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Higher Engineering Mathematics (English) 43rd Edition (Paperback) Price: Rs.

Higher Engineering Mathematics is a comprehensive book for undergraduate
students of engineering. The book comprises of chapters on algebra, geometry and
vectors, calculus, series, differential equations, complex analysis, transforms, and
numerical techniques. In addition, the book consists of several solved and unsolved
questions for thorough revision and final practice. This book is essential for
engineering students preparing for various competitive exams like Graduate
Aptitude Test in Engineering.
About B. S. Grewal
B. S. Grewal is an Indian academic author and educationist. He had also authored
Numerical Methods in Engineering and Science with Programs in C and C+ +.
Table of Contents
Table of Contents
Unit I : Algebra, Vectors and Unit VI : Transforms
Geometry Laplace Transforms
Solution of Equations Fourier Transforms
Linear Algebra: Determinants, Z-Transforms
Matrices Unit VII : Numerical Techniques
Vector Algebra and Solid Geometry Empirical Laws and Curve-fitting
Unit II : Calculus Statistical Methods
Differential Calculus & Its Probability and Distributions
Applications Sampling and Inference
Partial Differentiation & Its Numerical Solution of Equations
Applications Finite Differences and Interpolation
Integral Calculus & Its Applications Numerical Differentiation and Integration
Multiple Integrals & Beta, Gamma Difference Equations
Functions Numerical Solution of Ordinary Differential
Vector Calculus & Its Applications Equations
Univ III : Series Numerical Solution of Partial Differential
Infinite Series Equations
Fourier Series & Harmonic Anslysis Linear Programming
Unit IV : Differential Equations Unit VIII : Special Topics
Differential Equations of First Order Calculus of Variations
Applications of Differential Integral Equations
Equations of First Order Discrete Mathematics
Linear Differential Equations Tensor Analysis
Applications of Linear Differential Useful Information
Equations Tables
Differential Equations of Other Answers to Problems
Types Index
Series Solution of Differential
Equations and Special Functions
Partial Differential Equations
Applications of Partial Differential
Unit V : Complex Analysis
Complex Numbers and Functions
Calculus of Complex Functions

Book List
Part- A
1. Linear Algebra a) Linear Algebra by Sharma and Vashishta Theory of Matrices
by Sharma and Vashishta, Krishna Series. c) B.Sc Text Books by S. Chand Publications
2. Calculus a) Differential Calculus by Sharma and Vashishta, Krishna Series.
Integral Calculus by Sharma and Vashishta, Krishna Series
3. Analytical Geometry a) Two Dimensional Geometry by S.Chand Publications,
Simplified Series Analytical Geometry by P.N.Chatterjee
Part – B
1. Ordinary Differential Equations a) Ordinary Differential Equations by Rai Singhania

2. Statics, Dynamics and Hydrostatics a) Statics by S. Chand Publications

Dynamics by P.N.Chatterjee. c) Hydrostatics by S. Chand Publications.
3. Vector Calculus a) Vector Algebra by M.L.Khanna Vector Analysis by
M.L.Khanna c) B.Sc. 1st year Mathematics Textbook by S.Chand Publications
Part – A
1. Algebra a) Modern Algebra by Sharma and Vashishta. Krishna Series Algebra
by Herstein, John Wiley Publications
2. Real Analysis a) B.Sc. 2nd & 3rd year Mathematics Books by S. Chand
Publications Real Analysis by Sharma and Vashishta, Krishna Series. c) Real Analysis
by M.L. Khanna
3. Linear Programming a) Linear Programming by S.D.Sharma
4. Complex Analysis a) Complex Analysis by S.P.Tyagi Complex Analysis
Part – B
1. Partial Differential Equations a) Boundary Value Problems by Rai Singhania
Partial Differential Equations by Ion Sneddon
2. Numerical Methods a) Numerical Analysis by S S Sastry, TMH Publications
Numerical Methods by V.Rajaramn c) Progrmming in Basic by E.Balguruswamy, TMH
Publications d) Brilliant Tutorials Material set No.10.
3. Mechanics and Hydrodynamics a) Mechanics by S.Chand Publications
Mechanics by M.L.Khanna c) Hydrodynamics by Rai Singhania...