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Little kids

can know God


Original text: Shirley Person

Adapted for Europe: Jennifer Haaijer
(With additional ideas
from the original text)

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Little kids can know God through creation

Table of contents

Lesson Page

Why teach young children? 3

What young children are like 3
How to use this series 4
Tips on teaching young children 4
Teaching 2s and 3s 6
Why lead young children to Christ? 7
Young children and salvation 7
Play dough, clay, instruments and costumes 8
Planning your class time 9
Overview 10
Memory verse actions and music 13
Song lyrics and actions 15
Action rhyme 16

Lesson 1 God creates light, water, sky and air 17

(days one and two)
Lesson 2 God creates land and plants (day three) 25
Lesson 3 God creates the sun, moon, stars, birds and fish 33
(days four and five)
Lesson 4 God creates animals and people 41
(days six and seven)
Lesson 5 Adam and Eve choose to sin 51
Lesson 6 Cain and Abel give gifts to God 61

Memory verse symbols (lessons 1-6) 70

Nametag patterns (lessons 1-6) 73
Day and night scenes (lesson 1) 74
Leaves (lesson 2) 76
Sun, moon and stars (lesson 3) 76
Creation circles (lesson 4) 77
Tree (lesson 5) 78
Dinosaur maze (lesson 6) 79
Silhouettes (lesson 6) 80
“God made the mountains high” song visuals 82

How to lead a child to Christ Back cover

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