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Land Rover North America, Inc.

Land Rover Canada
CIRCULATION: Bulletin: VKT05-01
Dealer Principal Sales Guide Section: Technical
Centre Manager Parts Professional X Date: 05 January 2005
Sales Manager Warranty Admin Model: LR3
Business Manager Service Advisor X
Parts Manager X Technician X Applicable to: USA/CDA
Service Manager X
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Subject: LR3 Driving Lamp Kit – Configuring with T4 After Installation

After the installation of the driving lamp kit (VUB502850) it will be necessary to configure the vehicle using
the WDS on T4 as indicated in the installation instructions Step 91.
Configuration Procedure For Auxiliary Driving Lamps.

1. Begin a NEW vehicle diagnostic session in WDS

2. Answer all on-screen prompts until you are at the Content Model screen.


Issued by: Land Rover North America, Inc., 555 MacArthur Blvd, Mahwah, NJ 07430
Land Rover Canada , 8 Indell Lane, Bramalea ON, L6T 4H3
3. Select the Vehicle Configuration TAB .

4. Select "Vehicle Configuration" to expand the menu

5. Select "Upload the Vehicle Configuration File." Click the continue button .

6. Follow and answer instructions.

7. You will be returned to the same screen as in Step 4, "Vehicle Configuration."

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8. Select "Modify Vehicle Configuration File." Click the continue button .

9. From Matrix, select "Exterior Lights 4 – Auxiliary driving lamps."

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10. Pull down menu and set value to "Fitted."

11. Download car configuration file.

12. Answer and follow instructions until you return to the screen depicted in Step 4.

13. If no other service work is required, exit the WDS session.

Please contact the LRNA Support Help Line 888-577-8577 (Parts - Option 2 or Technical -
Option 3) for any additional assistance you may need relating to vehicle accessories.

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