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“Relationship labels as perceived by students”

Presented to:
Dra. Rhodora Magan

In partial fullfilment
Of the requirement for the course
Purposive Communication

Jade Princess Diaz

December 2019

Once upon a time, there was a Princess who wished to meet her Prince Charming. When she already met her prince
charming, the girl woo him and they became friends and then months later, their relationship leveled up into “more
than friends”, according to the Princess. They are intimate with each other, however their relationship had no official
title and while Princess waiting for her Prince to come home, the Prince play with the other Princess. In this story,
the relationship between the Prince and the Princess had no clear direction. The Prince play around, while the
Princess making a fool on herself for assuming that the Prince was serious. Is the problem of the relationship relies
on the label itself, or maybe not.

Relationship labels somehow a one of the biggest concerns of all couples or people out there. When “One naturally
asks why in such unfortunate circumstances you wish to be the object of such a sentimental attachment rather than
of a continuing love.”(Delaney, N.(1996). According to Delaney, people are really addicted to the attachment but not
the relationship itself. How can you continue your relationship if your love in the start of making an official label in
your relationship can put pressure in your relationship?.

Some couples want to focus on the relationship more than the label itself. The point on not having the label itself
has a positive effect. Once you label a relationship, word can spread like wildfire. People in their surroundings are
quick to judge them especially those relationship’s that has too many flaws. Therefore they rather not have a label
to avoid casualty.

Having commitment includes responsibility. Responsibility in making your relationship work. In a relationship you
should be able to communicate with chats or texts 24/7 and some people don’t want that or they want but they
can’t. Relationship bares a bigger or maybe a greater possibility when you communicate you should be wary of your
tone in calls, you are the one who will adjust to the situation in order to have a peaceful relationship with your

In this generation, people watch TV series like K-drama, Netflix and many more showing in TV’s or in their phone.
TV series nowadays, their topic is all about “cheating husbands”, “cheating wives” , Domestic Violence, Divorces
and etc. in all that dramas they tackle toxic relationship, they teach a lesson that no matter how you really love your
partner, your partner will be always tempted. The results in that people are scared to have a commitment because
they are afraid to be hurt. They are afraid of pain and they are scared like in the dramas people they love will always
have a option to leave them. In order to avoid they don’t want to have a commitment.
Therefore, the problems regarding not having labels in relationship was due to the presence of fear. Fear in not
having too much of freedom where people would suffocates in the relationship itself. If I were to answer, is label
important in a relationship I would say, “If having labels in relationship a sign of a serious relationship then I would
say yes, but if having it(labels) result to casualty or risking my future then I would say no”. I think I should value the
time we spent together, not the label itself.

This section includes the research methodology of the study which consists the research methods, respondents and
research instruments.

Research Methods

This quantitative research adapted standardized survey questionnaires that comprised questions related
to , which were distributed among Students that are in a
relationship, Single, and Married. Participants were selected through random sampling. The sample population was
drawn on the basis of specific criteria, such as Students knowledgeable in relationships . As a complementary
method, the writer conducted interviews with an equal number of representatives of each group.


The research respondents for the survey consists of 20 respondents are randomly selected . The respondents that I
surveyed is well-oriented about the said topic.

Respondents No. of Respondents

Students that are in a relationship 10

Students that are single 9

Student that are married 1

Total 20


Table 1. Distribution of the Respondents


The instrument for this research are already adapted in questionnaires that are already been given in the
respondents. But before I conduct my survey , I send an approval form to the Professor of the course and to the
Dean of Students of affairs.

Treatment of Data

The date gathered here are from the questionnaires that had been sent to the respondents. The data shown below
is the questions that the respondents answered. The formula of getting the percentage of the respondents is, no. of
respondents answered divided by the total no. of respondents times to one hundred percent equals to the total
percentage of the answered questions.


This is the tally of the result of the questionnaires. The survey was conducted inside the Cebu Technological-
Danao Campus.

Table 2. Summary of the Result of the Respondents

1. Are you in a relationship? 55%

2. Why labels important in a relationship? 100%

3. Why some people don’t want to label their relationship? 65%

4. What problems that people don’t want to commit? 85%

5. Does having a labeled relationship a serious relationship? 75%


75%-100%- Agree

74% below-partially agree

The total average of the result is 76% which means that the respondent’s is there perception in labels in
In the result of the tally percentage between the respondents who answered the questions Overall the
participants are 55% of the respondents are in a relationship. Among all the respondents 100% said that Labels in a
relationship is important. And 65% of the respondents answered that the reason why people don’t want to commit,
due to the presence of fear, past experiences in relationship, and less freedom. Last but not the least, 85% of yhe
respondents answered the problem of people who doesn’t want to commit, due to the lack of trust to their opposite
sex. Lastly, 75% of the respondents said that labels in relationship is a sign of a serious relationship.

During the conduct of the survey, respondents having thoughts about it, and they are very glad to answered
the survey. Relationship is a mass discussion, it can be discuss easily because every people has a knowledge about
relationship. Relationship revolved in the world, people is addicted in the thought of it. While I conduct the survey
respondents reason out why labels in relationship important, they said that “you will only know that the relationship
your into is serious or not , by having labels in it”. They said that having a relationship is like having a land title, if you
don’t have it then it’s not yours”. Many of the respondents said that the reason why people don’t want to commit
because maybe they are not yet ready to enter a serious relationship. Some says that they should value the
relationship more that the label itself.

Therefore I conclude, that the study shows the perception of students regarding the label in relationship
is that having it makes a relationship serious. People don’t want to commit because it’s either a suicide, investing
feelings without a clear direction in the future. Having labels or not, people should value their time together, value
their relationship if they are not yet ready to commit. Commitment last a lifetime or maybe not, but there is nothing
to lose if you just invest yourself with the right person. Commitment is a long ways process, it includes steps and the
first steps of having those was getting to know each other and valuing time together.


Hello!, My name is Jade Princess Diaz. I lived in 808 Cambiohan, Casili , Consolacion. I am born on January
18,1999 at the Isulan, Sultan Kudarat, Mindanao. I am 20 years old. I live with myself at Deca Homes, since the
beginning of school because my parents own a house there and it is fully build. I studied Bachelor in Industrial
Technology Major in Drafting at Cebu Technological University- Danao Campus.

I am interested in the research that involves Psychology. I like Psychology, when I already have depression. It
caught me because it involves how to understand human behavior and I am interested in it because I am hitting two
birds in one stone. It can help me understand people, and it helps me understand myself too. I can cope up with it
on my own, if I keep it controlled(my depression). I always involved myself to psychology, it has the most logical
answers you can find.

My hobby is reading, writing, and speaking British accent. I read books any kinds of books fiction, non-fiction-
academic(if it caught my interest). I love reading since I was a kid. I also love writing, I write stories, short stories, or
a series but it is not yet finished yet I am on Hiatus right now because of having a busy schedules this past few
months, I haven’t publish chapters yet. I write parody-historical fiction, horror-thriller fiction, fantasy-romance
fiction. I have a hobby of speaking British accents when I read books, books with conversation or books that has not.
It’s how I learned how to speak English in British accent fluently. I think I used British accent for about 5 years now.
And I am very afraid of myself when I want to used the American accent because I can’t totally grasp it. I think my
tongue will twist if I speak in American accent.