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2003 EN Official Journal of the European Union C 161 E/69

In this sense, Recital 10 of the Framework Decision clarifies that ‘nothing in this Framework Decision may
be interpreted as being intended to reduce or restrict fundamental rights or freedoms such as the right to
strike, freedom of assembly, of association or of expression’. The Commission opinion is to be extremely
cautious when proposing to incriminate acts on terrorist grounds, as a very extensive conception, contrary
to the ‘de minimis’ principle, could put fundamental rights at stake.

(1) OJ L 164, 22.6.2002.

(2003/C 161 E/073) WRITTEN QUESTION P-3119/02

by Geoffrey Van Orden (PPE-DE) to the Commission

(24 October 2002)

Subject: EU funding of Greek judicial and prison services

Are any European Community funds made available to the Greek authorities in support of the Greek
judicial or prison services?

If so, would the Commission please provide full details?

Answer given by Mr Vitorino on behalf of the Commission

(6 December 2002)

The Community does not directly finance the setting up of services such as those mentioned by the
Honourable Member in the Member States.

The Commission has co-financed projects under the cooperation programmes of Title VI of the Treaty on
European Union, aimed at encouraging judicial cooperation in criminal matters (Grotius) and preventing
organised crime (Falcone); a list of these projects is being sent direct to the Honourable Member and to
Parliament’s Secretariat General.

Within the Greek Community Support Framework (CSF) 2000-2006, in particular the Operational
Programme (OP) Information Society measure on ‘Electronic government’ for services to the public (Union
participation: EUR 271 million, or 75 % of the public expenditure of the measure), there is a provision to
support projects in the judicial sector, amongst other sectors. In particular, this measure may co-finance
actions in the field of upgrading the services of the Greek Ministry of Justice such as Judicial Records and
statistical data on criminality.

Although a call for proposals has been made by the Greek authorities, no project proposals have been
received yet by the managing authority of the above-mentioned programme.

(2003/C 161 E/074) WRITTEN QUESTION E-3122/02

by Jaime Valdivielso de Cué (PPE-DE) to the Commission

(30 October 2002)

Subject: Boycott of European dot-coms in the United States

For about four months United States companies specialising in both Internet and conventional sales and
publicity have been refusing to provide services to European companies selling on-line, in order to prevent
them from selling their products in the United States.

The Spanish company, as well as French and Danish companies which do a large percentage
of their business in the United States, have seen their sales slump drastically as a result of this boycott.