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What is Pardot?

Pardot is Salesforce’s B2B marketing automation

solution. If you’r e a business who sells to other
businesses (or B2B).

What Pardot can do for you?

1)Can Automate your marketing activities.

2)Bring you Marketing and Sales

department in sync so they work better

3)Gives you a central location to manage

your projects and report on their success.

4)Tracks prospects as they interact with your company across all

your marketing channels so you can tailor your outreach.

5)is customizable, so you can adjust it according to your company’s

needs and requirements.

6) Pardot helps move your visitors and

prospects through a sales funnel.

7) The funnel begins when you create

marketing materials to generate
interest in your products and ends
when qualified prospects are assigned
to a sales rep.
Different stages
of Pardot

Lead (or demand) generation

Lead nurturing
Lead qualification

1) Lead (or demand) generation: Act of creating interest

in your products/services through marketing efforts.

2) Visitor: An anonymous person who visits your

website and is now tracked in Pardot.

3)Conversion: Once a visitor gives you their contact

information by submitting a landing page or form in
Pardot, they are converted to a prospect.

4) Prospect: An anonymous visitor

that has converted and is now
identified. If you’re familiar with
Sales Cloud or other CRM
software, this is also called a lead.

5) Lead nurturing: Sending targeted messages at specific

intervals based on a prospect's actions and whether or not
they’ve met certain qualifying criteria.

6) Lead Qualification with Pardot.

Qualify your leads with Pardot's scoring and grading tools.

Scoring shows how engaged a prospect is with your

Grading reflects the prospect's persona, fit, or
demographic. Scoring is based on what a prospect does, and
grading is based on who a prospect is.
Pardot uses "Prospects score" and "Prospect grade" for lead
Prospect score: numerical value indicating how interested they
are in your product or service.

Prospect grade: represented by a letter (A, B, C, D, etc.).

Indicates how well a prospect fits the profile of your
ideal prospect.

Example of Lead scoring and grading

Jacob is a great fit for your product

or service, but either hasn't had time
LEAD SCORE 012 to do any research, or doesn’t know
that your product exists yet. This lack
of activity is why he has a high grade,
but a low score.

Recommended Action: Call him or

place him on a nurturing campaign.
Meet Jacob

What is Campaign in Marketing ?

Google says :
1)A specific, defined series of activities
used in marketing a new or changed
product or service, or in using new
marketing channels and methods.

2)It is the efforts of a company or a third-party marketing

company to increase awareness for a particular product or
service, or to increase consumer awareness of a business or

What is Pardot campaigns:

A prospect’s Pardot campaign is set when a prospect

first hits a Pardot tracked link or Pardot tracking
Each prospect is associated with only one Pardot campaign.

Once a prospect becomes associated with a campaign, they

remain associated with that campaign.

Difference between Pardot campaign and

Salesforce Campaign ?

1)Salesforce campaigns can be attached to your leads or

contacts at any point in their lifecycle. A lead or contact in
Salesforce may be associated to many campaigns. While
Pardot’s campaign association is automatic.

2)Salesforce campaigns link directly to your sales

funnel which means campaign association is easily
reportable, campaign membership and status are easily
tracked While Pardot does not track member status.

3)Salesforce campaigns are accessed via dynamic

list criteria in Pardot.

Pardot campaigns are reportable as a custom field in


4)Salesforce campaigns are accessed via dynamic

list criteria in Pardot.
Pardot campaigns are reportable as a custom field in

5)For more info on Lead scoring and grading follow the

link below.