Bagon, Krokorok, Lv50 Altaria) Prize: P1000

2nd Floor

We find Kratos and 2 other grunts here, looking to catch Rayquaza (maybe there
weren't any Rayquaza statues left in stock). We can't let that happen.


Steam Leader Kratos Prize: P5200

(Lv62 Altaria, Lv65 Dusknoir, Salamence)

Despite losing, Kratos won't give up and before he can attempt to catch Rayquaza,
someone appears and puts a stop to this plan with one Dragon Claw from his
Garchomp. Team Steam disappear. This person is the Lauren region's Champion Blake
and he won't be having any of Team Steam's nonsense going on in this region.
Rayquaza takes this chance to exit the building and Blake leaves too.

So we're done here, right? Not yet, now we have to leave the Sky Tower...and no,
not via Escape Rope haha if only. Back on the 1st Floor, a couple of new Trainers
have popped up to keep us a little busy. Female versions of those Sages from the
Sprout Tower.

Lady Jessica (Lv50 Purugly) Prize: P10000

Lady Melony (Lv51 Mismagius) Prize: P10200

Are these the richest Trainers in the game so far?? Good grief ladies :) We leave
the Sky Tower and can now visit the Gym. Right?

Who steps out of the Gym this time but Silver, here for battle #2.


PokeTrainer Silver Prize: P1340

(Lv64 Charizard, Lv65 Aggron, Lv67 Feraligatr)

Where did Typhlosion and Meganium go, chief? This game and having Rivals who don't
have full teams but somehow manage to get around and be so uninspiring...I don't



Props for looking like an actual gym haha. Here we go.

Blackbelt Gray Prize: P1664

(Lv51 Hitmonlee, Lv50 Hitmonchan, Lv52 Machoke x2)

Blackbelt Brucily (Lv52 Poliwrath, Hitmonchan, Hitmonlee) Prize: P1664

Blackbelt Chuck (Lv51 Hitmontop, Lv52 Heracross) Prize: P1664

Blackbelt Henrique Prize: P1664

(Lv50 Medicham, Lv52 Hitmontop, Lv51 Hitmonlee)

Then we reach Lucy. At least this time she done "training" :)


Leader Lucy (Lv66 Poliwrath, Lv67 Lucario, Lv68 Machamp)

Prize: P1360 + Force Badge + (Use of TM31 Ice Smash) + TM31

She tells us that Ice Smash will be useful to bust up small blocks of ice. Great.

We're done here. Going north leads to Route 508...going east leads to Route 509 and
going south leads to Route 506. The correct path is south, but for the curious ones
among you...


Pokemon Found
Snorlax, Purugly, Glameow

According to the sign post, further north is Merydian City. Next to the sign is a
Super Potion. With all these Super Potions we keep finding around, you gotta be
sure that someone's walking with their Bag wide open. Probably a bottom side

Beauty Maira (Lv52 Medicham, Scrafty) Prize: P4160

Lass Carla (Lv52 Roselia, Lv53 Manectric) Prize: P848

Blocking the way north are some rotten tree stumps and of course we'll need a
specific TM to cut through them (sorry, Cut, not you :/ ).


Pokemon Found
Skorupi, Luxio, Absol, Nidoran(M), Stunky

To the right from the blonde woman is a Full Heal. Continue south. The sign post
found there says further east is Ricyan City.

CoolTrainer Vitor (Lv53 Roselia, Lv35 Camerupt) Prize: P1680

Beauty Sabrina (Lv53 Wailmer, Wailord) Prize: P4240

Just below from her is TM36 (Sludge Bomb).

Blocking the way east are huge snow-covered rocks. Again, why TMs are not reusable
in this game is one thing I don't understand.

Double deadends /==./ incredible. South!


Pokemon Found
Growlithe, Luxio, Vulpix, Houndour, Absol

The sign post says further south is a place we couldn't get to before, Flamerny
City. In the bottom right corner from the sign is an Ultra Ball. Don't jump down
that ledge, go to the left of the sign and then continue south.

Lass Carla (Lv51 Breloom, Purugly) Prize: P816

South from her is TM33 (Reflect).

Bug Catcher Gray (Lv49 Skorupi, Lv50 Ninjask) Prize: P800

There's an entrance to the south from him, leading to the Flamerny Woods.


Pokemon Found
Vulpix, Ninetales, Growlithe, Magmar, Venipede

Home of Fire-type Pokemon because we are close to a volcano.

CoolTrainer Tom (Lv50 Dusclops, Lv52 Monferno) Prize: P2496

Across the grass to the right from him, near another sign post, is a Fire Stone.
Continue south and speak to the Youngster to get a Larvesta. The item near him is a
Burn Heal.

CoolTrainer Rosa (Lv50 Torkoal, Lv52 Growlithe) Prize: P2496

To the left from her is one Charcoal. Continue south.

Bug Catcher Kevin (Lv50 Skorupi, Lv52 Whirlipede) Prize: P832

Southwest from him is, you guessed it, one Super Potion.

Bug Catcher Maria (Lv52 Ninjask) Prize: P832

The exit is just a few steps south...but we are met by Pearl before we can leave.
If only she was here to give some useful information or TM or item. If only. Battle


PokeTrainer Pearl (Lv64 Buneary, Lv65 Venusaur, Sceptile) Prize: P1300

Exit the woods and find the next portion of Route 506. Small portion.

FLAMERNY CITY - "The Hottest City in Lauren."


Places of Interest
Flamerny City PokeBall Factory
Hot Spring


Ultra Ball P1200
Hyper Potion P1200
Max Potion P2500
Full Heal P600
Revive P1500
Max Repel P700
X Attack P500
X Defend P550
Shadow Mail P50

We find Prof. Ellie standing in the streets, she has been waiting for us. The big
problem facing this place is in the form of a small iron pest - Aron. We're told
they came from Mt. Vulcan nearby due to overpopulation (oO?) and the Gym Leader is
studying them in Mt. Vulcan. Then we find out that Prof. Ellie is also a Trainer
and NOW she figures it's a good time to battle us, because why not.


PokeTrainer Prof. Ellie Prize: P1320

(Lv64 Milotic, Lv65 Altaria, Manectric, Lv66 Houndoom)

** NOTE: All along I have identified Prof. Ellie as a woman, given the name, and
yet her battle sprite looks to be the head of that legendary PokeManiac Bill on the
body of Cinnabar Island Gym Leader Blaine. So Ellie is a man then?

After the battle Prof. Ellie tells us to give the Gym Leader a Super Repel so that
the Aron can be chased away. Then she...or maybe he now...leaves. Before tackling
Mt. Vulcan, let's look around.

Speak to the CoolTrainer sitting on a bench nearby where we were talking to Prof.
Ellie to receive a Magby.

If you're looking to get some new PokeBalls, why not visit the Flamerny City
PokeBall Factory? Speak to the man at the desk on the right.

FLAMERNY CITY PokeBall Factory

Ultra Ball P1200
Great Ball P600
Poke Ball P200
Net Ball P1000
Dive Ball P1000
Repeat Ball P1000
Timer Ball P1000
Luxury Ball 1000
Premier Ball P200

In the house to the right from the Factory speak to the woman if you have a
Zebstrika to swap for her Lampert.

Blocking the Gym entrance is an Aron, no surprise :) time to sort out this mess.
The entrance into Mt. Vulcan is just north from the PokeCenter.


We won't enter the mountain just yet, but are brought to an area at the mountain's
base. Carry on north.

Pokemon Found (Outside area)

Slugma, Torkoal, Vulpix

Triathlete Carla (Lv52 Nincada, Quilava) Prize: P2080

To the left from her is an Ultra Ball.

Hiker Paulo (Lv52 Rhyhorn, Lv53 Onix) Prize: P2120

You'll find a Full Heal just to the southeast from him.

Hiker Sebastian (Lv53 Rhydon, Quagsire) Prize: P2120

Cross the bridge and continue north. That item you find is a Revive. The actual
entrance into the mountain is down those steps on the left.

Pokemon Found (Cave Area)

Camerupt, Slugma, Numel, Magmar, Magcargo

That item we see near the small lava pool is a Fire Stone. Head south for the

Scientist Steven (Lv52 Riolu, Lv53 Magmar) Prize: P1696

Hiker Patrick (Lv52 Rhyhorn, Lv53 Rhydon) Prize: P2120

Just below the steps to the right from him is a Super Potion.

Scientist Michel (Lv52 Riolu, Lv53 Magmar) Prize: P1696

Follow the path all the way until we meet up with Luke, he was at Marfeny Lake and
gave us the HM for Lava Surf, remember him? Turns out he's the Gym Leader here.
He'll ask for a Super Repel and by Jove it works! The Aron are gone and he returns
to the Gym. Before you leave, continue all the way to the right to find TM38 (Fire
Blast). You can either walk back out of here (levelling up along the way) or
unleash the almighty Escape Rope. Either way, see you at the Gym.



Simple Gym to get through, just make your way north.

CoolTrainer Fabian (Lv53 Magmar, Lv54 Magcargo, Magmortar) Prize: P2592

CoolTrainer Jessica (Lv54 Camerupt) Prize: P2592

CoolTrainer Gabriel (Lv53 Torkoal, Lv54 Combusken) Prize: P2592

CoolTrainer Mayra (Lv54 Infernape) Prize: P2592

Then we battle Luke.


Leader Luke (Lv68 Blaziken, Arcanine, Lv70 Charizard)

Prizes: P1400 + Ruby Badge (Use of Fire Blow) + TM50

This is the move needed to deal with those rotten tree stumps that we found
blocking the rest of Route 508.

We're done here. Normally we would just fly back to Kosaka City and then go north,
but when I tried to fly there I noticed that it was not indicated as a destination
on the Fly Map. Odd. So we're 2-stepping it. Before you go back through Flamerny
Woods, leave town by going west. This leads to the remaining portion of Route 507
we couldn't reach when coming from Carmin Town. You'll find TM20 (Safeguard) and a
Super Repel.

ROUTE 508 (The Return)


Pokemon Found
Snorlax, Purugly, Glameow

Back here, clear a stump and continue.

Youngster Miranda (Lv52 Banette, Lv53 Manectric) Prize: P848

That item near him is an Ultra Ball.

More stumps ahead past the Hiker. That item after the stumps is TM34 (Shock Wave).

CoolTrainer Josias (Lv53 Gorebyss, Huntail) Prize: P2544

The next item found on the road is an Up-Grade. Just a few steps more and we

MERYDIAN CITY - "A large Metropolis, full of Buildings & Industry."


Places of Interest
Merydian Berry Shop


Ultra Ball P1200
Hyper Potion P1200
Max Potion P2500
Full Heal P600
Revive P1500
Max Repel P700
X Attack P500
X Defend P550
Shadow Mail P50

Lauren's city of the future, maybe? Looking good :) not much as far as exploration
goes though so we won't be spending too much time here.

The Merydian Berry Shop is the last house reached when leaving town via the west
exit. Various Berries sold, all costing P20. Here's some advice, buy an Enigma
Berry. You're gonna need it soon.

Gym time.



Talk to enough people outside and learn that the theme here is Normal-type. When we
arrive, we'll find 2 doors at the north end of the main lobby, one on the left and
one on the right. I hope you like labyrinths haha.

If you go through the door on the right, you meet Jaqueline.

Lady Jaqueline (Lv52 Munchlax, Lv53 Kecleon) Prize: P10600

If you go through the door on the left, you meet Saphira.

Lady Saphira (Lv53 Lopunny) Prize: P10600

Okay, from the main lobby go through that left door. In the next room go for the
door on the right. We'll step out of the door on the right in the room where
Jaqueline is. Go through the one on the left to find Samantha.
Lady Samantha (Lv52 Ursaring) Prize: P10400

Go through the door on the right, in the next room we find Sofia.

Lady Sofia (Lv53 Miltank) Prize: P10600

Final door is the one on the left.


Leader Aizen (Lv70 Purugly, Lv71 Miltank, Lv72 Snorlax)

Prizes: P1440 + Strong Badge (Use of Focus Punch) + TM01

This is the TM we'll need to break down those big rocks blocking the rest of Route

If you leave town by going west you'll enter Route 510. Just a little bit of it for


Pokemon Found
Luxio, Bibarel, Manectric

Lady Carla (Lv54 Chatot, Scrafty, Lv55 Crawdaunt) Prize: P11000

Blocking the rest of the way here isn't a bunch of rocks or rotten,
it's much worse - Team Steam :) worse because there isn't a single TM that will get
rid of these guys. They haven't had much luck here but they still believe in their
leaders. According to the sign post, further west is Noormeak City. The big
takeaway here is the curious hole near where the grunts are blocking the way. It
leads to a subterranean cavern. I wonder which TM we'll need for this one, hmm...

More bad news is that this city can't be returned to via Fly. What's up with that?
Only a couple of cities in this region can be flown back to? Come on. Make your way
back to Kosaka City and from there, go east.

ROUTE 509 (The Return)


Pokemon Found
Skorupi, Luxio, Absol, Nidoran(M), Stunky

Get those rocks out of the way and carry on.

Lady Vitoria (Lv53 Politoed) Prize: P10600

To the right from her is a Black Belt. Continue south.

Lady Bianca (Lv53 Purugly) Prize: P10600

Shortly after that we arrive.

RICYAN CITY - "A City founded in the Ninja Culture."


Places of Interest
Ricyan City Pokemon Zoo
Stone Seller's House


Great Ball P600
Ultra Ball P1200
Super Potion P700
Hyper Potion P1200
Antidote P100
Parlyz Heal P200
Awakening P250
Revive P1500
Super Repel P500
Wood Mail P50

Distant relative of Fuchsia City? Just missing a little bit more of a passion
colour theme :) let's look around.

The Stone Seller's House is the one with a tiled room on the right when you arrive
in town. Evolution Stones, all costing P2100.

Speak to the CoolTrainer sitting on a bench near the entrance to the Ricyan City
Pokemon Zoo to receive a Poison Barb.

Don't bother going to the Gym yet, because the Gym Leader Soka is at the Zoo. He's
the person standing by the enclosure where Steelix should be. 3 Pokemon have
escaped from the Zoo and he's searching for them - Shinx, Snorlax and Steelix. We
have to search the routes near Ricyan for them.

Shinx is the first one we'll encounter, it is in the grass area where you found the
Black Belt on Route 509.

Snorlax is snoozing on Route 508, just outside Merydian City.

Then Steelix is on the western side of Sunsun Lake on Route 505. Soka found it and
will return to his Gym. He can fly back no problem, we can't. Crazy.



At least the Gym is another simple one to get through. Straight north. But no
Naruto or any other orange jumpsuit-wearing ninja to be found here except for
Soka :/ super missed opportunity there!

Lady Stela (Lv54 Skorupi, Nidoqueen, Muk) Prize: P10800

Blackbelt Jonas (Lv54 Dustox, Lv55 Venomoth) Prize: P1760

Beauty Carmem (Lv54 Roserade) Prize: P4320

CoolTrainer Cristian (Lv54 Nidoqueen, Nidoking, Lv56 Vileplume)

Prize: P2688

Here we go for Badge #6.


Leader Soka Prizes: P1480 + Purple Badge (Use of Dig) + TM28

(Lv72 Crobat, Lv73 Scolipede, Drapion, Lv74 Toxicroak)

Dig will give us access to underground caves. Knew it!

Make your way back to Route 510 and, well, Dig. Bring a Pokemon that knows Ice
Smash too.



What are these clowns up to this time?

Team Steam Grunt Prize: P1100

(Lv53 Seadra, Lv55 Braviary, Lv52 Wailors)

Team Steam Grunt Prize: P1100

(Lv53 Starmie, Lv54 Lanturn, Lv55 Sealeo)

Going north.

Team Steam Grunt (Lv54 Scyther) Prize: P1080

Team Steam Grunt Prize: P1100

(Lv54 Skorupi, Lv55 Chatot, Jumpluff)

Past the grunt is Steam Leader Percy and of course the legendary Pokemon they're
chasing after this time, Kyurem. Doing this little dance again with you guys.


Steam Leader Percy (Lv74 Dragonite, Lv77 Garchomp) Prize: P6160

Percy still can't believe we've managed to stop them AGAIN and the bad guys leave.
Kyurem figures it might as well bolt out of here too. Oh well. Leave via that hole
which brought us here.

Back outside, we can now continue on west. That item above the Beauty is ANOTHER
Super Potion. Gotta be the 100th one at this point :)

Beauty Maria (Lv54 Roserade, Braviary) Prize: P4320

Follow that short sandy path north to find an Ultra Ball. If you carry on south
from Maria you'll meet Carlos.

CoolTrainer Carlos (Lv55 Gyarados) Prize: P2640

In the small area a few steps west from him is one Lax Incense.

Lady Joana (Lv55 Purugly) Prize: P11000

Then we arrive...

NOORMEAK CITY - "A very organised Place with clean air."


Places of Interest
Noormeak City Pokemon Hospital
Noormeak City Balloon Airport


Ultra Ball P1200
Hyper Potion P1200
Max Potion P2500
Full Heal P600
Revive P1500
Max Repel P700
X Attack P500
X Defend P550
Shadow Mail P50

You got a PokeCenter AND a Pokemon Hospital. Things just got real here. We learn
that the theme for the Gym is Psychic-types, so maybe having the hospital is the
good idea. Let's look around.

Blocking the Gym is a guard saying the Gym Leader Kilroy is at the Hospital with
his Alakazam.

At the Balloon Airport, we're told we'll need a Ticket to travel by balloon. Is
this the alternative to Fly for the other cities in this region?

In the house to the right from the PokeCenter, the CoolTrainer is looking to trade
her Kadabra from a Braviary.

You'll find Kilroy in the next room at the Hospital. His Alakazam had a bad fever
and can only be cured by an ENIGMA BERRY. You bought one back at that Berry Shop in
Merydian City, right? Right?? You better have :) Once Alakazam has been healed,
Kilroy returns to the Gym.

That guard is gone now but has been replaced by one of our fun new rivals Yellow.
You'll be forgiven for thinking he's here this time to help us with some
information or a Key Item. Battle #2.


PokeTrainer Yellow Prize: P1560

(Lv76 Serperior, Lv77 Samurott, Lv78 Charizard)

Afterwards he says he's off to Ironnem City, which is north from here, to collect
the 8th Badge. Then he flies off on his Charizard. How other characters can fly
around in this region but we can't (except when going back to the first one or two
places) absolutely baffles me. Anyway, with Yellow out of our way for now, it's Gym

In this mystical Gym we are presented with 2 paths - the "sun/Solrock path" on the
right and the "moon/Lunatone path" on the left. Both paths have floors we will be
sliding along on to make our way north. Slide up along the sun path because the
moon path is our way back to the entrance.

CoolTrainer Surrez (Lv55 Starmie, Lv56 Exeggutor) Prize: P2688

CoolTrainer Sophia (Lv55 Girafarig) Prize: P2640

CoolTrainer Pedro (Lv55 Solrock, Lv56 Lunatone) Prize: P2688

Lady Maria (Lv55 Jynx) Prize: P11000

That was quick. Next is...Kilua? I thought your name is Kilroy?? Hunter x Hunter,


Leader Kilua (Lv74 Espeon, Lv75 Bronzong, Lv76 Alakazam)

Prizes: P1520 + Illusion Badge (Use of Water Pulse) + TM03

Don't worry, we won't need Water Pulse to move across water in this,
we're told it is for putting out small fires outside of battle. Really?

Looks like we're done here. The next city is Ironnem City, which is north. Leaving
town via the south will take us to the north side of Route 511.

ROUTE 511 (Northside)


Pokemon Found
Luxio, Kecleon, Vullaby, Swellow, Breloom

Super Potion #243 to the right from the sign post.

Beauty Melody (Lv51 Jynx) Prize: P4080

South from her are the ledges we encountered last time we came here.


Pokemon Found
Staryu, Seadra

Swimmer Sarah (Lv55 Kingler, Lv56 Blastoise) Prize: P448

A water route. There's a Dive Ball to the right from Sarah. Carry on north.

Swimmer Cristofem (Lv55 Wailmer, Lv56 Floatzel, Golduck) Prize: P448

Swimmer Maria (Lv55 Tentacruel, Lv56 Blastoise, Bibarel) Prize: P448

Swimmer Stela (Lv55 Tentacruel, Lv56 Lapras, Poliwrath) Prize: P448

Not long after that we reach our destination.

IRONNEM CITY - "A beach Town full of Mystery & Natural Beauty."

Places of Interest
Ironnem City Shipyard
Meteorite Zone


Great Ball P600
Ultra Ball P1200
Super Potion P700
Hyper Potion P1200
Antidote P100
Parlyz Heal P200
Awakening P250
Revive P1500
Super Repel P500
Wood Mail P50

The final Badge awaits. Let's have a look around first. The theme here is Steel-
type Pokemon.

Speak to the man on the bench near the PokeMart to get a Beldum.

The Meteorite Zone is in the northwest area of town and this is where you find TM23
(Iron Tail).

Oddly enough the Ironnem City Shipyard entrance is locked so no tour plan there.
Good news - the Gym is NOT locked :) might as well...



Simple setup here, we be going north.

CoolTrainer Marcos (Lv56 Steelix, Aggron) Prize: P2688

Take the path just to the right from him to reach Mirna.

Lady Mirna (Lv55 Metang, Lv56 Bronzong) Prize: P11200

Then continue with the path to the left.

CoolTrainer Camila (Lv56 Steelix, Skarmory) Prize: P2688

Scientist Cezar (Lv56 Bronzong, Empoleon) Prize: P1792

Gym Leader Stella is ready. Final Gym battle, let's get it done.


Leader Stella (Lv77 Steelix, Aggron, Lv78 Metagross)

Prizes: P1560 + Iron Badge (Use of Whirlpool) + TM12

You can't be serious, bringing in an oldie like Whirlpool? Again, why couldn't all
these pseudo-HMs be Key Items when the TMs in this game are not reusable??

No more Gym Badges to be collected, maybe that's the one bright spot we get for
now. Let's see what's out east. Still moving along a water route. Bring the Pokemon
you taught everything you know about whirlpools too (unless you were lucky enough
to catch a Pokemon that already knew the move AND you didn't replace it with Surf
haha because who would've guessed that you were going to need that Whirlpool move
down the road, eh??).

IRONNEM CITY (Eastern Route)


Pokemon Found
Tentacool, Tentacruel

You'll find a couple of whirlpools blocking the way further east. What's at the end
of this route is an island where you find TM02 (Dragon Claw). Blah. Oh by the way,
Ironnem City is the other city we can return to via Fly. Congratulations.

So how do we get to the Lauren League? Speaking of Fly, use it to return to Suner
Town. From there surf south. Whirlpools ahead.


Pokemon Found
Tentacruel, Tentacool, Wailord, Remoraid

Swimmer Sabrina (Lv56 Tentacruel, Lv57 Lapras) Prize: P456

Swimmer Fabricio (Lv56 Seaking) Prize: P448

Follow the path as it flows east.

Swimmer Leone (Lv56 Walrein, Wailord) Prize: P448

Then north, because that opening east (with the Swimmer learning to Surf) leads to
a deadend.

Swimmer Larissa (Lv56 Tentacruel) Prize: P448

Swimmer Gabriel (Lv56 Wailmer) Prize: P448

East from him is a small island where you find TM15 (Hyper Beam). Up north and
onwards east. Whirlpools ahead.

Swimmer Carmem (Lv56 Tentacruel, Gastrodon) Prize: P448

Swimmer Katya Prize: P464

(Lv56 Tentacruel, Lv57 Tentacruel, Lv58 Feraligatr)
We'll reach our destination, an island with a cave entrance. That item near the
entrance is Super Potion #490. Here we go.


(1st Area)

Pokemon Found
Lairon, Rhyhorn, Bronzor

Going north. That is an Ultra Ball you see there on the right. Straight ahead is an
entrance to the next area. To the right is a branch path going south, where we'll
meet a couple of Team Steam grunts blocking the way further. They tell us that
their boss Zero wants to speak to us at the top of this place. This has to be Team
Steam's last stand.

(2nd Area)

Pokemon Found
Onix, Bronzor, Lairon, Machoke, Graveler

Before going up the stairs, continue north to find a Sharp Beak. Up the stairs,
follow the way south to find a Max Revive. Then make your way north to the next

(Mt. Oren Summit)

To the left and to the right you'll find sign posts about a mystic temple and that
it leads elsewhere. Straight ahead we find Zero. Just as he starts saying something
almost profound, he dives back into being angry because we've kept Team Steam busy.
That's us - proficient :)


Steam Leader Zero (Lv77 Dragonite, Haxorus, Lv78 Hydreigon)

Prize: P6240

One villain-level laugh later, he's vanished. Oh..kay. Guess Team Steam ain't done
just yet then? Return to the 1st Area and continue on from where those grunts
blocked the way.

(1st Area - Return)

Pokemon Found
Lairon, Rhyhorn, Bronzor, Onix

That item near the exit is TM26 (Earthquake). We're out of Mt. Oren.

LAUREN ROAD (Eastern Side)


Pokemon Found
That's a Dive Ball you see as soon as you step outside.

Swimmer Melody (Lv57 Crawdaunt, Lv58 Tentacruel, Sharpedo) Prize: P464

Surf south and then east until we reach land again. Waitng for us are our friendly
neighbourhood rivals Yellow, Pearl and Silver. Rather than go ahead and challenge
the Elite 4...or, OR...battle each other for supremacy, they figured it's a great
idea for the 3 of them to wait for us here and battle us one by one. This is what
happens when you decide to feature multiple rivals in a game. Please, for the love
of god, stop with the multiple rivals that don't add anything to the story of your
games, creators. They just turn into Rival Blue/Silver 2.0s anyway.



PokeTrainer Pearl Prize: P1540

(Lv75 Purugly, Lv76 Serperior, Lv77 Sceptile)

PokeTrainer Silver Prize: P1540

(Lv75 Silver, Lv76 Torterra, Lv77 Typhlosion)

PokeTrainer Yellow Prize: P1540

(Lv76 Electivire, Charizard, Lv77 Pikachu)

With that out of the way, we can then go on to enter the Lauren League building.
Shoutout to the Hiker near the entrance, for dropping some truth :D


Ultra Ball P1200
Hyper Potion P1200
Max Potion P2500
Full Restore P3000
Full Heal P600
Revive P1500
Max Repel P700

Heal up, gear up and once you're ready, let's tackle another Elite 4 crew.

First up is Robin, the lady of Poison-types.


Elite 4 Robin Prize: P1200

(Lv73 Venomoth, Muk, Lv75 Nidoqueen, Lv74 Scolipede, Venusaur)

#2 is Weiss, powered by Ground-types.


Elite 4 Weiss Prize: P1232

(Lv75 Claydol, Camerupt Lv76 Torterra, Steelix, Lv77 Hippowdon)
#3 is Honey, user of Dark-types.


Elite 4 Honey Prize: P1264

(Lv77 Sableye, Honchkrow, Lv78 Houndoom, Umbreon, Lv79 Absol)

#4 and final member of the squad, Rayne, is a fan of Dragon-types.


Elite 4 Rayne Prize: P1296

(Lv79 Kingdra, Altaria, Lv80 Dragonite, Flygon, Lv81 Salamence)

That takes care of the Elite 4. Champion Blake is next. It's time, Champion vs
Champion for the Lauren League title!


Champion Blake Prize: P5100

(Lv82 Charizard, Garchomp, Lv84 Zoroark, Lv85 Hydreigon, Lv83 Arcanine, Lucario)

Congratulations, you are now a Double Champion :D Nothing fancy after the battle,
you get the same scene as when you became Zhery Champion and then wake up in your

So this might as well be the post-game side of things. Step outside and go over to
the Arceus statue, where we meet up with Ash. For winning both leagues, he gives a
Key Item - the World Pass. This neat little item will allow us to attend the World
Championship, an annual event where the best of the best compete. Sounds good :)
but Ash doesn't tell us where we're to use this World Pass. Off he goes on his
Charizard that he was smart enough to NOT release (unlike a certain other Ash).
Darn it, Ketchum.

Make your way back to Noormeak City and get to the Balloon Airport. Sitting on a
bench out in this misarable weather is Sinnoh Champ Cynthia. Why is she out here?


Champion Cynthia Prize: P5100

(Lv83 Arcanine, Lv84 Spiritomb, Lv85 Garchomp)

Yup, being a Double Champion pays off :) just defeated the Sinnoh Champ in a
friendly non-title battle. What a waste, because afterwards she says we got
potential and she has more work to do...then flies off on her Salamence. Fantastic.

Speak to the man by the balloon on the left, he'll take us to a place called Alpha
Island. Sounds exotic :)


No wild encounters here, just make your way east to the place that has a cave
entrance. Inside, simple path, go all the way to the summit and meet your Pokemon
maker - Level 50 Arceus! Good luck.

Now I'm basically freestyling it here because neither Ash nor Cynthia have been of
any help. We get a World Pass but aren't even given a hint about where to use it.
The Pilot License doesn't work at the Balloon Airport, nor do we have a Ticket to
ride the balloon on the right. I flew back to Seanport City to check if there's
another ship available that will take us to the location of the World Championship.
Nothing. But here are a couple of changes that I found after flying around:

Back in Kosaka City, standing outside the Sky Tower is a familiar face - the
Mysticalman himself Eusine! Still on the road searching for legendary Pokemon...but
when he's got some free time...


PokeTrainer Eusine Prize: P1700

(Lv83 Manectric, Lv85 Alakazam, Lv84 Umbreon)

After the battle he gives another Key Item, the Rainbow Pass. He says it'll allow
us to reach a place only strong Trainers can go. Huh? Go back to the Balloon
Airport and speak to the balloon pilot on the right. He'll ask if you want to go to
Mt. Rainbow. Sure.


Same deal as Alpha Island, no wild encounters here. Just make your way to the top
and behold the multi-coloured glory - Lv50 Ho-oh! Good luck.

Next change was back in Carmin Town. Outside Prof. Ellie's lab is the next familiar
face - Blair (a.k.a Hilbert) from Unova. Let's see what you got.


PokeTrainer Blair (Lv84 Serperior, Samurott, Emboar) Prize: P1680

No Key Item from him though, he just flies off afterwards.

In Snowce City, we find Steven outside the Astronomy Lab. Same as Cynthia, we get
another Champion vs (Double) Champion battle.


Champion Steven Prize: P5100

(Lv83 Skarmory, Lv84 Aggron, Lv85 Metagross)

Next change is at that island that is east from Ironnem City, where we found
nothing but the Dragon Claw TM. This time there's a cave entrance leading into Mt.


Pokemon Found
Golbat, Lairon
Ascend this new place to find the Emerald box art cover 'mon - Lv50 Rayquaza!

Then south of Ironnem City, on an island to the left minding its own business is
the legendary Eusine probably missed - Lv40 Suicune! Good luck.

Lauren region is definitely not the best when it comes to travel, I can safely say
that now. On my way through Route 508 I met this legendary in the grass - Lv40

Fortunately you don't have to see the amount of travelling I'm doing while also
typing this now haha because it seems I'm just bouncing back to places where I
suspect legendary Pokemon have settled while going to the other cities to see if
other key characters have appeared, hoping one of them might trigger something
story wise. No luck :/

Back in Mt. Vulcan, in the small lava pool in the northwest corner I found Lv40

In the southern area of Dardusk Woods, you'll find Lv50 Mesprit!

Flying above the waters of Marferny Lake is Lv40 Latios!

Even went all the way back to Bramboch Town, where there's an airport and surprise,
surprise I'm told I need a Ticket to use the plane /==./ so much for that Pilot

??? Hours Later...

Remember that there's a Train Station back in a nice place called Central City?
Yeah? Well, I'd forgotten all about it :D good grief, that is where this World Pass
works. Could've helped us out with a little hint there, Ash. I was about to call it
a day as far as this mini walkthrough goes haha So. Much. Travelling.

At the Train Station, don't bother with the ladies at the info desks they just tell
you that a Ticket is needed. Go straight to the man by the train, flash that World
Pass and board.


We arrive in a village/town of sorts. A couple of houses, an exit to the east and

then to the west is the one curious thing here. A cave entrance.


No wild encounters here. No need for them because what we find instead is Lv50
Regigigas! Massive :)

We can leave town now.



Pokemon Found
Tentacruel, Floatzel
The first Swimmer we meet tells us about a place along this route called Mt. Wish.
Enough said :) it is right next door from her. Look who's awake, ready to grant
that one wish? Lv40 Jirachi! Dragon Balls not included.

Continue east and eventually reach the location of the tournament. Everyone is
pumped and ready. Inside the building, speak to the lady on the left at the desks
to the right. It is time to take on the world!


This is a single elimination tournament, one loss is all that's needed to be out.
First opponent is Carla.

PokeTrainer Carla Prize: P1200

(Lv60 Dustox, Scolipede, Beautifly, Butterfree, Venomoth, Ninjask)


Next is Katya.

PokeTrainer Katya Prize: P1300

(Lv65 Purugly, Torkoal, Luxray, Staraptor, Skuntank, Tentacruel)


We battle Sofia.

PokeTrainer Sofia Prize: P1400

(Lv70 Breloom, Camerupt, Nidoqueen, Pidgeot, Beautifly, Floatzel)

ROUND 4 (Halfway through)


This is when we meet Pearl, who has a full team this time :) about time.

PokeTrainer Pearl Prize: P1600

(Lv80 Sceptile, Purugly, Lopunny, Nidoqueen, Electrike, Drifblim)

ROUND 5 (Quarter Finals)


Versus Red!

PokeTrainer Red Prize: P1700

(Lv85 Braviary, Drapion, Charizard, Roserade, Breloom, Lucario)

ROUND 6 (Semi Finals)


Champion vs Double Champion!

PokeTrainer Lance Prize: P1800

(Lv90 Gyarados, Charizard, Dragonite x3, Aerodactyl)

Triple Champion has a nice ring to it :D bring it, Ketchum!


PokeTrainer Ash Ketchum Prize: P2000

(Lv100 Venusaur, Blastoise, Espeon, Snorlax, Pikachu, Charizard)

Congratulations, you have conquered the world! AND have reached the end of this
game :) amazing, eh?

That was Pokemon Light Platinum ladies and gentlemen. This was a nice game only
spoiled by little things that could've been done without. Multiple rivals that were
just there as the game went on, but started off as interesting characters that
could have added to the story. The Lauren arc rivals were just boring really, no
big story roles other than just typical rivals. I liked Team Steam's perseverance
early on but they became Team Rocket 2.0 over time and after defeating Zero, he
just laughs and takes off. That's it? The new TMs which acted like HMs in the
Lauren region would've been better off as Key Items, unless the creator tried to
make them that way initially but it didn't work out, because TMs are not reusable
in this game so they felt like a waste. Which only added to the trouble of moving
through that region since you can't fly between all the cities except Ironnem,
Skyner, Rocavely, Carmin and Flamerny. Can't even fly back to the Lauren League for
goodness sake.

That aside, both regions were really well designed. Seems to be a common theme with
most of the Pokemon fan games I've played - look amazing, have some interesting
features and mechanics but the story department is either hit or miss. Flying on
your Pokemon was a nice touch. The World Tournament fit well as a final challenge.

Just my own feedback and thoughts from playing this game. But at the end of the
day, it is your feedback and thoughts that matter, eh? How was Light Platinum for
you? Let the creator know. As for any feedback, thoughts, comments, questions for
this walkthrough, you can send that my way via email. If there are other games
which could use a detailed walkthrough too, let me know. So far I've typed up
walkthroughs for the following games:

Pokemon Adventure Red Chapter Beta 14.5

Pokemon Flora Sky (Complement Dex version)
Pokemon Mega Power
Pokemon Resolute v2.78

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